. I did make a video about android 12 beta 4 update on the pixel 4a. I do have a video on that as well. I will leave the link of that in the description down below if you want to check that out as well, but guys android 12. Beta 4 is a more stable update, its the closest thing that were going to be getting to the official android 12 build. So were not getting many new features which most of it has already been um brought to us in android, 12 beta 1, and you know up until beta 4.. We already got most probably 95 of the things that were going to be seeing in the official android 12 build uh anyway. Lets get right into the video and see whats new uh on the pixel 4, with android 12 beta 4. number one and this. Finally, they you know they finally were able to bring this to android 12. um. But this lets go to settings. We are now getting so if i go to about phone and im just going to take it off screen just for a sec um. So if we go to android version, it says android version 12 and if we click on that were getting the new easter egg, this is the easter egg for android 12.. We finally have it. It is a clock and its material eulefine. So i have a green background, a green wallpaper, if obviously you didnt notice, already um and the clock right now is also green.

It has been um themed as well. According to your the wallpaper and thats, its actually pretty cool. I really do like material. U this is awesome, redesign but watch this. So if we bring the clock to 12 thats, it were getting android 12, the easter, the official easter egg. This is android 12s easter egg, uh its nice lots of like bubbles and circles um. I really do like this site. Didnt, really notice. Anything else that you can. You know do on on the display lets bring there. We go, i think thats it, but its really nice. I i like this uh this whole new material. You um theme its everywhere throughout settings throughout the entire uh user interface throughout the entire system material. You is literally right in front of your eyes. Wherever you go whatever app, you use pretty much. Mainly google based youre going to be getting a material. You redesign because watch this. If you look at the theming icons right here, which im going to get to in a second, you see that youtube studio is the only one that hasnt been uh themed, thats, okay, its going to happen within time, uh more of the theming icons are google based And pretty much everything on the home screen right now is from google themselves anyway. That brings me to theming icons. So if we go to wallpaper and style and we scroll down, we notice that themed icons now has a beta sign.

So in beta 3 it wasnt like that beta 3.1. It was not like that, but in beta 4 analysis. Beta lets hope that with the official build, it definitely isnt a beta um. It becomes the official themed icons and take away that build but thats, something that we also noticed and then another thing that we noticed in the android 12 beta 4 is the new google material? U icon its been materialified or material unified, whatever you want to call it uh it has that new material you redesigned to it on the search bar at the very bottom. So right now, this pixel 4 is looking pretty sleek Music, but thats. Really you know it. This, like i said this, is more so the closest thing that were going to be getting to the official android 12 beta um. So if we change it to this, this blue background its going to become blue themed everything, uh, im, suspecting im, most likely thinking that were going to be getting the official android 12 build in september to october uh, maybe even as early as the end of this Month, uh, but we should be getting at least one more beta, so a beta 5. I mean these are more the stable updates, so a lot of people will start to update more of their devices to android 12, at least their pixel devices and some other compatible android devices. If you have any now well, probably be getting android 12 around that time.

End of august, at the very earliest uh to the end of september, for pixel devices, the official android 12 build and then were going to be seeing pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro so guys stay tuned to the channel. We got a lot of videos coming up, especially pixel related surprise, um, a lot of pixel content coming very soon to the channel uh ive. I have a really big surprise. I want to share with you guys in the coming weeks. Uh related to pixel so be sure to stick around and subscribe. If you havent already uh to see more videos like this, more pixel related content, thats it for me. I hope you guys did enjoy if you did be sure to superman the like button comment down below and best of all share this video, as it does help out the channel a lot and will help push my content out to more viewers. And for those of you who havent seen pixel content yet guys, this is where its at pixel content right at this channel, thats it for me and ill see you guys in the next episode anyway, everybody, i hope you guys did enjoy this video. If you did be sure to superman that, like button comment down below because with the more interactions we get on, this video not only helps the video and the channel, but also pushes the video out to more viewers and best of all superman that subscribe button.