This is trife and im here with a little bit of a news video, instead of like an extra regular video theres, been some stuff going down on twitter about the new dvd killer, because theres a lot of leaks on there. So if you havent been on twitter im gon na give you a little sneak peek as to whats going on right now. I am well aware that i am very late to this, because there has been a lot of changing opinions about who the new killer is based off these new tweets, so anyways lets get straight into it, but that by daylight a couple days ago posted this image. On twitter, with the caption, you can take a seat and chat with any dvd character. Who do you choose, and this at first was just some ordinary knock off pick and choose tweet by dab by delay. They do it pretty often actually, but some people with very keen eyes notice. At the very back of the picture, you could see a familiar face if you played the five nights at freddys games, specifically five nights at freddys 3.. This one tweet from the dead by daylight twitter pretty much made. Everyone think that springtrap was going to be, and at least had a chance of being the new dead by daylight killer, because at the time there were no other leaks for any other killer, except for springtrap. Now i could go on a woman to say thats a rock, but i think me and the entire dbd community knows that rock.

If it is, one looks too much like springtrap for it to be a complete coincidence, so ill rule that one out for the time being and then literally a day later, dvd posted this picture with just the letter a and we all know that spring trap. If you spell it correctly, has the letter a in it this one it seemed like springtrap was the new guarantee killer, because there werent any leaks info, drops nothing on any other killer, but him at the moment now. There are two other photos that im about to get into the first one being this one. Now again, this seems like a heavy hitter for spring. Try, because, if you spell it correctly, there are rs in springtrap, but because of this it throws one more killer idea into the mix and ill. Let toon, who is a really good dvd youtuber ill link. His youtube in the description take it away from here, but we are back to being pretty set in stone that this is still a character like springtrap, but there is one more character, im gon na mention, and that is hellraiser. Now the only weird thing when it comes to this is the r itself, because theres two rs in hellraiser, so the matrix of that is a little bit weird and you have to you where were not really having the formula or the science of these ts is Drawn out for us, we dont know uh if we can scientifically use r in two different spots or if we need two different rs to actually spell the entire thing.

Now that may seem like its incomparable to springtraps absolute dominance when it came to the leaks at the time. Look at this image and tell me if you notice anything if you never looked at it, and this is your first time seeing it. I would not be surprised if you didnt figure it out, but if i zoom in right here youll see that there is a letter that springtrap does not have. No one currently can confirm if thats already there, because they did disable the map prior or maybe when they posted that photo. But ima just go ahead and say its not on there simply for keeping the fight of pinhead versus springtrap as new killer alive. And there is one final image i want to show you guys and its this. This tweet came from the dead by behavior, japan account on twitter and it consisted of one of the areas of father cain bells chapel. What makes this image more powerful is one the fact that if you have a keynote, you can see that there is an e right in that stand to your right side. This moment i thought they were going to add e guys the killer, but in seriousness this means that there is another goal for hellraiser there being e in the razor of hellraiser and that there being one final hint in this picture for hellraiser, that being the pen On the little target at the top left of the target, the reason why this gives points for hellraiser is because people went back in the game, because the map is not disabled and realize that that pen is nowhere to be found on any of the targets.

As of the time recording this video, there are no more pictures, but there are four short video leaks that dead by daylight, japan, posted and dvd posted on their twitter by pretty much tagging. Their discord ill use dvd japan for reference in this video just because its fairly quicker dead by daylight, japan posted four short video clips of the dead by daylight theme, song or if you dont know it then pretty much in a nutshell. This is what it is. Just avoided myself, a copyright strike lets get back to the video but dead by delay. Japan posted these clips out of sync and out of order, so it took some pretty big brain people to figure it out dvd licks, a twitter user. That is really good at doing stuff like this uh. I think he cracked it within the first hour or so i dont know the time frame in which he or they did it, but heres the tweet that they sent out moments after they, cracked the code after hacking into the fbi database and stealing all the info Causing worldwide panic, they figured out that the clips actually spoke. The word hell which, at this point springtrap has a run for its money, because hellraiser is pretty much just slowly being expelled across the board right now. Currently, right now there are no other leagues right now, but once they start to post more and everybody starts to figure it out for the people who dont have twitter and such and such i will be posting more content about this, even when the new killer releases Ill be posting new content about it, but for the moment, thank you guys for watching the video.

I really hope you guys did enjoy make sure to like subscribe and comment, and i will be seeing you guys in the next video see you guys later.