The term quantum computer is misleading because it sounds like a computer and when we say computer, some think of a mobile device or a laptop. The fact is all computers, mobile devices, laptops and even super computers, work on the same rules, but a quantum computer is completely different from these basic rules. Its a kind of computing which works on qubits still dont, get it just keep watching. This video well be discussing how quantum computers work and the latest breakthroughs weve achieved till now. Normal computers, work on bits that store in the form of zeros and ones, and a quantum bit also known as a qubit, can be both a zero and a one. At the same time, if you have two quantum bits, then there are four possible states that you can put in superposition with three qubits, its eight with four qubits its 16.. To sum it up, a quantum computer is a super efficient form of the computers you use in everyday life. When we use a normal computer for computation, it filters all the possible answers individually, whereas a quantum computer filters through all the possibilities, an answer can have all at once in a fraction of a second. If we put both in comparison, a normal system is like a trimmer and a quantum computer is a lawn mower. The technology is so cutting edge that hardly anybody knows how to program it. So you ask: how will we know that weve built a quantum computer then to actually demonstrate quantum computing? We have three steps.

First pick a circuit second run it on the quantum computer third simulate. What the quantum computer is doing on a conventional computer and progressively increase the difficulty of that circuit. One day it will become impossible for the normal computer to carry on. Then we can say that weve accomplished quantum supremacy. If we run small chunks of the computation in the most powerful supercomputer, it will take thousands of years to solve the computation and with a quantum processor, well be able to achieve it in three minutes and 20 seconds. Now lets talk about some breakthroughs: weve achieved using quantum computing breakthrough in qubits researchers from the university of chicagos cleland lab developed, two quantum nodes holding three superconducting qubits each. They used one meter, superconducting cable for linking nodes. Then they chose one qubit from each node and tangled them together. Its called entangled quantum states using entanglement. Researchers can provide webs of linked qubits, which could turn quantum computing more powerful. It will also lay the groundwork for future quantum networks. In a nutshell, when two qubits interact in a certain way, they become inexplicably bonded to each other. By looking at one half of entangled duos researchers can know the characteristics of the other particle. Even thousands of kilometers distance wont matter breakthrough in cyber security. One of the things that we often see with technology is that its not only used for good purposes but also used for more lethal cyber attacks. Unfortunately, that situation will be carried along with quantum computing, since we built the internet in the late 90s, weve relied on encryption to keep our data safe and also make sure that data has high integrity to check whether the data was tampered with or not.

We rely on encryption, like patterns passcodes, and what we call symmetric encryption protocols and public keys. Quantum computers will be very well suited to crack todays encryptions that are used universally within a fraction of a second breakthrough. In quantum advantage, university of copenhagen researchers have developed a chip that allows them to generate sufficient and stable light particles known as photons. The main benefit of light based quantum computers are advanced photonic chips to increase scalability of qubits, which are already available due to the telecom industry. Soon, they might achieve quantum advantage, its a state where a quantum computer can solve a given task faster than the worlds most powerful supercomputer. While the researchers have yet to perform a concrete quantum advantage testing, it will cost them a whopping 10 million dollars chinese breakthrough. In quantum computing, chinese scientists have claimed to build a quantum computer that can perform given tasks nearly 100 trillion times faster than the worlds most powerful supercomputer now available. In a nutshell, according to him, he has built a prototype of a quantum computer thats able to detect about 76 photons using gaussian, boson, sampling or gbs. This breakthrough represents quantum supremacy in which no computer can outperform the same computation at the same time, and no computer or algorithms can overturn enhancements in its computation. Last year, google claimed that theyve built a computer that can do computations in 200 seconds. That would take the worlds fastest computer about 10 000 years.

Quantum computers are basically gods on earth. Most people wont need faith anymore or to find or achieve anything, a sucker can figure or even create anything, its very good yet dangerous. If in the wrong hands, researchers believe that one day, quantum computing could enhance ai or easily beat todays encryption that protects our computers and national security, since the u.s and china consider quantum computing a national security significance, but we personally think that well end up with quantum Processing units or qpus slash blades inside our normal computers like gpus.