Afghanistan battled president fleeing the country today, as the government crumbled and chaos ensued. Good evening, im dawn timmeny, the takeover leading president joe biden to now authorize an additional 1 000 troops for deployment to afghanistan. Helicopters have been racing overhead to evacuate personnel from the u.s embassy, which is now closed. The u.s was set to completely withdraw troops by august 31st after a nearly two decades long war. Following the september 11th attacks. Now, roughly 5 000 troops will be part of the american drawdown joining us now to talk about the crisis in afghanistan is rutgers university. Associate professor dr wojtek wolfe. Thank you for joining us thanks for having me some people are comparing the american exit out of afghanistan to vietnam, but secretary of state, anthony blinken says its not the same. What are your thoughts? Well, the optics on it certainly are not are not the best. There are differences between the two but ultimately its a its a timing issue and had the white house waited a few more months to announce the withdrawal, it probably would have been a different outcome. So what exactly do we need to watch for in the next 24? To 48 hours a lot of people there are trying to get out, theyre afraid, theres chaos. What happens now well, the priority right now is to get u.s personnel out. Everyone working for us government and also local nationals that are aligned with the us government interests is to get them and their families out safely uh.

The next 24 to 48 hours uh will really set the tone for the rest of the week so far. The taliban is signaling to its regional allies, uh that and other regional neighbors that its willing to make deals its willing to establish uh, some kind of a temporarily coherent policy and so its its signaling, iran, pakistan and china that they are looking ahead to the future. Well, what about the afghani people well for the pashtun people that are in afghanistan um its its? It is a very cautious time uh, especially for women uh, regardless of what the taliban does its likely, that they are going to install sharia law uh its definitely going to change everyday life functions uh for women in that society and thats. Why? In most cities, especially in kabul, uh, the women are staying at home. They are hiding out right now in fear right exactly well. The u.s only started pulling out troops recently. So is this takeover a surprise? Was it just a matter of time that this was going to happen? It was a matter of time. It was only a matter of time that it was going to happen, but with the announcement being in spring and summer, youre looking at peak troop levels for the taliban, uh fall late fall is when the taliban tends to withdraw hides more in the mountainside and in The winter months they are less active, so right now is really um its not that surprising that they responded this quickly.

September 11th is just a few weeks away. What does this mean for our national security? A lot of people wondering with everything going on there? What what could happen here? The answer to that question is really with the talibans ability to control isis and to control al qaeda. I suspect that in the short to midterm, theyre going to try and restrain those groups right now, they are celebrating what they perceive as a major victory against the u.s. The main concerns are in the longer term. How long would they be able to influence isis or al qaeda against strikes on u.s targets all right? Well, dr wolf. Thank you so much for joining us.