Is it once before, when you leaked out the design of the google pixel 6 on your own and showed off motion sense along with it? That was unheard of and we loved it, and we know that you loved how it turned out too, and you did it again, but bigger and better and far more than we could have ever imagined, with a full on page about the google pixel 6 pro on The google store and renders colors information on the new google tensor chip and even mini reviews from marquez, brownlee and other media outlets. Let me tell you what were seeing here is a new google that is more confident and bold than ever before and theres a lot to look forward to with the google pixel 6. The game is changing in both samsung and apple. Better watch out lets talk about how we got there and ill share with you. What special google pixel thing is in this box, because this is tech today, Applause, this video is sponsored in part by hyper and their hyper one premius wireless earphones, a more environmentally conscious option for earbuds at a smarter price. Well, talk about them more later in the video we can also check them out and make a difference for the environment by clicking the link in the description now before i talk about the google pixel 6, i have to start with this. Yes, the apple iphone. You see apple has enjoyed immense success after a lengthy investment in developing their own chips, so much so that it has produced incredible dividends for them far beyond mobile devices and into computers with the m1 chip and beyond.

This didnt happen overnight, but started in 2008 when apple started, developing their system on a chip to replace the samsung chips they used before in 2010. We finally saw this new chip in the iphone 4, giving apple control of both hardware and software. This had many benefits as they could cater their chips to their long term, goals for iphone and iphone alone, like security and updates. So after all, these years of apple gathering, more and more market share and control over what they can do over their phones. I know a bunch of you are thinking. Okay, google do something. What can i do for you? How many of your google devices went off that at least uh deserves a like for at least the youtube algorithm, but seriously pixel after pixel has shown us that googles, strong suit hasnt been hardware, but software. Almost every google pixel has had some sort of glaring issue with it from faulty cameras, blue tinted screens, memory issues or poor battery life. Google hasnt gained much of a reputation for being premium instead, its become more well known for yes, having a great camera, at least in the past, but more recently as a great phone for the dollar or as id like to say. It has a great delight to dollar ratio, its a great budget or mid range phone, but not premium. The google pixel 5 seemed to embrace this reputation with open arms by not even trying to use the latest and greatest specs and aiming for a more affordable option compared to like the flagship options from apple and samsung.

So in many ways it has really looked like google had stopped trying and was far behind, but that was far from the truth. During this time, when apple pulled ahead with their chips, google had succeeded in developing their tensor processing units which are in their fourth generation and was revealed at this years. Google, i o. I reacted to that and you can watch that video up here, but these chips are kind of insane. The tpu v4 helps provide services for google cloud and powers, many of their machine learning in artificial intelligence endeavors like lambda, which allows for natural conversation interactions with a google assistant and mum which allows google to better understand questions in natural language, reducing the need to interact With the google assistant and robotic and specific ways to get the response that you want something thats still a huge issue on siri and alexa. So while it looked like, google only cared about chips for their broader endeavors and the google pixel was something doomed to flounder into the budget territory. Google had been quietly working on something far greater for far longer than most realized. You see theyve been trying to create their own chip since 2010, with the purchase of chip maker agnilux by the way thats the year that the google nexus came out. But to be fair, we didnt see any mobile chips from google until seven years later, when john bruno, a former apple chip designer joined and the google pixel 2 came out with the pixel visual core chip included.

I was pretty stoked about the pixel 2 and the pixel visual core thats, how my whole channel really took off, but that phone that chip it helped with camera image processing, but that chip only lasted as long as john bruno and other major players from the chip Team because they left after the google pixel 3 was released and they created their own chip company nuvia, but that ship was replaced by the pixel neural core in the pixel 4.. This was a great thing and all but seemed like a small thing compared to what apple was doing by having their own system on a chip. Google was relying on qualcomm chips for their phones and smart watches, which ironically, qualcomm acquired nuvia. The company john bruno created after leaving google weird. Unfortunately, this has been a severe limiting factor for google. It has limited their control over what the phone can do put battery life at the mercy of others unless they provide lower quality, displays or put a huge battery inside it. Its limited updates and for sure has been the reason why we havent had a google pixel watch, but axios leaked that googles. Quite work was coming soon, with their custom system on a chip called whitechapel, which they would be working on in collaboration with samsung. Speaking of collaboration, we need to collaborate, you see only 5.1 percent of you watching are subscribed and we need to get that to at least 10 percent.

