I know a lot of brothers and sisters who are doing very well in the trucking business. I applaud them for the six figure incomes theyve achieved that have given them a good sense of independence. One of my first computer jobs in college was for a trucking company who didnt know he was grossing about 600 k a year back in the 1990s before that he just kind of kept the books in his head somehow as crazy as that sounds. Having said all that, i must warn you that technology has increased rapidly in recent years and i dont want to see our network take another hit by not being prepared for whats coming because were already kind of close to. You know zero net worth in our community, but be sure to like share and subscribe. Please for those who dont know im a technology businessman specializing in cloud technology and computer software design. I am certified in cloud computing and work with artificial intelligence, machine learning, blah blah blah and similar technology. Basically, i also help major corporations with business process design, especially around workflow supply chain, etc. So long story short, i know exactly what im talking about when i mention this whole technology kind of converging in trucking, so im trying to warn you ahead of time as you keep hearing about tesla self driving cars and all that stuff theyre already here and have Been for years flying drones can deliver. Packages are also here.

Many of you may not realize that airplanes are essentially flying computers that can fly themselves. They only have human pilots until the government deems them not necessary. So lets quickly skim through some articles about self driving trucks. To give you an idea, lets start with an article that is very friendly towards independent trucking businesses like yours out there or those of your friends and family. The american truck business services website thats huge on independent truckers out there. This article called self driving trucks are truck drivers out of a job is very interesting. It was originally written back in 2018, but updated in july 2021. It does an honest job in outlining all of the advances in self driving trucks from daimler, waymo, tesla and others towards the end. I think theyre a little too optimistic about the threat to trucking jobs as well, see in a bit heres how it ended quote. Think of the job of a truck driver, slowly, looking more and more similar to the job of an airplane pilot, the truck will be able to drive on its own, but the population will feel a lot safer. Knowing somebody is behind the wheel just in case, if you are a truck driver, worried about your job being lost to an autonomous truck. We hope this update puts your mind at ease a little bit and makes you at least a little bit excited about the future of the trucking industry. Truck drivers will continue to be extremely important in the industry, even if there are self driving trucks in or on the freeways.

Unquote. I certainly understand where the author is coming from, and public safe safety is going to be a factor, but make no mistake. The big companies of this world love money. You hear me say that all the time, my videos – they love money and they especially love saving money to many of them. Public safety is just a cost of doing business, not a moral and ethics kind of thing. Sure theyll put a human trucker on these drone trucks, mostly to satisfy politicians, but you dont want your business to be based on too much on how politicians vote no lets. Look at some other articles. Real quick heres an article this year from a well respected engineering organization that ive been a member of in the past, quote this year. Autonomous trucks will take to the road with no one on board. The startup company, too simple, is deploying tractor trailers that drive themselves from pickup to delivery. Unquote. Did you hear that now check out this article from six years ago? All the way back in 2015., quote freightliner unveils first autonomous semi truck license to drive itself on highways. The inspiration truck can legally drive itself on public highways without the driver having to pay any attention at all. Unquote that was 2015. heres another one from 2019 quote: one driver steers two trucks with pelotons autonomous, follow system. The technology is currently being tested on closed tracks. The company says unquote: this article goes on to say the guy who founded peloton, got 80 million dollars in investments in this trucking technology.

All the way back in 2013. heres another article from this year quote: what will self driving trucks mean for truck drivers? Unquote? This quote from the article sums up how big companies are thinking right now quote. According to data from acumen, research and consulting the semi and fully autonomous truck market is expected to reach approximately 88 billion dollars by 2027.. The technology has the potential to revolutionize the 700 billion a year, trucking industry that touches every corner of the global economy, creating new business opportunities and saving companies. Millions, its a huge opportunity, the biggest impact autonomous trucks will have is cost. Savings and efficiency says a professor of supply chain practice at syracuse university lets. Keep going the nice thing about autonomous trucks. Is that theyll be able to operate 24 hours a day and drive a consistent mileage rate, making trucks safer and more fuel efficient? It continues. Freight will arrive at a destination faster. A human truck driver usually takes five days to go from new york to los angeles itll. Take an autonomous truck. Only 48 hours unquote pay attention people. This is a warning from forbes magazine in april 2021 quote. The autonomous truck revolution is right. Around the corner, too simple, a provider of autonomous freight semi truck solutions has said their technology will be operational by 2024.. Startups have been known to make extravagant claims, but too simple has gone. Public is now being covered by the equity research firms, and over 5700 vehicles have been reserved by sophisticated shippers or carriers in just the first four months too.

Simples timeline is looking more and more realistic. Folks pay attention, pay attention quote. Currently 24 states allow level 4 autonomous semi truck commercial deployment. If no tragic accidents occur that result in negative publicity. The year 2024 will be the start of the autonomous driving race to replace human drivers. The autonomous trucking revolution is going to happen, and it is going to happen sooner rather than later. Unquote. Attention from june of 2021 comes this business insider. Article quote: amazon is reportedly buying 1 000 autonomous truck driving systems, which could pave the way for one day. Ditching drivers thats you unquote, amazon is working with an artificial intelligence company called plus later in the article. It says quote: plus ceo david lew told insiders mark matusek, the company hopes to sell a product that does not require a driver by the end of 2024 in a related article from the same source. This same ceo of plus was even more bold, with big investments and partnerships to back it up quote. We believe we dont have to wait another four years, five years to start utilizing the technology to benefit the industry. Unquote self driving trucks are here. People awaiting the green light for more governments, the u.s government in particular the u.s postal system, is right. Behind amazon ups, fedex walmart target major food processing companies etc are all looking at using such technology as well, transportation companies who haul hazardous chemicals and all that stuff. They may be the last group to adopt self driving trucks due to the dangerous cargo im saying all of this to warn my brothers and sisters not to be too comfortable with how you do trucking today it is changing and it is changing fast dont be caught.

Slipping heres, a golden opportunity for our people to get a good head start on the coming shift in trucking, start planning other ways to make a hustle in this business ever heard. The expression dont have all your eggs in one basket. This is true for any business. You run including trucking. If you were to hire me as your technology consultant, i would recommend diversifying your company beyond just human trucking, so look at adding a computerized logistics service to your service, offering combined with supply chain management and other stuff related to that. You know serving servicing the technology. Also, excuse me, servicing self driving trucks will be needed. Flying drones will need to be serviced as well and programmed um as these self driving and flying devices move stuff from point a to point b, they will need to be guided by a cloud based technology called internet of things iot. In other words, a self driving truck cant find this destination without being guided by a control, syste control center, and if this customer needs to know real time, details about a shipment in the load companies will be using iot internet of things to track that shipment. Hint hint hint people i highly recommend you start learning about internet of things and the fundamentals of cloud technology like microsoft, azure and amazon aws as soon as possible. Trust me, you will thank me in one to two years. This technology is coming very fast and all companies are going in hard right now and i know im seeing them right now get certified in these kinds of business services now so that in 18 to 24 months, youll be one of the few smart truckers who adopted New technology, before it puts you out of business, keep me posted on your progress in diversifying your trucking business and if you need one on one consultation, hey send me a message: if youre, not if youre, not in trucking but know someone who is be sure to Share this video with them theyre gon na, need to hear this, and if you like the free content and want to help in some small way, the info should be at the bottom of the screen and links in the description until the next video.