Welcome back to the show against all legal advice, and thankfully so i guess, for your entertainment, its former phase k now giving an official response to the save the kids scandal. A follow up of his previous video, a very short one, where he never even apologized. For the instance, this one being an investigation of himself to try and clear his name of the save the kids scandal and what seems to be to pin it all on someone else that being sam pepper. So i hope you guys all enjoy going to break down the main points of which many others have already broken down this video of saying a lot without really saying anything at all and not touching on the biggest allegations against him, whilst somehow trying to clear his Own name, he starts out by saying against all legal advice. He is sorry, never meant to scam any of his fans, while also saying he is no crypto mastermind intentionally, try to harm, take advantage or scam anybody. I am no crypto mastermind, all right, im, literally a content creator, and i trusted the wrong people and its led to this disaster that im in and what was this uh over over a month ago now or several several weeks. He has also said sorry for the first time, which is it is good to hear, but i also want to say that i am genuinely so sorry that any of this ever happened. It was never my intention and if i could take it back, i would instantly in a heartbeat you guys, my fans have helped me build the life i have today and i feel terrible that anybody was affected like this eats me up, even though i was tricked By somebody that took advantage of me and my fan base, he then goes on to describe the amount of money that he lost, which uh was not something that i expected claimed that he lost 37 000 on this save the kids project, whilst also investing at least 55, 000 for promo and other things around it as well, exactly break down to you how i lost 37 000 on save the kids.

So lets start here with all of my wallets and transactions on save the kids. I have nothing to hide im, showing you guys everything for full transparency, so people have alleged that i sold for pure profit and then abandoned the project when this is just false. I have costs going out days and weeks afterwards for the pure purpose of trying to help the project and, despite selling on other wallets, he takes time to note that he had one secret wallet that he did not sell any of his save the kids token on Unsustainable thing, like it literally doesnt, make sense and theres a wallet that i have that nobody knows about that still has every save the kids in it and i didnt sell a single one. So if i was focused on profit, then why did i not sell that and its because i was committed to this project long term. We thought we would be able to donate and give things through my videos. There was a bunch of charity tokens that were really successful and we thought we could do the same to think i would participate in a rug pool that has my face on it. Its kind of like saying you know, hey, im, gon na go and rob a bank without wearing a mask and expect not to get caught theres no way. I would put my brother and my friends reputations on the line as well, which is a really odd defense.

When you think about it, when theres proof out there of him dumping all of his token on at least another wallet and large amounts of that token, so you not selling on one particular hidden wallet does not mean that you werent dumping and also taking advantage of The anti whale code, which has been proven by the way, reconfirmed already by someone like muda and im guessing gon na, be further touched on by someone like coffee. Just because you didnt sell on one wallet, doesnt mean you didnt sell all the other kids. You had and participated in that dump to try and recoup your funds. It was about that still has every save the kids in it and i didnt sell a single one. So if i was focused on profit, then why did i not sell that and its been i i dont know dude. Why didnt you sell anything at all. I guess one of the ideas is: listen guys, im not focused on dumping. This token, because i have one wallet that uh, that you know just it never sold so yeah. You can literally see that this account got saved the kids. If you, if you look at how much they have and save the kids, they do actually have the kids token right. There never sold received from deployer address, but in the same video like a minute before he shows his wallet information and one of them is ox. 881. D60.

So again, lets look at the time here. Dude receives the actual uh. The token from the deployer address right to the point of 3.1 million tokens and then immediately sends that around dump some of it and whatnot. But i think whats more damning is the ox 5af wallet right, so heres the fun fact. This only has 4.7 kids in it. But if you look at it got it from the same address to deploy her all right to the tune of 6.2 million tokens. So more than whatever he was huddling in that new account that we just found out about, but immediately listen, look at this look at the timing on this within like what an hour within an hour guess what fraser is doing, dumping the token on pancake swap so Five, a f, a d is dumping that save the kids completely within the span of that day, literally within the span of two days, all right ill, give it two days dumped so its like. At the end of the day, yeah sure you have some tokens sitting around. You have one of your main wallets dumping and also participating in what appears to be the anti whale code. Some of these transactions guys are only like three minutes apart. Okay within three minutes. Apart so i dont want to hear it all right at the end of the day. Yes, if you were yeah, you didnt completely, like you know, dump all of your tokens, but we still have wallet addresses where that dumping occurred and definitely took advantage of that anti whale code change where you could actually dump you know or transact every other minute.

Okay, so its its wild to me that were even discussing this, then he talks about every other former phase member on the now suspended list about how they only tried to sell as much to recoup the amount of money they invested or some like tico, not selling. Anything at all which we already knew, but he goes, i imagine, to try and further clear their names because they are far less guilty than than he seems to be, especially when you know i have my friends and family and people. I love who are invested and have their money in this like. Why would i them over it just doesnt make any sense. So i want to talk about my friends and brother for a minute so jarvis he only sold really weeks after to try and pay me back for the loss that i had during all of this going on hes preparing for his fight training, eight nine ten hours, A day he had no idea what was going on and trusted me to do everything so moving on nikon. He made zero dollars. He only sold the amount that he put in meaning he didnt make anything. Tico tico lost all of his money. He put money in and he even put a bit more in after it went out and lost all of that too. He didnt sell a single thing and then he starts to put all the blame on sam pepper. Our last video was talking about sam pepper, trying to do the same on k.

