So welcome to the trainer club. Here we go Music back everybody. Let me know in the comments below: are you guys excited about evie, comedy and pokemon? Go because we have a lot of things coming out for you about evie in the next couple days, evolutions everything out there were gon na go over today in this video. How to get all the evolutions, including the nicknames, as well as a brief overview of what it takes to get all of them, so you guys will have that all information in one video and then number two with all the new move sets that we will also Cover where will these pokemon be sitting in the go battle league and as far as meta raid attackers, as well as anyone or any of them, going to be relevant so with all that said, lets get right into it, starting right now, so we have the nicknames. The premise behind the nicknames is you get one chance to nickname evie with the nicknames used in the anime, so that is a free pass to make sure you guaranteed to get one of these pokemon. So if youre a new player, congratulations, you guys still have the ability to do it. If you have not done it, but if you dont know is all you have to do is nickname that pokemon. Then you look in the bottom if the nickname, as its nickname, does not change the evolution in the bottom silhouette into the pokemon that its trying to go to that means youve already used that nickname.

So with all that said, the nicknames are as follows: we do have vaporeon, vaporeons, nickname is going to be rainer, we do have jolteon, jolteons, nickname is going to be sparky, we have flareon, flareons, nickname is going to be pyro, espeons nickname is sakura, umbreons nickname is Tamau leafeons nickname is linea, glacions nickname is raya and then finally, we have sylveon with the nickname of kira. So, like i said one time of each of them or if you dont have that evolution already evolved, thats an easy way for you to be able to tell so that is how you do it and beyond that there are going to be some controlled ways for You guys to be able to get all the evolutions so unfortunately, beyond the nicknames, vaporeon, jolteon and flareon do not have the ability to be able to control. They are random generated of evs when you evolve it with the question mark. When it does have the question mark, it will only be able to go into those three, the other ones beyond just gen one evolutions are going to be able to be controlled, so we do have espeon and umbreon how you are able to get these pokemon. You have to put eevee as your buddy. You have to walk it. A total of 10 kilometers check down in the bottom. Once you do so, you can either evolve it right away, which we have to have a daytime and nighttime evolution, depending on which one youre going to want to go in or you can then take it off.

I would say to name that pokemon and then save it and when you want to evolve it such as on com day during the event time or in december, is all you have to do – is put that pokemon as your buddy and evolve it either during the Daytime or during the night time after 10 kilometers walked in it, as your buddy during the daytime is going to give you espeon in game at night time in game, as your buddy is going to give you umbreon. So those are two way to control, to make sure that you get those pokemon, then, beyond that we do have leafeon as well as we have glaceon leafeon is going to be a mossy lore module being in the lore module. That eevee will then pop up as the evolution silhouette and then finally, we have glacion. Glacion is going to be able to be evolved with a glacial lore module. So you walk up to the glacial lore module. You evolve when the eevee silhouette changes into glacion, its no longer the question mark and then finally, we have sylveon sylveon normally with that buddy earning 70 buddy hearts, but during the evcom days, which, after this, if its already done it doesnt matter anymore, evie comedy will Then allow you to be able to evolve it with seven bunny hearts, so thats really easy to get to be able to evolve it. So i would say capitalize on sylveon during the calm day and then afterwards, obviously its then gon na take 70.

If youre watching this after calm day now lets get into meta raid attackers, where do these pokemon sit? Unfortunately, i hate to break the news. None of them are going to be a top meta rate attacker. They are beaten out heavily in every single category. Look, we have water, vaporeon is going to get beated out by shadow swampert, future megas and primals. We have mega blastoise, we have kyogre all beating out that we have jolteon gon na get beat out by for surely shadow zapdos shadow ryko, and then we also have other pokemon megas theyre gon na beat it out. We have flareon beating out by minimally its going to be the restaurant. We have the mega charizard beating it out then were gon na go into umbreon dark category. This one is a much lower pokemon. We do have eveeltale as well as dark rye theyre gon na easily beat out that pokemon shadow tyranitar, regular tyranitar, then moving into the glacion is the only one thats semi meta relevant, so theres. Definitely better pokemon shadow mammal swine other pokemon out there that are going to be better than it, including regular mammal swine, but it sits at a dps time studio of 1403 for the glacion. And if you want to see other pokemon in there, shadow weevil sits above it, shadow mamo swine at four one. Two, five regular mammoths one at two, two: five, six glarion darmanathan at two zero: five six, which then is going to take us into leafeon.

