We just had the announcement of the diablo 2 resurrected beta. It is going to be an early access and an open, beta and lets jump into this article, because i am excited to see what all we are going to get so played the albuquerque resurrected during the early beta access and open beta or against burning health is About to enter a new chapter on windows, xbox xbox, one playstation, 5, 4. man, just everything starting august 13th, at 10 a.m. Pdt this is 1 p.m. Us eastern and probably, like i dont, know seven six pm in europe roughly something like that. Long time, fans new players like will have a chance to participate in the upcoming early access test. Players can take part by pre purchasing, diablo 2 resurrected or the diablo prime evil collection. This one just comes with like diablo, 3 stuff or something so, if youre into that kind of thing, i guess on windows, pc or eligible consoles – oh okay, so consoles are also in this test. Following the early access weekend on august 20th, 10 a.m. The open beta weekend will be open to everyone on a supported platform, see the faq for details on how to gain access. Well, read that in a bit diablo 2 resurrected, still development game content, discussions blog, not subject or not file and subject to change. Um. Oh here they actually give you the times. Perfect. 10 a.m. 1 p.m. 6, 7 in paris, eight moscow and uh, sorry to australia.

There you go and then open beta, it looks like is going to be the same times just 8 20 to 8 23.. So weve got about 10 days in total, potentially depending if the early access goes all the way until the 20th or not did it say up there, i dont think so. No okay, the upcoming test weekends will feature two additional classes for players to experience the ferocious shape, shifting druid and the righteous hammer slinging paladin. They joined the three iconic characters who were part of our previous alpha test, sorceress barbarian and amazon. So now we have the druid. This picture seems very stretched. Doesnt it. He seems very like compressed um druids, nomadic race, lore, blah blah blah rugged and beautiful, teeming with werewolves, abominations, yadda yadda and then the paladin. Oh, i do love his armor. Paladin looks sick, got ta got ta, give him that druid looks like uh hes, just hes just hanging out man. He he looks, like you, tell him not to lawyer and hes, like hey man, im just existing its like all right, yeah, thats, fair uh, land of the west, knights of the faith, blah blah blah more lore. Read it if you like, lore, multiplayer and lance details, both test weekends will have a will have multiplayer enabled, alongside cross progression on windows, pc xbox series. Above all, the consoles up to eight players can play together in one game. Okay, so we are gon na.

Have eight player games in the beta besides complementary skills that help each other in battle? Experience monster, hit points the quantity of items drop scale upwards, theres more players join the session. Additionally, players can choose to duel each other or even claim a rivals. Ear in pvp, combat, hey yo, who wants to do some beta combat lets. Go were going to have some pvp stuff, probably set up some like fun events or tournaments, or something so tune in to the channel twitch.tv, slash, mitchellmsc and join my discord. If you want to get in on those pvp events, lastly, like the technical alpha, both act, one and act, two, the secret of visual, will be fully playable. The fully remade act, one and two cinematics – will also be viewable in the d2 resurrected early access, open, beta test, okay, so a little disappointing at the start, because i was really hoping that we could go further than like level 35 or whatever i mean we will Have eight people that we can run tombs with, i guess, but still its just gon na be so hard to get experience after those like levels, so thats a little disappointing, because i really wanted to see act. Three see act, four c act, five, but i guess if they put that in the beta, then like thats, everything you know like we already know what the game is, so they have to keep something not for the beta, but uh were going to be limited to The to the lower levels again uh, unfortunately, so we also wont get to see like griffins eye and some of those like high end items, which i think would have been really cool to see.

Grandfather – and you know all all the rune words and the this kind of what all that stuff would look like later on uh the fully made act, one two cinematics – also oh yeah, so this part, i actually think, is dope. I cannot wait to see these uh resurrected cinematics, so i am super stoked for that. Um. Please note for early access, youll have to have separately pre ordered for each platform that you wish to play on, but were pc so thats easy enough. I, like this looks cool uh. All players who pre purchased, yelp resurrected and currently owned, diablo 3 will be able to immediately immediately unlock the heritage of ariat. A dialoti 2 themed barbarian transmog set that the diablo 3 barbarian can wear ooh for the classic blur blue war paint. Look anyone who pre purchased the diablo prime evil collection can also earn their mephisto pet and equip the menacing hatreds grasp wing set in diablo 3.. For more details, click there, so there you go for all you nerds who, like diablo 3. Now you got some stuff comedian feedback throughout the technical for the community was incredible in sharing their feedback bugs and other insights from their experience throughout that test. Please share your impressions as we continue to polish the game while upholding the authenticity of the original games design. We welcome you to share your feedback on the official diablo 2 forums, the diablo 2 subreddit or any of mr llama scs places for feedback commenting on his videos in his discord when mr lama releases a uh questionnaire, filling that out.

