If you guys watched my video, i mean my instagram story. Last night there was a scorpion in my backyard um and i dont know where that went. Do scorpions walk on grass? No right, i dont know so ill just go on the grass. Just in case i know he likes the concrete, so im not gon na go on the concrete but anyways guys too much talking. Let me check if the back door is open nope. This is locked. Let me check over here. Oh, i got ta walk by the scorpion. Okay im, not gon na lie. If you guys see the broom over here, i tried to get rid of it. Okay, i dont wan na say the word k. I l l, but i tried to do it not because, like i hate scorpions, but because for the safety of my dogs, my i have two dogs, booker and bosley theyre, always outside um, so i didnt want them to get bit by it. So i tried to kill it with the broom and in case you cant tell the got away. Ah, something was crying on me. I thought it was a whatever the the scorpion got away. It ran over under the green and yeah it didnt die, it didnt die. So uh yo, if you guys, are late to this instagram live long story short. I went to the gym really really early and um. I forgot my garage opener so now im stuck in my backyard because mama rug is asleep and i have no way of getting into the house and the problem is.

I have a video to post. I i want to upload a video today, its already done, but i need to get into the house, so i could upload it. My laptop is in the room. I called my mom called my mom shes, not answering um. I dont know im trying to check the back doors. Papa rug is at work, guys, okay, got yo theres some comments, saying: why did you try to kill the scorpion, do not be mean to bugs guys. I love all animals, but the scorpion is a danger to my dog im. Sorry heres. How much i love scorpions! Okay lets be real im done being nice. I hate scorpions and heres. How much i love my dog im, not gon na. Let no scorpion kill my dog okay, so i tried to kill it, but but in case you cant tell with the massacre of the broom and the the leaves that fell off the tree. It didnt work, the scorpion got away it. It ran from here under there. Last night, and now i dont know where it is um anyways. No look at this. Clickbait. Look, look, listen, listen! It sounded like it was open, listen, listen, but nope not happening. Oh. I called my mom four times. Not only do i need to post a video, but i got a shower bro. I freaking. I was at the gym and im just i dont know its, not good uh, someone said: go to paparux work and get the key paparag works.

He works like 45 minutes away. So if i drive there 45 minutes and then by the time i go see my dad get the key. Oh bookers, barking. Bookers barking, listen booker! Oh, do you guys hear him book? Wake up, mama rug, oh bookers! Coming to the rescue poker is coming to the rescue book. Oh maybe this doors open, no book open the door. Mom im on instagram live hey book. Oh thank you! So much bug okay, im guessing my moms like half asleep, because she just opened the door and went inside shes gon na kill me yes booger to the rescue. Now they can get a video today. Now the fans can get a video, oh joe, careful chill chill chill chill chill chill chill. Oh my gosh, yes, yes, see. If i didnt try to kill the scorpion and it bit my dog, my dog would have been dead and i would have never. This would have never happened. Look look, look, look holy Music, oh yo. Im. Actually scared to see my mom because, like she doesnt wake up this early and i definitely like ruined her morning but im inside the house, hey mom, sorry, im on im on instagram live. Come here, booker lets let mama rock go back to sleep. Oh, let me close the door before the scorpion comes in all right. Well, um mom its because i didnt have the garage opener and i forgot to take okay.

Im im gon na take booker buck. Come here we got ta go come here, lets go upstairs and bosley has his own bed. He has his own bed. Oh this dudes on demon time this early, okay, okay, come on lets, go lets, get out, come and you go back to sleep. Yes, guys. Bosley has his own bed in case you didnt know you want to stay here. You saved the day, booker now everyones gon na get a video. Today, you saved the day. Okay, mom, im gon na go shower good night. Well, this was an eventful morning to say the least, but uh yeah its time for me to go shower its time for me to uh, go check the video from the editor upload it to youtube. Uh get the thumbnail figured out so guys heres, my heres, my routine um for those who dont know so. Look, you know what for the 9 000 people in this live im gon na show you guys just the intro of my video, so a little sneak peek a little sneak peek of my video for today just to reward you guys for being up this early and Joining the broadest live you guys deserve this uh lets get it okay lets see. Let me enter full screen. All right lets see yo what is going on you guys brandon here, aka briana and today i am bringing you guys, a brand new video. Why did i just do like a tick, tock dance in my okay, okay, okay, okay, damn about to play the whole video at this point, um! So yeah guys im about to im about to review the video uh because, like i said, i sent it over to a pro editor so im about to review it to make sure everythings good to make sure you know he did the job right and all that Um once i make sure that its everyone guys, everyone keeps saying its 11 a.

m. It is not 11 a.m over. Here, where i live, its 8 a.m. Um, but yeah. Once i uh once i review it, im gon na take a shower upload it to youtube, but before i make it public, i got ta wait for my thumbnail editor to wake up and then hes gon na make the thumbnail. So just give me a couple hours. Um, because you know me, i have to make a clickbait thumbnail if it was a regular thumbnail. The video would be up in like an hour or 30 minutes, but you know me and my clickbait. I got ta wait for my thumbnail editor to make a real clickbait title thumbnail. So uh yeah give me a couple hours.