Now i remember playing monster hunter, not a lot uh on the playstation 4 with my friends, but eventually just stop it and move to other games. But i know it’s very, very popular. The series is very very popular, so this is another entry in the cbs um. It will be available starting march 26, uh 2021, again for the nintendo switch and again all the gameplay here is from the demo that is available on the nintendo switch and you can try it out yourself, um after they decide just to uh from what you can See here by the way, not you can see on the screen but i’m reading this on the web and it’s available until uh 12 am pst on february 1st 2021. So i think you have time to try out uh the demo and check it out if you’re interested in the pre order. This scheme you’re gon na get the palymute retriever costume, lured, armor political force, cat costume leader, armor and novice talisman for some extra assistant. In your early stages, uh regarding the description of game, what is all about again, the developer is capcom uh. The game file size is 8.8 gigabytes. Now, plus up to four players released that again march 26 2021 action game i’m, going to read it from the description or on nintendo website set in ninja, inspired land of kamura village, expo lush ecosystem and battle. Frisco monster to become the ultimate hunter, it’s been half a century since the last calamity struck, but a terrifying new monster has reared its head and threatens to plunge the land into chaos once again, han solo or in party with friends to end rewards that you can Use to craft a huge variety of weapons in armor brand new gameplay systems such as a high flying wire action, and your uh canon companion calimute, will add exciting new layers to the over the robust combat that master hunter is known for whether it’s a home on The go online or from you’ll always be ready for your next hunt on the nintendo switch i’m, just starting out exploring uh the environment, as you can see, but again i’m, not very familiar with the controls.

I actually activated the project several times without actually uh. You know by mistake, uh during the fight that you’re going to see very very shortly: uh, usually there’s a chest and just collecting items, but regarding visuals on nintendo switch. You usually don’t accept, of course, to be something: fancy, uh and, of course, it’s not comparable to uh to current gem, a previous gen next gen console system or, of course, the pc. But it looks good. It looks good, i mean it’s, not like i get into it, and just tell myself, ah i’m, just gon na i’m, just gon na enjoy this graphic is just terrible. It just looks good in my opinion, considering it’s running with it, so a beautiful lush, environment uh. So you’re gon na see me actually discover how to ride my companion uh. If you school, you just press a long, uh i’m playing handheld. I put it handheld by the way, so i played a long and i was able to move faster through the environment. I think it’s just beautiful, i don’t know about you, but i actually like the nintendo switch. It looks really nice, so we’re going to get into a battlefield and getting to the area where the monster is located and if you kill it um. It actually reminds me uh, you know, for other monster hunter games where the master kind of run into another location. You can actually ride it to fight other monsters that come and interfere.

How did you enjoy the this part without actually commentary we’re gon na continue talking about it. Just a bit later enjoy Music, so Music, so here’s. Another monster that come comes in and then i’m going to just jump on this one and attack the other one. So you can see the attack options on the right side. There are the keys we can use and, of course, it’s different, because you’re now controlling uh on this animal uh and after you uh get out of this one. You’Re gon na go to railroad attack and you can continue attacking that monster, but i did uh, but the other ones that i need to kill actually run away, but i’m gon na get to it a bit later now keep in mind the demo is short. After actually i mean you can roam around uh, i think it for 50 minutes in total uh, but after i finish actually killing that monster you’re gon na see you know in a few moments i mean after i kill it. Uh it just ends. The demo ends. Just so, you know, if you want to pre order, you’re gon na see it also uh let’s, continue and see how we continue this fight Applause, Music, so Music. Now, by the way the animation was really good. I mean of the monsters uh. I really like. Lush environments, it was really cool. Uh, sound effects are good music. Everything just felt nice, even the visual effects.

Overall, it just felt really good when playing it. I didn’t expect to look that good uh on the nintendo switch, but uh yeah, as you can see here by yourself, yeah uh, again, not comparing to uh other versions on more powerful system, but for nintendo switch playing handheld again like this looks terrific. In my opinion, Applause Applause, Music, easy peasy, Music yay – i actually was very satisfied after killing it took – is such a long time. But probably i miss a few things by the way. If you go and you can just roam around, you can get some items um. I didn’t spend a lot of time. Just went really fast towards the monsters i want to enjoy. The conversation of the combat feels uh yeah. I enjoyed it. It’S fun, it’s, really fun um yeah. So this is it uh. The demo ends after this one after you lose the monster and just move a bit forward. You’Re going to see that it ends and again you can try it yourself visible for free. I only intended switch uh. So if you really like master honey, you want to try it out, go and try it right now. Uh is the time making this video. It is available um.