There is no jokes in this video. This is a completely serious topic that i want to talk about, and i just want to get it off my chest. A lot of you guys have actually asked this before. I just thought i would reveal it to you guys today, so you guys see the title. You guys see the thumbnail, you guys are probably wondering noah. What are you talking about right now, like? What are you saying about having a kid im, gon na, be completely honest like this? Is something thats just been taking a toll on my mental for the past three years of my life and, like i havent, never even told you guys this before so just to get it off my chest like im, very, very happy and like i just want to Talk to you guys about it, so the answer is yes. I have a kid. I really dont have an idea on how you guys are going to be able to take this information or like how many people are going to meme this and like how many people are just going to talk about this. But i really wanted to get this off. My chest today, i have a lot of stuff to really cover in the story on how this even happened. You guys are actually going to meet my kid for the first time on this channel today, but before we go and pick them up, uh lets just give you the background information on how this all went down.

So recently, me and rug started a podcast where we talk about pretty much everything and last week we talked about our virginity stories and we got really deep into that and this kind of ties into that. This is just crazy. That im able to tell this to you guys now, but three years ago i actually went to brazil for the very first time. It was my second time on a plane going out of the country at this time. I was super super hyped because i just started working with faze clan and i was very very excited because i was going with one of my idols to brazil phase temper. That was a guy i watched growing up and now we started to become close friends and we went to brazil together for one month. I dont want to bore you guys with the whole entire story. So if you guys want to see the full virginity story, go, listen to it on the podcast all grown up, but to summarize it i went to brazil with tommy. We had a great time. We went to a bunch of different places. In brazil we went to clubs, we went to just different places to visit kind of just explored all of brazil hes from there. You guys already know simplistic shoots his shop for a living, and even back when i was 18., i was doing the same thing. So when i was in brazil, i met this girl, this really beautiful brazilian girl, so one thing led to another.

I actually met this girl at a party. She spoke very little english and i lost my virginity to her. So this is where the story kind of ties together with me. Having a kid i dont know what happened that night. I was not drinking a lot, but i was a little intoxicated and i ended up finding out a year or so later that the same girl. I lost my virginity to was pregnant, so the way i actually found out was tommy told me like yo bro, like i have some news for you and i kind of need you to like sit down for this. I need to talk to you one on one and really just tell you what happened recently. So he sat me down and at this time i was 19 years old a year had passed by, and he kind of just sat me down and told me like yo bro, like do you remember when we went to brazil that one time and i was like Yeah, what about it and hes like that girl that you hooked up with and lost your virginity to uh is pregnant, my heart literally sunk to the ground. I did not know how to even react like this girl that i met across the country is pregnant. With my kid – and i didnt even know how to just like handle it, to be honest so with that being said, i found out that i had a baby boy across the country that i didnt even know about to this point, and his name was beckham.

It kind of took me a while to realize how serious of a situation this was, because i literally had a kid that i had no idea about across the country and when i found out it took me some time to just like kind of focus and kind Of think like how am i gon na handle this? How am i gon na raise this kid like whats gon na happen is the girl that i lost my virginity to, and that has my kid moving to the u.s like am i gon na see her? Am i gon na have to marry this girl, like i had so many things going through my mind and so many emotions that it just took me some time to kind of just like calm down and like accept the fact that i have a kid so from Then all the way till now i have not told you guys about this kid. I have left it off the internet only for the reason of privacy. I personally dont care to get memed on the internet, which i didnt think i was going to get me in, because people have kids its a regular thing, but just for privacy reasons. I did not want to put him on the internet. I did not want to get harassed for anything, so yeah guys you guys are about to meet my baby boy for the very first time. Hopefully you guys arent so shook by this video, leave a comment down below and drop a like and uh yeah im.

