What is up welcome back to the channel in another dub by daylight video. Now i should have known that, because i released the video behavior was going to release the next clue. I should have known that uh, but i didnt, and they woke me up about three hours early, to make this video, but we have our next clue and its time to theorize on it, and i think it answers a few questions and it asks a few more Questions ill go ahead and tell you one of the questions that answers, and that is the fact that yesterday was a red herring. So the people yesterday saying that maybe it was retweet or everything else were right, but the actual red herring itself ended up being a red herring, even though that was clearly something to get our minds going, but that was a red herring anyway, we have so much More to talk about in the actual tease itself, but before we get completely into it, i do have to ask you guys if you are entertained, informed or updated to please like the video. It helps with visibility and showing the video off to other people, and i really really appreciate it and for more dvd content like this from me, please subscribe to the channel. We hit 10 000 subscribers, and that is insane. Thank you all so much for the support, but lets go ahead and jump into this one. So what is the tease uh? Well, the tease actually is another letter and something else that i dont know if it was like this before i dont.

Remember it being like this and well compare in just a second, but lets go ahead and throw up the picture okay. So this is the ts. We got the letter r, that is the new tease when it comes to it now before we talk about anything else, lets talk about this letter, real quick. So yesterday we thought we got an rt, but apparently that was a red herring. Everything yesterday, beyond the a was apparently a red herring, it was a damn good red herring. It threw us off the trail and it made us second guess ourselves, but we are back to being pretty set in stone that this is still a character like springtrap, but there is one more character im going to mention, and that is hellraiser. Now hellraiser is another character that people have long again dead by daylight since the beginning and so of the devs. The devs have also wanted hellraiser in the game since beginning their huge hellraiser fans. Now the only weird thing when it comes to this is the r itself, because theres two rs in hellraiser, so the matrix of that is a little bit weird and you have to you where were not really having the formula or the science of these ts is Strong out for us, we dont know if we can scientifically use r in two different spots or if we need two different rs to actually spell the entire thing. But this is also true for spring chap theres, two rs in springtrap, one ring spring and one arring trap, but regardless hellraiser is up there as we have i s a r, so we have almost all the letters in hellraiser but of course we have a ton Of letters in springtrap too, so this r is playing way more into things as well as it did yesterday, weve already theorized on this r, but it came with a t yesterday and theres also one more thing that it could be, but im not going to talk About it for very long because its uh very unlikely, in my opinion, but spiral, if you guys know the spiral movie that just came out, it was a saw movie uh it had chris rock in it.

We just got the big saw cell. It was a saw themed uh week for dvd last week and we got a big saw cell and the game was in the rotation more than any other map. So maybe it could be spiral we could get like a new piggy or something of the sort. Maybe a chris rockskin or actual character im, not really sure. I didnt want to talk about that one for too long, but you know there it is. We have a ton of letters for spiral, but theres one more thing that i dont know. If a lot of people are noticing – and i actually dont know what to think about it – and that is the actual logo itself and im gon na throw the logo from the picture up on the screen. Okay, so lets take a look at it. Look at where the skulls usually are the skulls at the top arent there anymore. Now, if we take a look at the actual logo for dead by daylight, then there are skulls there now, even on twitter and everything else, for everything to do with this game. This logo, i always remember, being the same, and i dont know if ive ever seen it change for anything other than teases, and i dont remember it being like this yesterday. I could be wrong and you guys might have to correct me, but i dont think this logo is supposed to be like this, and i think that means something my mind immediately went to a character like slenderman, because of course, hes a faceless character.

But we have some letters already that you know dont fit basically the eye and off the top of my head. I cant really think of another killer immediately that this could signify, but thats going to be your assignment today. Let me know in the comments down below who you think that could be a tease, for, let me know if you think that is a tease at all and who it could be teasing, but theres also one more important thing that i probably need to mention and Has been yelled at me in my comments and we actually on my stream last night we streamed into some live theories uh. This was actually sent to me as well and ive fact checked. It ive actually checked it on my dead by daylight, because i did this challenge. For the last home. There was a challenge in the last home that was called spring, the trap and the challenge was to catch four survivors uh. I think it was four survivors and bear traps within 10 meters of a breakable wall window or pallet. Now the interesting thing about it is, of course it goes back to springtrap and we have been told in the past. I cant remember if it was the game director and matthew cote himself, but they said that the tomes can tease future content. So i think its very convenient and very weird that we got that challenging spring. The trap weve everybodys wanting springtrap for years uh for a long long, damn time and now all of these other teases are coming out.

All the letters are starting like adding up the spell spring trap. We had a spring trap silhouette in one of the pictures, like everything is just pointing at this character and from the last page of the last home we had the spring the trap challenge. I just think thats all very weird and convenient uh. This is really. This is the update for right now, im sure. As soon as i release this goddamn video theyre gon na release, another tease and ill see you guys here in a little bit again but well see i cant really complain. My channel has been doing great over the past few days again. I want to take a second real, quick to thank all of you so much for watching my channel for going on this journey to figure out what in the hell, this chapter is with me. I really appreciate it guys. Thank you so much. It means a ton uh but ill, probably again see you guys later today for the next tease as soon as i release this video more than likely uh because behavior loves me so yeah but again leave me your comments down below. Let me know what you think about all this. I hope you guys enjoyed the video means a ton. Thank you so much for watching again, my name is ive.