In a few seconds, planes have this emergency box and when you pull it, you run and out comes this monstrosity. The blow up emergency slide twenty thousand dollars all because it comes in a magical, inflatable box, its crazy. How you got this tiny little box and out comes this behemoth of a blow up slide. You know we got ta test, it make sure it works cause. Imagine getting a faulty one of these. This is the longest dog i have ever seen in my life. Look when he stands up. How is she so long? Five, seven nice peeking over the gate, thats a good like six feet. Imagine your dog being taller than you! Also, could we talk about the shape very long, a lot of iphone users like to roast samsung cameras, because when you send a samsung photo to an iphone, they like severely downgrade the quality but check this out. This is a samsung phone zooming into the sun, and now probably the best youre gon na get on iphone. Is this right times 30.. I dont even think iphone goes up to that much but wait theres more. You can focus on the sun and see things that the naked eye cant even see. I aint never looked at the sun and it looked this like defined. I thought it was just a big ball of light. They got a times 100 zoom for a second. I thought this was like a cocoon or like one of those sticky things that you stick on the wall, but they pulled it off and its a whole entire frog and then his eyes opened the rainforest cafe one.

I had no idea they just like sleep stuck to the wall like this. He thought he was camouflaged. He thought he was safe. Whats worse than the apple alarm, a human hand. Waking you up. Have you ever seen a seal come up for air? Look at him. He got some big old nostrils. He just sticks them out of the water. Take a big deep breath in whoa there buddy save some air for the rest of us, its so cute. He is breathing very politely. Does he got ta? Do this every like three seconds? I know you can hold your breath longer than that these are funny animals, imagine living in the water and having to breathe air. This is the biggest fireworks blast from one shell, okay, it went off and ah what that was one firework one just shot up into the air. I didnt see this one in mr beasts, video literally lit up the whole entire sky. This is what a million dollar firework look like youll see how many explosions came out of one crazy. You know those giant windmills out in the fields. This dude is working on one wait. If he is on the windmill, then whos recording him: okay, thats high thats real high. That is too high. You know when i said i liked heights. I dont know about that anymore. I didnt realize they were so high up. We interrupt this program to bring you a panda eating.

Some bamboo. Are you going to town on that so aggressive, like somebody gon na eat his food chill its all yours, nobody coming for it its so cute yall ever let your pet ride in the seat. What is that, i wan na say its a horse, but also a sheep? Am i stupid, or is the hat, doing a great job, hiding his identity, hes just chilling in the seat like yeah, i belong here. Take me to the mcdonalds never mind if yall ever feel bad about getting pimples know that grass gets it too. Look at this a boil. This one is a thicky one, coming, oh, its so squishy, so water gets trapped under the grass and then you got ta drain it. This lawn better, take a fat piss. There we go hey. I would love to just like roll around in this, like its like. A waterbed are you normal, or are you constantly thinking about how snails get their nutrition like? How do they drink water? Well, heres, a snail and some water, and it just went over it like absorbing it through where it got a mouth. It started drinking or something like literally inhales, the droplet of water like look, this is a slow mo. It just absorbed it. The water droplet gone its already in slow mo, but did you see that or did his face? Just went like and grab it? This ups driver has the worst tan line you will ever see.

That is a whole entire shade of white under there. That ankle has never seen the light of day. This is the most magnificent corn i have ever seen on the cob, so it is still steaming hot, but the rays of sun hit the steam at such a perfect angle that it looks almost like fire, its just a steamy hot cob on the corn corn. On the cob, can you call it corn on the cob corn cob cob of corn? I think it works either way what is like waking up living in a skyscraper, sheesh, literally living in the clouds so high up, you cant, even see the peasants on the ground. You are above the clouds that is very high and you aint the only one like look out in the distance. You see all these buildings that are like higher than the clouds thats crazy, imagine being afraid of heights and limit up here, heres another one. These are actually so cool, like i cant imagine being that high up, i personally love heights. Imagine having your room in the clouds open the window and its just ill pay. 10. 000 a month rent to look at this. I cant believe this fish has teeth. I mean i never bothered like looking inside their mouth, but ugh that fish looked british feels like a glass of water. Most fish dont have teeth right. Some got some big old juicy lips. Oh, that is terrifying. I aint swimming in the same water as that.