So now we have these two firing back at each other to see who can be the bigger fall man thats what it seems outside looking in as to sam being the creator and the mastermind behind the project, and even the director of the promotion of it as Well, family and, most importantly, all of my fans trusting him. Obviously now i realized was a massive mistake. He took charge without anyones permission and started to make all of the decisions. His control and power influenced the main dev, who literally felt obliged to do what sam said: sam helped, design the token the art for the token the website for the token and fill the presale, and he made all the decisions that led to this current situation. This is a clip of him directing us for the promotional video that youve all seen. It was completely his idea and vision. My names kay my names, jarvis nico, tico that and we support – and i uh yeah and i support – and i support, save the kids and then he seemingly confirms that sam was the one who actually changed the whale coat, allowing people to dump their coins even faster Than usual, but keep in mind, k and others still took advantage of that whale code. So, despite that sam might have been the one to choose it and actually enforce it. You still took advantage of it. So to a lesser degree, you are still guilty of that.

Damn doesnt care about me or my reputation and he has no problem with breaking my trust and scamming thousands of people. So next up im going to speak about what happened to the anti well measure and everything im about to say, has been investigated and looked at by numerous blockchain detectives. I want to reiterate the fact that i have no technical background or knowledge, so the goal essentially was to have a system that stopped these whales that own a large percent of the token from dumping it all immediately. Sam insisted, the devs to make the change to the well code. His reasoning at the time was that the people in the pre sale wouldnt be able to sell enough of their tokens. It was completely sams idea to make this change, and it would only be revealed later on in our investigation as to why he did that there is um behind the scenes manager who mainly pushed this. This was sams, pushing trying to argue with the devs that the code should have been changed, so it was a lot less limiting. Originally, it was argued down to being 10 minutes, but then it was eventually stated that they just wanted to be one minute. The devs were reminded that they were contracted so eventually we had to concede and make that change, and i honestly think one of the crazier parts of the video comes way late in it, because hes been accused of doing this a handful of times in his past By both coffee and muda, not just one two or three times but four or five even more times than that in his past, hes been accused of doing something similar as to save the kids.

So when he one says, hes, not a crypto, mastermind and two would never purposely scam his fans, he never answers to those individual allegations and instead he kind of refutes that by saying he only took those deals because they were also giveaways for his fans. They included giveaways of those tokens as well, so people have questioned the coins that i previously spoke about on my twitter and id like to explain this. So i started out with trading these tokens like dogecoin and safe moon. There was so much talk about them on twitter and the mainstream media was covering them talking about how people were turning into millionaires overnight and on any of those coins that i was trading or buying. As a hobby i was never the owner or the creator. Nothing premeditated like that. I just wanted to see what it was all about at the start. So after that is, when token started to really approach me and my team. One reason why i was really happy to state my support for some tokens was the fact that it was given back to you guys through giveaways throughout my whole career, ive, loved, doing giveaways to my followers, literally things from ps5s to amazon gift cards. He reiterates this a couple times in the video its like, hey, guys, um. I i gave away money, which means theres no possible chance that this could be a bad thing or that im a bad guy, because ive given away lots of money to money, thousands of dollars, everything and anything i have given back to you guys its always been A key part of my brand – and it makes me really happy to do you – know i genuinely at the time didnt think that there was anything wrong with it.

A big part of what i do is brand deals and they get brought to me by various people and i treated these tokens just like any other company. I work with me personally. I have declined the huge gambling deals. Ive declined promoting only fans goals to you guys, so you go and buy their stuff things that i just dont want to expose you guys to, and i guess because i was trading it at the time and they offered me these big giveaways. I thought it made sense. It was the first time that the influencer and crypto space have collided like this, and i was never aware of the negative impact it can have. You know there were huge celebrities doing the same thing and i think its fair to say now that everybodys learned a lot and he also says he treated these like brand deals, compares it to people like kim, kardashian and rappers who have done similar things, which again I dont think necessarily clears you of anything and also his comment on brand deals is something very similar that banks had said weeks prior to this video, releasing of how kay treated this so well see. If banks has any more to say on this, not that it matters too much, but faze clan have clearly cut ties, and where do we go from here when he hasnt really addressed any of the main issues? Doing something shady like this? So again, i will always ill always stand by these words and saying i dont think that fraser has has a malicious like frasier isnt, a malicious person i dont think um.

His intent ever was to hurt anybody or take money from from his fans, or anything like that. I think that he was careless. I think that he didnt think things through um. I i think that he treated a lot of these deals again. If you go and look at coffees final video, i think he treated a lot of these deals as just simple brand deals: hes getting paid in the coins right, um hes, promoting this product in his mind, just like anything else, hes ever done, because what we have Is two seemingly very guilty people jordan galen was not mentioned at all in kays response, so well see what happens with the former phase manager. Who apparently was tied to these deals, but maybe not extensively. So you have sam pepper, accusing k. You have k now, accusing sam pepper of them being the ultimate schemer when it seems that both of them certainly had some heavy hands on this project, whether it was the promotion or bringing in talent. He never touches on any of his past accusations or what mood and coffee zilla even further confirmed was maybe maybe some accusations of light giveaway fraud. Despite him actually giving away thousands of dollars. There were still several accounts who won multiple of his giveaways but, most importantly, the handful of past accusations and pump and dumps were never actually addressed. And someone like coffee has even said: hey come on, live to interview with me and i doubt thats going to happen and coffee has already released an initial 60 second video and he says more, is to come on this topic.

I wasnt very convinced and thats. Just being open and honest on this video, it seems his audience might think otherwise. The video has certainly tailed off in the dislike direction, but when it started it was doing just fine, so certainly has a loyal fan base behind him and but a lot of the things i mean nothing was really said in this video. What did you guys think about it? Im sure were not done talking about it. It seems week by week it does progress, but against all legal advice. K is now spoken up, well see if that uh helped him at all in his legal battle and if any investigations are underway, how they are progressing as well till next time you take care of yourself all right. We got a lot to talk about this week. A lot of fun stuff, drink some water drink, some coffee, ill catch.