Now this is a glitch and it kind of kind of tweeted it out and uh. I thought it was going to be a little bit more of a secret. Somebody told me about it and i was planning on making a video like a day before the community day, but hey it is here so lets go ahead and talk about this, so the community today is going to be going down august, 14th and august 15th from 11 a.m: till 5 p.m. Local time now people were asking me: well: how are we going to be able to evolve umbreon to get the community today, move if you can only evolve it at night? Well, youre going to be able to get that move during the night time as well, so just a little heads up there and youre not going to have to walk espeon or umbreon thats right, you dont have to walk them currently because there is a quote glitch. This is one of the few glitches in the game that is actually going to be useful. I think the last useful glitch was going to be, when you picked say an ultra or a great ball. The next time you go into a catch screen. That ball will just instantly be there and not just the default pokeball. It wasnt allowing your go plus to use those ultra great balls, but you can just use them instantly, so it was very nice for fast catching basically so hey once in a while.

A glitch comes along that works, taking a look at some of the well all of the name tricks here, and i will have all the links down below for the resources that im using of course, so you can only use these name tricks one time and remember For uh, vaporeon, flareon and jolteon, you can only do this name trick once and theres no other tricks, you cant walk them. You cant put up a lure or anything like that, so its just going to be randomized for espeon and umbreon youll be able to guarantee get those no matter. What because of the trick were going to go over and then for leafeon and glacion youre going to be able to put down those lure modules to get them so there you go simple as that: go ahead and go back and screenshot that if you need it, So heres the tweet that niantic put out saying that there is an issue with the walking of the kilometers for your buddy and well youre, not gon na have to walk them. Folks. Now there is something going on. It is showing a nighttime symbol next to espeon. When you do look at it when it is equipped as evie as your buddy, you know the typical thing once you get to the kilometers 10 kilometers needed before it would represent what you can evolve into for that time of day and well go over the time Of day and where youre going to be able to evolve them like, when is actual night time going to occur, for umbreon to be able to evolve and yeah.

So simple as that, but taking a look at these here. These are my evs that i have lined up and we are going to. As you can see, i havent walked any kilometers and it says i can evolve it into espeon. So were going to go ahead and equip that now. As far as sylveon is concerned, you are just gon na have to get it to seven hearts and you will be able to evolve it as opposed to the massive amount of hearts that you needed before, and i do have a sylveon ready to go or an Evie, i should say ready to go for sylveon, so we have it equipped. It has no kilometers all right now lets look at it. Oh okay lets go ahead and evolve. It lets just test it out, because this was an eb that i just caught recently. It looks like has horrible iv, so whatever i dont care about using those candies so lets test it out see if it evolves into espeon, to confirm this trick here or glitch okay, there you go were good to go now. If you do, uh have a eevee and youre ready to evolve it at night during this community day and its showing a daytime symbol next to a umbreon im sure it is going to evolve into an umbreon okay, i cant, i cant nine or 100 say for Sure, but, as you can see here from our experiment, it still worked so were good to go, so i feel like thats freaking awesome lets get hyped.

I was thinking to myself. Ah, i got ta walk this eve to get on breon, even though its not gon na be too great with psychic and then uh shadowball on espeon is great and all, but its really not doing too much for it because its just you know not doing too Much so, as you can see, the sylveon here uh were ready to go and uh looking good and um. I dont know whats going on with the other one that i have that has like 65 and i cant evolve it into espeon or im. Sorry uh, sylveon. Im pretty sure its because i walked the this one more recently after it has been released before those kilometers were just before. Silvion was even here so im pretty sure thats. What the case is. So if you have that same situation, maybe you just need to walk it recently, so there you have. It lets, go ahead and go over to pv poke to take a look at how good some of these pokemon are going to be regarding their secondary move. Im going to tell you right off the bat theres really nothing too great here, i think the best ones personally for myself. Well, just in general, without any bias, it looks like sylveons, taking the cake really big time. Okay, as far as umbreon its going to find some fun play, but guess what youre going to get walled completely by dark types, simple, pointless all right sure its going to be fun in some situations.

But just keep that in mind. It feels like last resorts just going to be simply better flareon im excited for that. I have a 100. It is my favorite ev evolution and i am going to elite tm it. Okay, simple, as that im gon na put the super power on it, because i feel like thats, literally one of the best moves on this roster here, theres a lot of good moves, its just like. Why did vaporeon get another water move, useless, uh jolteon with zap cannon useless? I mean youre going to be able to do some more damage in the raids – i suppose maybe nuke somebody here and there in a specific league, if youre using it – and you actually get away with that, but otherwise, not so hot. As far as sylveon, its still going to get walled by uh steel types completely, but it is gon na – have a little something to go up against poison types: okay, because it is weak to poison. You know, side shock is gon na help it there. So what were doing here is just kind of going through with the original move. Switching it to the community, move that theyre gon na get just to see how much more better theyre gon na be performing. A lot of them are like by one percent, two percent. Five percent, its really not much uh the uh its as simple as that right sylveon is looking like its getting the best bang for its buck.

Regarding its new move, psyshock uh so is flareon, okay. Otherwise everything else is kind of just you know. You may think its good and it may be good. You have a plan that im just completely spacing out on, but im just trying to give you the facts here as far as leafeons bullet seed. That is actually going to be pretty interesting because youll be able to charge your moves faster. Although razer leaf is just a disgusting, quick move, the bullet seed with its new energy gain is going to be able to help you get off your charge. Moves a little bit faster, so youll be looking pretty good in that regard, so hey at least it has that going on for it as far as glacier on here i mean water pulse at least youre, going to be able to do some damage up against. I suppose steel types, because what youre going to have only ice and then the normal last resort, with water pulse youre, going to actually be able to do damage to those potential steel types. If theyre stealing ground your eyes are still doing good damage, but a little bit more coverage, i suppose for this evolution here i am going. Am i gon na make all of these? Well, i think ill make one one for each league, though hell heck. No, no! No, no, i dont want to hold on to too many of these weve already had a couple community days for this thing.

What already right, was it one or two? I dont even know anymore, but theyve already had this community. They s and its just like im stacked. I have a bunch of these shinies with last resort that i dont even need that im holding on to for potential trades and im never gon na meet anybody who even wants one of these. The only one that people have been asking for in the past community days for this is going to be umbreon, so i did hold on to those last resorts. I still have a few left that is actually going to be pretty good, otherwise, its all kind of just like meh, now sylveon hasnt even had an opportunity to get last resort by naturally evolving it and getting it. Youre gon na have to elite tm it and come for this community day. Youre gon na have to elite tm that last resort again theres nothing thats going to just get it when you evolve. It evie will have it when you catch it. It wont keep it when you evolve it after the community day, im pretty sure uh. So, as we can see here, sylveon is actually doing the best here out of all the evolutions as far as the master league is concerned. As far as this other league is concerned, its actually pulling up pretty high win percentage at 68. There, so i mean hey, lets, go ahead and put scishow on here and its going up by two percent.

So two percent is better than no percent right uh. What is the benefit of having last resort over psyshock? Let me think here, um, pretty much nothing right, pretty much! Nothing theres, no disadvantage. Uh youre youre, strictly gon na want psi shock if youre gon na be using sylveon, even though having last resort its not horrible. For the people who did elite tm, their sylveons do have last resort with that elite tm, you know just hold on to that. One have two of them now, one more thing before we go. This is the difference here, the day and night, simple as that thats. How you evolve them so just know that, if its night in your game like this, it doesnt matter what time it is as long as its dark youll be able to get umbreon day espeon. If you did enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch. You all next time take care, hey so youre.