So leafeon gets beat out by mega venusaur. We have sceptile, we have regular venusaur its quite far down on the list as far as that goes and then, finally, we have sylveon sylveon, although it is a all fairy type attacker. It still is way down on the list. Sylveon charm, dazzling game is a 1004 dtps time studio, as opposed to a shadow gardevoir. That is going to be this ones, all psychic, so its a little bit lower, but its two seven two two. Then we have shadow granble at one five, nine one. We have gardevoir above it, we have togekiss. Above it we have mega altera above it, and then sylveon comes in down there and thats before we do get mega gardevoir as well, which will then totally shake up everything. So there are unfortunately, no real top five to top 10 meta relevant pokemon here that are actually gon na. Do enough damage to warrant maxing them out, unfortunately, so thats, where we sit for that. So as far as pvp goes, they are a whole lot more relevant. Were gon na give you all the stats as well starting off, we have vaporeon, which is going to be great league 184 water gun aquatell last resort. So this one doesnt even need the new moveset with the 100 ivs at 115.15 and then next we have it in the ultra league, at 225, same exact, move set with the 100 ivs at 0, 15, 13 and then finally, we do have it in the master League at 121, in xls – and yes, i do realize that there is a classic for the ultra league and a classic for the master league, as some of them do do a little bit better.

Some of them do do a little bit worse. We are not going to cover that. If you do want to see all that information, is going to be where you want to find it, then we have jolteon great league 420 volt switch discharge. Last resort 100 iv is going to be a 0 12 15 and then in the ultra league, its going to be ranked 320 same move set at 0, 15, 15. and then in the master league, its going to be ranked 198.. So for the great league, a we have flareon 495 firespin. Actually, superpower is going to be used here and flamethrower 100 iv on that pokemon is going to be a 0 15 13. and then in the ultra league 338 same exact move set at a 1 15 15. and next we have the espeon in the great league. 670 confusion, shadow ball and psychic 100 iv is going to be a 0 15 15 and then in the ultra league, same exact, move, set, confusion, psychic and shadow ball. 472 100 ibis is going to be a 1 15 15 and then, finally, in the master league, its going to be ranked 309. So, as you guys can see right now from everything that we have gone over, there are much better pokemon out there right now. So just want to make you guys aware of that, but lets continue onward, because now we have a relevant one. So as far as next, we have great league umbreon rank 33, snarl foul play and last resort 100 ivs on this pokemon is going to be a 0 15 15.

and then, as far as the ultra league ranked 19, with xl snarl, foul play and last resort 100 iv is going to be 15 15 15 and in the master league, its gon na be ranked 265 with actually psychic in there instead of last resort, but its not really relevant. Because of how far down on the list it is, and then, if were going out to the great league, leafeon 206 bullet seed is actually used here, leaf, blade and last resort, so its double comm day moved on that pokemon, 1. 15. 14. For that pokemon, and then we have leafeon in the ultra league 170 bullet seed, leaf, blade and last resort at a 0, 14 13 and then leafeon in the master league is going to be ranked 191. next, we have glacion in the great league ice shard avalanche Icy wind, 444., 100 ivs is zero. 15. 12. Then we have a 148 glaceon ice shard avalanche icy wind in the ultra league. That is then going to be ranked 0, 15, 12. and finally, in the master league, its actually going to be ranked 48 with ice. Shard avalanche icy, wind, no calm, day moves on that pokemon. Finally, we have sylveon actually in the great league, its ranked pretty decent charm moon blast scishok with the new comedy move, a rank 95 100 percent iv, zero 15 12 and then in the ultra league. Its gon na be ranked 28 char moon blast and scishok.

Once again countering a lot of those fighting type pokemon at a 0 13 15 and then finally in the master league, its ranked 29 with char moon blast and scishok. So as far as all those pokemon out there, the most relevant ones of all of them is obviously sylveon does well. We then also have umbreon that does really well, so those two pokemon in generalities are pretty good overall for go battley and then finally, we have glacion in the master league thats going to be good, but as far as meta raid attackers, none of them really stack Up there are much better counters out there to help you take down those pokemon a lot faster and to help you get more balls to help you catch those pokemon. So that is everything you have to know about. Eevee evolutions in pokemon go including all the pvp iv movesets. So if anybody does need this, please share this video. So thank you guys for tuning. In, like yours, commenter subscribers, patreon members, everybody takes your support, subscription emphasis page. Just let me see you guys out on the next video peace. I want to take this time to thank everybody who supports me in every facet. It means the world to me and an extra special thank you to all my patreons. I greatly appreciate the extra support to continue to allow me to pursue pokemon go full time allowing me to create my daily video uploads in the most timely fashion for everyones benefit.

Plus i get the amazing experience of sharing my creative processes behind the scenes and raiding all around the globe with select upper tiers. Thank you, everybody for being a part of the trainer club.