How do they put pools in your backyard? Literally air, lift it with a crane, bring it over the house and then pop it right in into the hole you go and now i guess you have a brand new pool. There are lots of different ways to make a pool, but i believe this is like a fiberglass pool, so its already like pre made, so they take it off the truck. Imagine seeing this on an airplane like what is going on down there and then the water truck has arrived to fill the pool. Oh, they got that powerful water hydrant water to fill it up. This is so much faster than like putting in cement doing all the tiles and whatever, like those pools, can take months. This usually like, dig a hole pop it in there is this grocery store called little that sells mcdonalds chicken nuggets. You could buy them at a store. Now, oh thats, it. Those are the ones. This is genius, it even come with a sauce packets. However, it does not say mcdonalds on it, but, like you open it up, those are mcnuggets, even though im allergic. I know what a mcnugget looks like and thats it. The funny shapes and everything. Hey, look at this ugly bug i found earlier. Oh, why does it look like that this cant be real? This is a real bug and he waddled too his head too big, thrown off the balance. It kind of looked like a pokemon, this one thats, the one.

This is the smallest car. I have ever seen: why does it look like that? Only one seat, we ride in solo, literally i aint giving nobody a ride. I aint taking you nowhere, nobodys coming with me. I go alone, its so small and oddly shaped. How are these people standing up at the bottom of the pool that aint how water physics work yall will be dead and or floating to the surface? They even got their clothes on. This is actually a fake pool. Its an art exhibit where you can actually walk. Underneath it so what it looks like inside, only the top layer looks like water. So from the bottom, its like you just walk into a blue room and the top we got a bunch of hostages, auditioning for the new aquaman movie. I dont even think theres water in this. I think its just glass and the way it reflects light makes it look like its water weird. I was scrolling on tick tock and saw that they have bruised tattoos now so its a temporary tattoo and you put it on – and it looks like a bruise that looks very convincing kind of scary, very good for special effects, also gaining attention and sympathy on the Internet dont get any ideas that is a mighty fine, crispy crunchy piece of fried chicken. You got there hold on that aint fried chicken thats a crystal. This is the kfc quartz. If you look closely its shimmering and it aint the oil, unfortunately its not fried chicken, its a rock a crystal called rhodochrosite.

That will not stop me from taking a bite. Someone asked a very tall person to go to the grocery store and show us your head over the aisle. You know this is the ultimate test of length. This is what a normal person sees when they go to the grocery store. This is his pov. Oh, my god, you are about to hit the sign. Sir. Not only do you have access to the things on the top shelf, but the back of the top shelf. You see, i got ta climb up the first two shelves to be able to reach the top shelf, making a watermelon sandwich already. The watermelon is in a cube, shake get some kiwis wait when he says sandwich. I it didnt like process like fruit salad. You know, i believe a crime was committed not only by the fact that he made a watermelon sandwich, but look how he cut the kiwi hes eating the kiwi with this skin on it do you eat the kiwi skin and what is the white stuff mayo find? The thing that doesnt belong, you know in theory it would have been a good idea if you put like some cheese in it, watermelon and cheese, so she was making a tomato sandwich for this video and then she got to open this tomato. What is that thats? A tomato i never seen a tomato look like that. Why is it got so many like squigglies in it and stuff? Okay? Yes, your sandwich looks delicious, but using tomato as bread.

I dont know about that one, but also the shape im kidding that looks delicious. So i was at my grandmas house today in nigeria and i looked up and saw a rainbow in the clouds whoa. It kind of looks like an ocean up there like waves and add a rainbow thats beautiful. Some people might think this is strange, but i kind of sit like this on an airplane and if my feet could touch the ceiling of a car, i would also do the same. It just feels good to have your legs like up and straight and press against something but anyways thats all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure that that, like button in the face and make sure you turn on notifications, click click comment below the coolest thing, youve never seen before and subscribe to the wolfpack.