Just super excited to show you guys him, like hes super good on camera, hes, a very, very cute kid and, like i just been holding this in for so long its finally time to bring you guys. The official reveal lets go meet beckham for the first time, Music – all right guys. I just went to pick up my son. The official reveal beckham. Are you ready, hes ready all right show some love in the comments down below for my son hes, going to be a big part of this channel hes going to be in a lot more videos, if you guys want to see them, but lets go guys. This is my son, say: hi, beckham, hi hes, so cute guys, like its been so hard, not to show you guys him because hes just such a cute kid not to show on youtube. This is just crazy. This is just crazy to be showing stop kissing me. This is just crazy, revealing my son for the first time on this youtube channel. Im super excited for him to be in more videos, but since its beckhams first time on the channel, i think were gon na have a chill day. Im gon na take him shopping at the mall, get some food. You know just vlog with them and show you guys overall, its just going to be a lit video, so guys. One thing i wanted to bring up is, i know a lot of you are going to ask like whos the mom and like can we see pictures of her but im going to keep her off social media.

She does not want to be on social media, so its just going to be me and beckham and another question i know you guys are going to ask – is no: have you been in beckhams life this whole time? So basically he goes back and forth from brazil to the united states and back and forth, like that. So as of right now, beckham is permanently living in the united states. With my family, you guys are going to be seeing a lot more of him and hes. Actually visiting his mom every so often in brazil, so she gets to see beckham too, but as of right now, hes all mine im super excited to bring you guys more videos with him and like hes, just hes, just amazing, im gon na be the best dad That i could possibly be like – i always wanted to have a kid, especially a baby boy that i could put into sports. You know coach him and just be super involved in his life all together. So with that being said, lets have a fun day, go shopping and beckham. Are you ready lets? Do it all right need help? No, you dont need help. My kids, so smart guys. I know he doesnt have a seat belt, but the mall is literally right. There were just gon na go park somewhere else. Bye, beckham ill, see you later now we leave my kid inside the car, no im just kidding guys thats, obviously a joke beckham.

I love you wow, you like the tesla beckham. You want to see something cool wow. Try it wow youre an artist, oh my god, like youre kind of like picasso, like. I really think you can go big, like van gogh, nothing on you beckham the vlogger. Coming very soon. Exactly you already know, hes doing the transition like when you put your hand out from the camera beckham hows life. I feel that all right lets go shopping, hey beckham! We just got to the mall. Are you ready yay lets go? I just want to spoil this kid today because, like its his first time on the channel, i think he deserves it. Lets go dont. Forget your backpack. You need that all right lets go yay. Are you excited so at the mall were at? They actually have a train that goes around and around so im. Obviously gon na take him on the train, but first and foremost, you know my son needs drip like hes not going to be out here on some lame like he needs to be looking good. Holding this camera and having to take care of her kid for the first time, this is hard all right beckham. What do you want to do? First, you want to go shopping, yay yeah, so the first thing were going to do is put you in some drip. Like your drip is cool right now, its its all right, but i feel like we can just dress you a little bit better dont.

You think right. I love your videos. You love my videos. Oh your podcast! I watch facebook. Thank you so much yeah. Do you want to take a picture yeah lets? Do it? Okay, beckham thats, your first fan wow. She said she watches the podcast. She watches rug. She watches me thats love, but, like i was saying like beckham, your drip is just kind of lacking right now. We need to put you in some better clothes, my guy speaking about rug, im gon na give him a call right now and show him beckham, because he actually loves him off. Camera hes met him a bunch of times so lets give him a call. Yo whats good bro, im, finally making the video youre telling everyone i just explained it and, like i know, youve met beckham a bunch of times off camera like hes the cutest kid, but i mean it had to come out one day or another. So, im glad we can finally like let this info out now, but he just wanted to say: hi hi hi. He misses his mom. No, no! No! No! I mean at this point hes almost three years old and like one way or another, people are going to find out about him eventually but hes. Just so cute, like hes super cute, did you tell them like it was from brazil or no yeah? I did. I told him like okay, so the mom will get custody.

