Im gon na speak few lines about independence day good morning: everyone, honorable chief guest, respected principal teachers, parents and all my dear friends. First of all, i wish you a very happy independence day Music. On this occasion, i would like to thank my class teachers for giving me an opportunity to speak about the state Music. This year we are celebrating our 75th independence day, Music on 15th of august 1947. India gained independence after a series of movement in which many freedom fighters sacrificed their life. So this leaf remarks the celebration of freedom from the british empire that trolled our country for 200 years, hence to commemorate a historic freedom. We celebrate this day with full passion and energy all around the country. Music independence day is a national festival and is also a public holiday on this day, flak hoisting ceremonies parades by armed forces and school childrens, jockeys with dance singing activities etc held in different parts of our country. But the main celebration is held in the national capital. New delhi, at the red fort before the political and social dignitaries of india, the prime minister of india, unfurls the national flag and addressed the nation with the speech. Also, national anthem is sung after the prime minister hoist the flag and salute as given to the national flag by firing. 21 guns and flowers are showered by a helicopter. This is all done to pay homage to the nations superheroes freedom fighters of our nation Music.

Moreover, grandest parades also held at rajput and new delhi, which showcases a multi huge image of the countrys rich cultured heritage and military powers celebrating independence day, is upheld in india, so that the upcoming generation are aware to make this country a better place to live. For us, thousands of prayer hearts sacrifice their lives for the freedom of india. We must remember our brave freedom fighters on this day. It is celebrated to commemorate our freedom fighters like mahatma gandhi, subhash chandra, bose, jar, halal, nehru, bhagat singh, and many more due to the sacrifice of these heroes. We are living happily in todays society. We are fortunate that we are born in an independent country. Our brave soldiers are fighting in borders to protect our country and to preserve our freedom. The colors in a flag represent different things: saffron signifies peace and truth. Green signifies faith and chivalry in the center of our flag. There is an ashoka chakra that contains 24 evenly distributed spikes Music. It is our responsibility as proud citizen of this country to sincerely perform our duty and progress together for the growth and development of a country. Keeping the sacrifice of our ancestors and mind we should take out to carve a better future for our motherland, so this day remarks the respect to our freedom fighters and is very special occasion to every citizen of india. Music. Dear friends lets work together to make our country the best country in the world jai hind, jai bharat, thanks for watching.