This is mcstand, and today we got some more teasers for day by day lights, next chapter or next paragraph, so lets get straight into it. So if you watched my first video today, you would see that we got three images leaked by the devs and uh. Each of these images had a a letter hidden in each of these images. In the three letters that we had was i s and a, and also in the first image we saw that ace was stuck in a cage and in the second image there was something blurry in the background and many people you know link both of these to Uh spring trap from five nights at freddys. Basically, the cage has to do with springtraps origin and the other image just looks like springtrap to some people. But later today we had some more teases from the developers and we got two more letters and we had a huge uh tease and an image that really sold the next killer for me and you guys are gon na freak out, because i am nearly 100 sure That the next killer will be pinhead, so lets get into it so starting out the first image is a redesign of the logo for the debut daylight, twitter and in the bottom right corner of the logo is the letter r. So you could only see this letter if you actually downloaded their logo and it would show up on your computer or phone whatever you downloaded on okay.

So we got the letter r and the next image is another image from father, campbells, chapel and its the dartboard. But if you look toward the right side of the screen very closely, you can see the letter e so all together. Now we have the letters i s a r and e and guess what all of those letters are in the word hellraiser. Yes, the franchise that pinhead is from now, if youre not sold on that. Yet take a look at this dart board right here. Most people miss this while watching it while looking at it. But if you look, if you zoom in toward the top left hand corner of the image, you can see none other than a pin sticking into the side of the dartboard, so voila the next killer will be pinhead. I am like 99 sure on this. Why is this pin in the uh dartboard guys look in the normal game where this dartboard sits? There is no pin. There is no nail sitting in there. As you can see right here. I got a comparison. Look at this okay. I am like 99 sure that pinhead is coming. If its not pinhead, i dont know who the hell it could be. Okay, its definitely pinhead. So i want to know you guys opinions. Do you believe its pinhead? Do you still think its springtrap? Do you think its candyman? Do you think its pennywise? Let me know in the comments below i was sold on springtrap honestly.

I was until this image came out today and this pin really put the nail in the coffin okay that that joke was kind of lame.