All of those are great. I talked um with uh the devs and they were like yo, we loved it like last time. We did a whole questionnaire with all the stuff. What did you like whatd, you not like? We sent it over to them and they were like this is great. So keep doing that if youre unable to direct directly participate in these tests but want to follow the games development, please keep an eye on diablo 2 resurrected, live stream www.twitch.tv, mr llama s, sleep sc on twitch.tv or youtube.comc wow. Look at that. They just like linked. My stuff right there in their thats, so sweet of them. If you want to learn more about the albatu resurrected check out our website here, for real or for real up time, updates, follow our official twitter at mr llama sc or at diablo. Thank you. Players see you in hell, um cool. How do i take part in the early access beta starting friday, august 13th? Um anybody who has purchased uh will be able to play. Players will be able to pre load the game starting august 11th and then on console you download from within your owned game library cool. How do i take part in the open beta starting on august 18th? Players will be able to pre load the open beta via their battlenet client, um yada yada yada. The store pages for the consoles on august 20th. Players will be able to play it.

Then. This open beta is available to anyone in the public who wishes to participate on a supported platform, which is actually cool because were going to get some big load testing, which could be really nice. Hopefully, that can clean stuff up for when we have server launch or season launch whatever at the start um. How long will it last early access weekend runs until august 17th? Oh, so they are shutting it down. So its gon na go 13 to 17.. Then the open beta will run 20 to 23. This will allow us to get the right amount of gameplay feedback and client performance data reference, this time zone converter, to identify when it will be in your region once again ill link this, but it had that map up above. Do i need xbox, live gold or playstation plus participating open beta xbox live gold is required to play during early access to the open beta and to access multiplayer features at launch. Xbox live gold is not required to play during the open beta on xbox platforms. Oh interesting, playstation plus, is not required during early access or open beta, hey win for playstation, but it will be required to access multiplayer features at launch on playstation systems. Okay, so if you want the multiplayer stuff, if im unable to participate in the early access beta, will i have a chance to participate in a future test uh with the second weekend, yeah, so thats that one are test participants permitted to capture a quarter stream? Yes, all players can capture a court or stream the game throughout the early access and the open beta cool.

Why is it not available on the switch? I was actually going to ask this question. We were working closely with our platform partners to ensure a successful launch of diablo tours director on all platforms, while the open veda will not be available on the switch system. The heritage of ariat transmog for diablo 3 is intended to be available as a pre order. Incentive two players on the switch and when dealt resurrected, launches across all platforms, uh itll be on the switch as well. This is where you can stay up to date on that. Why are there only five classes – playable yeah uh itll, launch with five of seven, were focusing on gameplay testing on five of those classes, uh who will be joined by the assassin necromancer? Well, that doesnt really answer it. I guess we are focusing our gameplay testing on five of those classes is the answer um from what people said it was like. I dont know probably how the traps interacted and maybe, like all the minions or something its my guess, some sort of interaction, stuff and figuring those out, maybe its just the last two characters and theyre not quite fully polished off. Yet, who knows also theyre, probably just saving some stuff anyways for once again the release, because if they just put everything in the beta, then like whats the difference, what acts are playable um one and two yeah? Why is my character still attacked while at a loading screen, as mentioned in the technical alpha? No, this is still happening.