So if youre enjoying these video essays, the history of google pixel content reviews the news, showcases smart home devices and videos from an audio engineers perspective, please hit subscribe and the bell icon to be notified of. When i post a new video for almost a year and a half, we didnt hear anything about this white chapel chip. Google was working on. It was until an alphabet, slash, google earnings, call that we finally got a hint of what was to come from googles. Ceo sundar pichai, he mentioned that the hardware that well see this year would showcase android, 12 and deep technology investments, many of which we got a glimpse of at google. I o its that deep technology investment that perked many years, including my own, and made many wonder if this was referring to the white chapel chip. That seems to make sense, since he emphasized that the google pixel remains at the heart of that long term strategy. But knowing that wed get a glimpse a few days later, let alone as much as we did. The made by google twitter account tweeted out, something mark has brownly and the verge posted. Something and the google store gave us a significant look at the upcoming google pixel 6 and the google pixel 6 pro oh uh pro, not xl, interesting, so whoa, google. This is different. The game is changing and weve talked about this. A lot in the this is tech. Today, community discord, chat, server, which you should join theres a link in the description, but google isnt doing the same thing that they used to do.

If anything, this is a dramatic strategy change from most everything theyve done before. I believe that this is the most confident that google has ever been about the google pixel. But what is so interesting is that theyre, finally putting in some significant marketing dollars behind this release, why the sudden massive increase in marketing dollars if he didnt, feel like he had something great this time. Also, the fact that google revealed so much about the google pixel 6 just makes me wonder what is left to reveal that theyre holding back on. Could we get a one more thing and maybe see a pixel foldable this year? That would be wild and then the design spec size and naming are just so different. No longer are they going for that subdued ikea scandinavian mineral? Look that blends into your life and doesnt demand your attention. No longer are they only pricing for budget or mid tier and no longer are they seeking to go for lower specs its ultra premium, and they even said that is their goal. We get nice, glossy glass finishes, metal rails, multiple colors, bigger screens, higher specs and a huge opinionated daft punk. Looking camera bar, it seems like theyre no longer trying to be the iphone of androids. If anything, it seems like its. The samsung phone weve always wanted more. On that, in another video, the camera isnt the same anymore either we have new sensors to finally move past the quickly aging ones used before to hopefully not only catch up to samsung and apple, but surpass it again.

We may even get additional sensors added that we havent had on a pixel device in a while or at all, but the biggest change that has been hinted at is that we no longer have to attach a disclaimer. Whenever we say the google pixel camera is great, but for photos uh. The video is a little rough, though this was honestly something i wasnt sure google could fix because of how long it took to process one photo. I can legit sit here and watch it processing for one photo, so how in the world would google do that for a video which is at a minimum of 24 frames per second, it seemed impossible, but apparently they can do it in 4k, 30 frames per second And thats likely because they were limited to qualcomm processors having their processors, allow them to leave behind the limitations of off the shelf processors and gain the ability to focus on build and optimize for the things they actually care about. Things like artificial intelligence and machine learning, which not only helps with the camera but utilizes their experience with the tensor processing units in a mobile focused context. That means even better live transcription on audio that is done on device and can even translate live into another language. Crazy, it means we can get more features. Like call, screening hold the phone crash, detection and more that can be processed on the phone. It also means that google can push into privacy as they emphasize that google, i o with a new privacy, sandbox called private compute core, where these processes happen on your device, not in the cloud or things like updates that have been artificially limited by qualcomm.

No longer do we have to look at apple devices, getting updates for five years or more, while android phones only get two or three years, or sometimes even less than that. No, the google tensor chip allows google to have control over how long updates are provided to the google pixel, and that comes down to the fact that google is slowly executing on a strategy that apple has been deploying and benefiting from for years. Instead of being beholden to their suppliers, theyre becoming more and more self sufficient, this control and influence on advancement allows them to have a full stack design of a product, the software and the hardware, and create new opportunities for new and better products. Like the google pixel watch that we havent been able to get for years, because google could only rely on its suppliers and thats, why im so excited for this google pixel video series that im working on that youll see leading up to the google pixel 6 and Beyond were going to take a deep dive, look into the things that we know about the google pixel 6 so far, some rumors hypothesis and thoughts on things like the camera that some people may not have noticed or what could be going on with the google tensor Chip and more on top of that im going to go over the history of google smartphones, starting from the nexus up to the google pixel, six and thats. Why? I have this box right here? You see this popped up on ebay and i just had to buy it so this right here after a long trip from china, is a prototype of the google pixel 2.

. This hasnt been documented in depth before so i wanted to see what could have been and document and provide whatever information and files i can to the google pixel community so make sure to join the. This is tech today, community discord, chat, server and help me out over there by asking some questions and help me pull things off of this device. Oh, my god, look at that Music very exciting and after the google pixel 6 comes out im going to compare and review each google pixel phone against the google pixel 6 just to see where we came from and how far weve come. I think thatll be really interesting and fun, so if you find any of those videos that we have planned interesting, make sure to share, subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified of when i post a new video and these videos wouldnt be possible without you Watching in this videos, sponsor hi pure and their high pure one premium, wireless headphones now whats interesting is that the hyper ones were developed by experts in switzerland with the goal of making great music and technology available to all, while also fighting for a better world curious. Well explain how in just a moment, but they developed the high pure ones to be a premium headphone with premium sound quality at half the price of other earbuds on the market. Ah, its a nice soft matte finish on here check that out.

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