Go ive been asked that question quite a number of times, so today, im gon na tell you guys, which i feel is the best evolution here in pokemon. Go so hi hi to all of you guys so lets go ahead and bring my screen up and you guys can see that yeah, my character drifted all the way across the road and its still eevee community day. Right now so lets go ahead and talk about the evolutions man and what i feel is the best evolution to obtain. Of course, all the rank that im going to show you guys later on theyre all based off my own opinion. So if you guys feel that its not what you guys can accept, you guys can, let me know in the comment section down below also all right, so lets go ahead to check out evie by typing rank. So these are all the evolutions starting from vapiron. All the way down to cov on then we can obtain eight evolutions in total, so which is the best yeah ive been asked that question quite a number of times and truth being said, it really depends on what you intend to do with the evolution. Whether are you going to use it for pve player versus environment, meaning fighting gym, fighting raids, fighting you know a non rocket and non go battery kind of stuff. But if you plan to play pvp means like go battle, league or team goal rocket or tingle rocket leaders.

Then it will be a different kind of selection. Also so every evolution all right have its purpose and of course they all have different typing, like vaporeon its a water typing, uh evolution, whereas jolteon is an electric flaring is a fire. Espiona is psychic, umbreon is dark, lyfion is grass, glacione is ice and also sylveon is fairy. Give me a sec. Okay, so ive drank some water cleared my throat and i guess, im gon na rank them from the lowest all the way to the highest. Okay starting off with number eight, and i feel that the number eight goes to jolteon – why jojon is because also of its moveset. So most of the time when you look at electric type pokemon the best charge move that you can have is while charge. However, jyotion does not have wow charge so thats why? I feel that it should be ranked pretty low. It has discharged, thunderbolt and also thunder, which is kind of sad. I mean it has thundershock, which is pretty okay, and it has volt switch, also so ill rank. This as number eight, because if you ask me if anybody would like to use this indie gold battle league or against team gold rocket leaders, no, there are a lot more better electric type pokemon out there. They are readily available to obtain so thats. Why? I feel that joe john is ranked number eight among the eight evolutions and also, if you use it against, like uh james or the red bosses.

There are other better options. So so, of course, when we talk about legendary included like ryko or zepdos, that would fare better than jolteon. But if you do not have access to legendary pokemon and joytune is pretty decent as an electric type attacker. But of course, like i said there are better electric type pokemon out there example, even electrifier, alright, so lets go ahead and check out number seven and number seven actually is quite hard to decide. I was pondering between vaporeon and flareon. The reason being is because both of them, they aint too good for player versus player pvp, but they are better for player versus environment, meaning you can use them. Like example, you can use flareon to fight against regis steel reggie ice. You know they are weak to fire or vapouring. You can use to fight against something like a raidon thats double weak to water, but i would definitely give the number seven spot to vaporion because uh. I feel that fire is a more important typing to use and also the move set that we look at for vaporeon. It has water gun aquatic water powers and hydro pump, so having all those charge mode doesnt feel that it is really that good. Whereas when we look at flareon, it actually has flamethrower overheat over here is a very strong charge. Move also is similar to hydro pump, but the fact that, like i said you know, fire is a more important um typing to get because there are not a lot of strong fire type pokemon out there, theyre really really strong, but its harder to get fire type.

Pokemon, in my opinion than water type pokemon like you, can get kyogre, etc theyre stronger than the vaporum itself already yeah. So i rank this as number six and, of course, if you talk about player versus player, like i said all three of those on the top, they do not fare that well, so thats why they are ranked like super duper, low, okay, so lets go ahead and Check out the next five evolutions, though, because uh im not only ranking them in terms of player versus environment, but also player versus player, included total. So i know some of you guys may be saying that hey embryon should be ranked higher, but no, i am going to rank umbreon as number five reason being is because it only serves technically two purpose: one go battle: it greatly. Two gold battle league ultra league. Alright, there aint too much use for umbreon. Of course, you can tell me that you use against the team rocket, grunts or whatsoever, but not many people will use it against, like you know, raid bosses etc, because there are so many other better, stronger, dark type pokemon that you can use against a raid boss Example, even sneasel or even tyranitar, so umbreon, you know being just at 2416 cp. The defense stats is very, very high and the hp also is pretty high. You can compare the other pokemon like even leafeon, 149 stamina, hp and the umbreon is at 194.

If you look at sp on 149 hp and umbreon is 194, so thats, like almost 50 hit points, difference so thats. Why umbreon is so tanky in the gold battle league. However, its attack stack is not really high, so it doesnt dish out as much damage as the other dark type pokemon, like i said, like tyranitar, so thats. Why? I ranked this as number five, despite it being really really strong in the great league and the outright. So basically, it serves only one purpose: co battle league, all right, so thats. Why i ranked as number five so, which pokemon is going to be number four, though, which evolution is gon na be number four, is actually going to be lyfion, so why i rank lefion as number four is because lyfion is pretty decent as an attacker for raid Bosses or in the gym, etc, especially when you fight against something thats double weak to grass example like rydon or anything thats double weak. Now, even if you use against something thats, not even double weak to grass, even like kyogre, etc its pretty decent, especially when kyogre the red boss has waterfall and surf it resists. Those moves so having razor lift is actually pretty good and with leaf blade and also solar beam. It actually performs pretty alright in the gold batter lick. Also, i wouldnt say its very, very spectacular, of course, if you compare it to something like venusaur, of course, this would fan not as good as venusaur and, of course, if you have last resort on it, it definitely will be better.