Uh characters will no longer spawn in a hostile place until the game is fully loaded, preventing characters from getting attacked or harmed during a loading screen. Okay, thats good, at least this fix is not in the build for the early access and open beta, but will be in the game for launch. We didnt want to delay the timing of upcoming tests for this issue. Okay wow, so this is actually huge, so our characters will still get attacked during loading screens in early access and open beta, but not at launch. But they do say right here: theres characters no longer spawn a hostile place until the game is fully loaded. But i hope that loading isnt too crazy, because that was one of the things was like going through town portals, even like sure. If youre doing like way pointing around okay – maybe a little bit but like, but you know, but i mean if you open up diablo 2 right now and you go between the different acts between the different. You know between a a portal back and forth. All of that stuff you dont, have load screens right, like you, have a load screen loading into the game and maybe a tiny load screen like with act transfer somewhere but other than that, its like instantaneous, so im really hoping that on release, even if were not Dying while were getting hit that theres still not like long load screens, because it definitely like hurts a little bit.

You know if every single time you go through a portal, it like you know like, tries to do the load because even then, like theres, still a delay right so its like im. Normally, if i go through, i can immediately click like my inventory button, to bring up my inventory and bring my cursor over to like set a new portal, and you know youre like bouncing back and forth and all that stuff. But if youre waiting on a delay, then you dont know exactly when youre going to load in, and so it actually still kind of hurts you. So i really hope that thats going to be fixed up even more. I wonder if thats just one of the limitations, though of all the new graphics and everything that theyre doing, which might be a little unfortunate um, but i uh god. I really hope that thats not a big deal well see. I guess when the game actually launches, because we wont see in early access, thats still going to be a thing. Uh will my progression from the beta carry over to the next test uh. It will carry to the open beta, yes, but then after that, no it wont carry the launch. Well, i able to load my classic save files into the early access uh, no, not for the betas, because this test is online only at launch. You will be able to load your local offline saves by copying the files in um underlying game engine is exactly the same.

You just have to manually. Do it and then yeah will the beta have controller support? Yes, it will. However, this is still under development. So any feedback will be valuable for us during this testing phase. So this is the same as um early access, and maybe we should do a little bit more controller testing this time around guys and ill try and build some questions for controller um. So we can try and get them some feedback because it seems like they probably just didnt – have a ton of people using controller last time. So looking for more there um, what is the regional availability itll be available everywhere outside of china? Pretty much interesting. Um will d2 resurrected early access, open, beta test support local languages, uh, yes, heres all the supported languages, nice full language support is still work in progress. Will tcpip support be available. It will not be available in the upcoming beta or the final game whoa. After careful deliberation, we will no longer be supporting this option as we identified potential security risk and are committed to safeguarding the player experience wow tcpip now removed from diablo 2 resurrected very interesting to be fair, very very uncommonly used um, i mean whens the last time That you actually did a tcp game if were gon. Na be honest, i mean, i think, the last time i did was like 14 years ago. Maybe when i was like chilling with my friend at his house, and we did it so pretty much just go online.

Is the the thought um but interesting to see – and you know what i im actually okay with it once again, because its like yeah, like just go on battlenet for this thats, just gon na thats, just gon na work, fine um, i know its. Some people will will be upset about it, but its its such a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction. That of people had actually like have touched it when would deal with resurrected, be released, uh september 23rd, and will it be physical, its a digital, only product? I really hope that they release some like little physical thing that i can just hold. I just want to have a little a little book or something um well see minimum requirements when blah blah blah gtx 660 recommended 1060 geez um, i5. 9600. 16 gig ram blah. There you go there, you go everybody, so yeah, thats, some thats, some interesting stuff, i got ta say the load screen is still the biggest concern of mine and not getting to see it after beta or in beta, also makes it concerning. Because then, theres still the question of what is going to happen in the final launch, so i will promise you guys right now, when i sit down and talk with the developers, that is going to be the first question that im going to ask: what is this Load time stuff, looking like what is the problems that were running into when were trying to remove it or fix it or whatever? Are we expecting it to be still a long load with just the no hostile, but still that likes long time? How much faster? Do we think that can get all of that stuff, because that is the biggest change i feel like were really seeing to gameplay is having to load between portals load between waypoints load between all of that stuff and then and you go back and forth a lot In diablo 2 and i think thats, the big issue is youre youre, constantly going back and forth so thats a lot of time added if each one of those is a load um other than that, i think im excited betas coming soon.

What three days from now yeah three days from now for early access, beta, so uh get ready, get your game faces on lets. Go in lets, have some fun pvp lets. Have some good testing lets? Try out a little bit more controller stuff, you know see uh what we can do with it mess around a little bit and yeah.