Joining us stillman and the vet so were gon na have fun so sit back and enjoy. The reason for matt and heinz visit was to help finalize the development of our brand new patriot, slug todays hunt was actually a last minute call as it was their last day here, but we finished indoor testing early and had some spare time to come out. For this hunt, the plan was to start nice and early, so we could get the guns ready because we had meetings to attend the afternoon as well. So as soon as the sun came out, we packed up everything and moved up to where the action is by now. You are all familiar with this farm and its massive pigeon problem and lets not waste any time and get straight into it. So we drove up to this location where we know all the pigeons will be so weve got a lot loads of pylons and roofs to shoot from so were busy setting up and getting everything ready then were going to take some shots. Oh 158, meters straight on the slack, hits exactly where i am because at this stage there was still zero wind out there, Music, that is dead. This shot was closer, but it shows the devastating expansion of the slug. It was a dove. 84 meters hit really hard awesome im only going to show you footage recorded with my gun and camera so to see what matt recorded on his side, please visit his channel as well.

The link is down in the description the pigeons kept on coming in and it seems like everybody was busy doing their own thing. They just couldnt get enough. Oh hes, down Music. I think we need to put these legs into production, just as they are. Okay, as you can tell, we are having great success with this design and hopefully well have them in production, soon, nice good shot. The guns we are using today are by no means factory standard and even include the new 800 millimeter barrel from fx. Some of them also featured a new carbon fiber barrel tension system that hein developed Music 160 shots. The slack is slightly off center, but the expansion of our soft lid make sure this pigeon goes down anyway. I dont know about you, but i just love watching these pigeons go down like this in slow motion that he goes as well. This one was my absolute favorite im gon na hold it a little higher here, just because its a little further Music, oh Music. So far, everyone was having lots of fun and seeing as slug perform so well. After all, the hard work we put in during the week was very satisfying. Oh hes down ein was also having loads of fun, and i could see the hunting buck has got hold of him. Pretty good Music, 82 meters yeah. There we go that is it from us. We had loads of fun, its so much fun when you shoot together with friends like these, and you can see the reactions and just enjoy the time together, yeah.

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