We are going to talk about the top best two in one laptops for gaming. You can buy on amazon. If you are new to this channel, please consider subscribing to our channel and press the bell icon. Your inner urge to flip, convert and bend your device into flexible states, including tablet and tent mode, will be satisfied with the best two in one laptops. Following the release of windows, 8 microsoft promoted these changing laptops as primary devices that combine the functionality of a laptop with the portability of a tablet. A two in one laptop with a touchscreen is your best bet. If you want to use a stylus or your fingers for handwritten notes or drawings, this list is based on my personal opinion and research and lists them based on random numbering. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description below dot, so lets get started on number five colon microsoft surface go to the 10.5 inch display on the microsoft surface, go 2 outperforms its 400 price Tag the surface go 2s display impresses not only with its pixel count, but also with its brightness vividness and crispness. Furthermore, the core m380 100 y cpu and 8 gigabytes of ram provide better performance than the previous model. The surface go 2s display is our favorite feature, but its not the only advantage. This detachable two in one has the surface. Go, is easy to tote around your house or on a trip weighing only 1.

1 pounds. It also comes with a touchpad and a comfy alternative keyboard and windows. Hello integration makes logging in a simple. Most importantly, the surface go 2 outperforms, its predecessor by providing over 11 hours of battery life on number 4 colon microsoft surface pro 7 plus the surface pro 7 plus upgrades the surface pro 7 by adding 11th generation intel processors, 4g lte connection and an easily swappable Ssd, the battery life has been improved slightly and the new processor performs admirably in both synthetic and real world tests. The surface pro 7 plus features a usb c port for charging and connecting peripherals, but the design hasnt altered the type cover with alcantara and the super responsive surface pen, which makes it easy to doodle or take notes on the tablets. Vivid and bright 12.3 inch display are still available through microsoft. There are still some things that could be done better. The surface pro 7 plus, for example, has hefty display bezels, inexplicably pricey storage, slash ram upgrades and no thunderbolt 3 port still. This is one of the greatest two in one devices on the market and its a great option for travelers. Are you still undecided about the surface? Pro 7 plus see our thinkpad x12 detachable review for more information on number three colon lenovo chromebook duet, its the cheapest? Two in one device on the list and its easily the best deal youll find the chromebook duet comes with a detachable keyboard and a 10.

1 inch display. Yes, unlike the surface or the ipad, the duet comes with a keyboard. What makes that so extraordinary, because its only 299. and weve seen it for as little as 249 before the pricing of this slate isnt, the only thing that makes it appealing the duet has a 12 hour and 46 minute battery life and its sleek appearance feels more Premium than youd expect from such a low cost device most likely youre concerned about the duets performance, although it wont set any speed records. We had no issue using it for ordinary things, such as browsing the web or streaming, because the duets 10 inch panel is surprisingly vibrant. The latter worked exceptionally well on number two colon lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga 5th gen, the thinkpad x1 yoga. The first metal thinkpad was a risky bet that paid off handsomely the metal returns with this 5th gen model, which features intel 10th gen cpus, while we still like the matte black carbon fiber, finish seen on most think pads the aluminium and magnesium thinkpad x1 yoga is A stunning alternative, this convertible two in one not only has a thin design, but it also has a vivid display a best in class keyboard and a long battery life. A built in pen slot and a camera cover are among the many extras included apart from hp. Stunning new elite dragonfly, there is no better business convertible than the thinkpad x1 yoga. Consider the ultra lightweight thinkpad x1 titanium.

If you want something a little more unusual or with a stronger chassis on number one. Microsoft, surface book 3., microsofts surface book 3. 15 inch model is a technical marvel packing a powerful nvidia geforce gtx 1660t gpu into the base of a detachable two in one. You can edit 4k videos or make excellent 3d animations while connected to the keyboard, then pop the screen off for some drawing or note taking with that type of graphical strength in laptop form. The surface book 2 has a beautiful pixel sense, display a fast intel, 10th gen core i7 cpu and over 11 hours of battery life, so guys this was the video about the best two in one laptops for gaming dot. All the links are given in the description to check them out if you enjoyed the video be sure to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more videos.