Also, however, with razor leaf the energy generated isnt too good. However, with the recent community day with bullet seed, it will fareway better, as the energy will generate way more alright, so im gon na rank espeon as number three reason for that is because espeon bring a psychic type, pokemon esd very few pokemon that it loses to Are like mewtwo like alakazam, etc, but espeon is very, very tanky thats one and second of all, you can actually use it in the red battle or in pvp. I would say it fast, pretty decent in pvp and also it having a very, very uh good move. Confusion makes it pretty strong. Confusion. Is a very strong psychic fast move, all right. In fact, it is ranked number one when you talk about pve, but if you talk about pvp, it really depends right. The other move that it has for the fast move is zen hit, but whereas um, i dont think thats what you want to go for. Okay. So now we are down to the last two: hmm, the glacier and the silvion, which would be rank two or, in fact rank one. Well, you guys know what gac on is actually rank. Number one in my opinion and silvion is ranked number two. Why is because? Let me explain to you guys about silvion. First, okay, see beyond being a pure fairy type pokemon yeah. There are only a handful of fairy type pokemon that are really really strong like card of all like togekiss, etc.

Granboo comes into the picture also, but its way down there and most people, wouldnt use it in the master league, etc. And, of course, if you talk about like using against raid bosses, silvion is a pretty decent option like charm, and moon blast is a very decent option. I wouldnt say that its totally bad and right now, with it having side shot as the new charge move. It will fare better in the go battle lego. So, of course, you know charm damage itself. A lot of you guys who play go badly would know that its very very sick, so some people were saying that charms damage should be nerfed, also so having charm having access to charm silvion actually is pretty strong in the gold battle in the master league. However, when faced up against something like a metagross good luck, yeah, even with sideshot or even with last resort, uh, silvio wouldnt stand a chance, but at least though the case would still have played, especially when it has its flamethrower already. Okay, so now lets go ahead and check out, in my opinion, the number one glacion okay number, one evolution glacion just to let you guys know im, not you know like uh, giving this as a bias, uh opinion because im not choosing that as a biased opinion, Because my number one favorite evolution is actually vaporeon out of all the evolutions. This to me is more satisfying to obtain than a glacion, not because i you know enjoy using it in pokemon go, but actually, when i played the main series generation, one back when i was still younger 10 years old.

This was the vapor that i enjoyed using the most among the three, so i actually have some. You know like sentimental feelings towards this pokemon. Whereas if you talk about like glaceon, i have not used glacion at all until i started playing pokemon go but from what i can see is that glacion is a very, very strong evolution to obtain, not just for pvp, but also for pve. You can use it in pvp to debuff your opponent with the icy wind move, of course, with icy wind, its just going to charge up energy really really quickly, and you can use it in fact, with frost breath, etc, to use against raid bosses like rayquaza, etc. Assuming the rayquaza doesnt have ancient power, okay, so its a pretty decent ice type attacker. I would rank it as one of the top five ice type attackers out there. If you account for mamo swine and shadow mammal swine – and you know, uh, sneasel and shadows, nasal, etc also, so sylvia glacion is actually really really strong, though so thats what ill rank it as to me thats the number one uh evolution, but, of course, if you Account for just go battle league itself. Overall, if you talk about it, i would say: umbreon is number one for go back to league. If you talk about like in terms of player versus environment, i would say, glacion is number one and glacion, like i said, is pretty decent for gold battle, lego, so thats.

Why i rank it as number one, also all right. So i think that is all that. I have to show to you guys, but lets lets, go ahead and run through rank. One two three one is glacion, two is uvion, three is espeon, four is lefion. Five is umbreon, six, its flareon seven, its vaporum. It is choleon so thats how i would rank the evolutions, if you guys ask me, which is the best evolution here in pokemon, go to use or to obtain or whatsoever for whatever purpose, yeah thats, how i rank it overall, okay, but, like i said at the Very start of the video, it really depends on what you guys intend to use the evolution for, if you guys intend to use it in the gold battery in the master league, then of course umbreon wouldnt. Be that good? You know, but if you plan to use it in the ultra light or the great lake, that umbreon would be a better option as compared to the others. But of course you know we are not talking about the typing over here, how you can pair with your other two pokemon that you use in go battle lego. So but if you talk about like player versus environment, i feel like some of them have some really good plays, but glacion to me is the most important among all the evolutions when it comes to using against raid bosses. Of course, you guys can tell me.

Oh, you know, fire is more important and flareon is better. You guys can also tell me that if yall is better well, it depends on what reports youre fighting, also all right. So if you guys found this video a bit interesting and a bit different, i know its eevee community day, but i just wanted to talk more about the evolutions to make it a bit different. All right! Do it if you like, if you guys, enjoyed this video and also, let me know in the comment section down below uh, do you guys agree with what i have just stated or if you guys feel like the ranking, should change uh in accordance to whatever you Guys feel – and let me know man in the comment section down below – i definitely check them out all right, so thats it id like to. Thank you guys for watching and ill see you guys in the next episode in the next video.