I told him like in a few months, but yeah like im. Just super excited to just have him be a part of everything. Now, like people, imagine the views. Bro yo. I forgot about the views dude like. I should probably talk about my six kids on yeah. No, no, i was gon na say like you having a kid. Everyone wants baby rugs, so i feel like that, might have to happen soon. No, i already have six of them. Are you serious yeah? I told you okay. Well, we have to have a long talk when i get home but beckham do you want to say bye, you want to say, bye. Does noah talk to a lot of girls on his off time, say no, no yeah! No all right! Well! Well, catch you later, brother guys. I just realized. I dont have my wallet on me and its an hour away in l.a, so that just goes to show how responsible of a dad i am, but guys theres, so much responsibility that goes into having a kid. What i suggest guys is just safe sex. Let me tell you guys carrying a kid and carrying a five pound camera. Its freaking hard dude lets go beckham were gon na, have to put you in some drip. Okay, all right, beckham, wet visions right now. What do you want? Theres so much stuff here you want that space. No, what are you gon na do with that? You have no room.

Are you sure you want that you want any of these shoes. Theyre yeezys? Oh beckham got some new shoes. Yeah! Try them on. I think theyre a little too big bro look at. They have so many clothes, so many shoes here well actually lets start from top to bottom. Okay, like we got to start running, we got to start from your shirt. All the way to your shoes lets get you a top first, okay, okay, say: hi um, do you guys have any sizes for my guy right here? Oh yeah, i got just the perfect really yeah. Oh lets go beckham. We got you, we got you right! Yay! Oh beckham, you like that i think were gon na pick that up it might be a little oversized, but i feel like like thats the style nowadays, so i think we should be good, but all right beckham, we got you a jacket. Um. Do you guys have shoe sizes, maybe um, maybe what size 4c? Let me see. Okay, thank you. I know you want the grinches. No, i know you want the easies. No, no! I know you want the off wipes wow. Oh okay, beckham youre, gon na have to choose which one do you want left or right? No, no. He just wants to go on the train. You know what daddys gon na pick out the fit for you. So i think the blue only because it matches with that yeah, i think so too.

I think thats fire wow, all right guys were gon na get the fit and uh well show you the aftermath all right: becca we got you the fit. How much is it going to be so all together its going to be 193.95 all right? Thank you so much. I appreciate it yo what yall think of my new kid he swagged out right hes about to be more, so i even got him some jordans bro. These are yo yo, yo, hey, hey see. This is why you dont do this in public youre gon na get your stolen, but sorry beckham were gon na have to buy you another pair. Is that cool? Well, the fans got your shoes. Im. Sorry see guys, not only do you guys see my kid for the first time, but like everyone in public is just like. Noah has a kid now im like yeah, i do you want to go in the choo choo. Is that the choo choo train whoa? I got his tickets were gon na go in the choo. Choo train ive actually been on this train before with him and like its actually pretty fast, its lit ill show you guys right now. Black one come right on lets. Go back, though beckham are you ready? Yay, how fast does this thing go three miles an hour. You said 70. yeah. I wish so on the count of three. Can we have a great big loud all aboard one? Two? Five, oh you guys are good one.

Two, thirty three, you guys are really good. Youve been on this train before one two three all aboard so while were on this train, i actually have some clippers were going to be giving my boy a haircut hes, so cute hes waving at everyone. I wouldnt be a good dad if i didnt take him to the candy store so beckham. Are you ready for some candy yay lets? Go all right. Lets go! Look at all the candy here. Well, get one of these hold that dont let go of it! Okay, hey you want some gummy sushi yay all right lets, get it oh hold that you want giant pocky. No, yes, no! No! No! No here well get it anyway. Are these toys? You want a toy. What toy do you want? You want yoda? No, you have to like star wars. I was a huge star. Wars fan growing up, come on yoda; no! No! No. We got to raise this kid a little bit better. You want kool aid, yeah go put it up there. Beckham lets keep looking. This might be. For me, real quick: what is this alcohol shotgun, mary, jane, candy joints, yo off camera and your receipt will be in the back guys. Thank you so much. I appreciate it yeah you want to carry it or is it too heavy? Oh too, heavy? Okay, i got you so that pretty much wraps our day up, i hope you guys enjoyed the reveal of my son.

Hes gon na be in a lot more videos soon, but i actually have to go drop him off with his mom shes. Actually here in the united states for a little bit – and i have to go catch up with her and give my son back because she needs him too so hope you guys did enjoy this vlog drop a like subscribe down below.