Let go from blizzard entertainment. We have several more high profile, blizzard entertainment, departures this week with diablo 4 game director, luis boriga, uh blizzard, lead game designer, jesse, mccree and world of warcraft designer jonathan jonathan lacraft. Let go from the company. This news was first broken by kotaku who wrote the following: uh java 4 game director uh were let go from blizzard two sources from knowledge. Uh spokesperson for activision blizzard uh confirmed the departures in an email. We can confirm that louis boriga, jesse, uh, mccree and jonathan are no longer with the company um thats crazy uh two sources confirmed uh to kotaku. That stockton was put on leave last week and appears to remain with the uh with the company. Another employee in the photos, corey stockton, remains at the company but has been recently put on leave. So what does this mean for diablo, 4. heres heres? One thing i want to say that i hope they dont change, mccrees name in overwatch, like that, in my opinion, would just be stupid, like i dont want to see them change. Mccrees name like its one thing like like mccree, is like an existing character with like a narrative around it, like the alex afrosi abi like npcs, have no theres, no like nuance around them, its just like a character with his name. So if you do that, i just think that its weird and its like youre, trying to like hide it and youre like retconning things in order to like not look like this, is what happened: uh its the same thing as everything else: 100: the name change them.

What do you guys think? Do you guys think theyre going to name change them or not? Uh too late, lmao casters are already using uh, avoiding saying his name completely. I just think its, i think its stupid, like thats the kind of stuff where its like the guys name, is like yeah. It was originally named after this guy that was an and thats, not really uh what he is like. The characters is now evolved from that. I i dont know like thats thats, the way i see it yeah, i think its just like thats the kind of stuff it feels like performative and its not really uh it doesnt really do anybody any favors at all. In my opinion, uh who cares yeah? I dont think it really matters that much to me, uh thats, the kind of stuff that i dont really care about a whole lot. But regardless yeah, i did hear about like some of the overwatch casters like trying to like not say mccrees name, which is just like its just so like trying to not say his name like it sounds like middle school. Man like its like. Oh, we cant say his name like what happens. Do you say his name three times and he comes back like what is this voldemort or beetlejuice like? What is this like? Stop, stop being weird its just crazy. He who must not be named yeah exactly so. What does this mean for diablo 4? What does it mean? I dont think it really means much of anything.

To be honest with you, i really dont uh. I think that its the same thing as i can wow like ill give you an example. Many of you guys have probably had like a raid leader leave or a important person in your guild leave and then the guild it might have felt a little bit different, but it didnt really change course and changing or losing one person, even if theyre, in a Very important role, usually doesnt necessarily change the course or change the outcome of a project or any sort of a team, and i dont think that this necessarily spells disaster for diablo iv and, of course, like what youre. Assuming is that the person that replaces him is going to be worse, like thats the assumption, but that could actually just not be true. He could be it up and they could bring somebody in who does a better job and the game would have been better than it ever would have been if he was in charge with it. So i dont really think this means a whole lot, uh guild style. Whenever the guild leader leaves, i dont know, weve had not my guild man like weve had so many guild leaders leave and like that yeah exactly yo should be oh yeah. Absolutely there are times that people turn it around youre totally right, but i dont think that its necessarily uh whats going to happen. Adele 4 was looking pretty good.

I think that it was looking. Okay, yeah, like the art, was looking good, et cetera, but, like you know what we didnt really see, we didnt really see item progression. We didnt really see gameplay and like yeah wow, the npcs look awesome and i agree with you. They certainly did, but who gives a about what the npcs look like if the games bad so im waiting to see a lot more of that and then, whenever that comes out, then ill have a much more defined opinion about where i think things are going to Go from there thats what i think and also i want to say again, the person that replaces him could be better like it. They could definitely be better than than him and i dont think that its impossible for that to be the case. Uh theres been a lot of people, obviously that uh sure its possible right, i mean, like i dont, know its definitely possible and and listen like heres. The way i look at it right, so this guy lets use a little bit of logic here. Okay, i know im getting caps here, but listen to this. This guy is the lead director because hes been at the company for a long time. Diablo 3 reaper of souls was garbage. It was absolute garbage, so im not really going to have a whole lot of uh hope and excitement about. I disagree. I absolutely think that it sucked.

I think that vanilla, diablo 3 was infinitely better because it had way more interesting progression. It had way more scope of the items you could get. Things were tradable and you were able the game had way more replayability ill say this vanilla d3 had way more replayability than reaper of souls did. Reaper of souls was dead in like a month. Man, because you couldnt trade, anything you couldnt really advance your character. You were just stuck basically playing a slot machine over and over and over that you really had no control over repeating the exact same in game content that had no content whatsoever wrong. Take you guys, like diablo 3 reaper of souls more than uh, you guys thought reaper souls is better than diablo 3. yeah. I i really dont think so man. I think that the base diablo 3 for its time was way better. I think that reaper of souls came in with so many bad systems, and so many things that were just so boring that, like theyre, just farming, greater rifts like this was the this was the end game. Better diablo, yeah im actually curious. A lot of you guys think reaper of souls was way better, dude, thats so crazy. For me, i had so much fun playing like original vanilla, d3 and the moment that they took trading out of the game, and i felt like all i had to do to advance my character was play a slot machine.

I just quit. I was like this is boring, like i dont want to do this like thats. The way i felt about it yeah. There was no progress for me at all. Uh, the paragon levels were just uncapped and people were botting constantly to just get more and more of them. Cant get carried yikes im. Sorry to tell you man, but this is back in the day whenever i had to earn it myself. I was paragon 100 in diablo uh, vanilla. Okay, like i played that game. A lot. L 100. These kids just dont, get it do they, these kids, just dont, get it man thats crazy, you farm back three, a lot: they farmed actually act, one a lot its okay, you guys are being real cute yeah. I was paragon 100. Its a big deal back then i i know, obviously you get paragon 100 now by uh logging in but uh back in my day, well back in my day, paragon 100 used to mean something back. In my day you saw somebody with paragon 100. You knew whenever they joined your group. They were going to do a lot of damage. Yeah ill. Tell you something thats the way it used to be all right, so yeah either way. I think that this is uh. Does nest does not necessarily spell disaster for diablo 4. It spells concern, though i would absolutely say that uh d3 paragon only came in in reaper souls.

Oh no, oh no. D3 paragon was added, i think in the same patch. They added monster level, uh and d3. Paragon uh, the pre patch allowed the paragon levels for your characters to be account wide. Oh man, you guys didnt spend all day watching criparian. I can tell its uh its disappointing whats up yall its me boyasmingo. You know people have been asking me when are you gon na make a diabolo video, and you know i figure how about right now there it is. This is my main character: uh wizard, paragon 100, not to brag and uh anyway ill show you guys my other characters. Uh. I have a barbarian thats, my first character i made and uh. This is my demon hunter. I made him two days after the expansion. After i learned that this character was garbage man, i made this demon on a clear inferno about the first month of the game.