Really, let me see here, oh, i should probably well thats badass. Actually i i want to see these Music is Music there. He is Music wow yo. They did they completely redid this, oh my god wow. So what the its the face he makes Music, oh so marius at last. I find you jesus. Yes, god damn now i recognize you. I should have known you traveled in the skies there. Theyre always watching ive been searching for you for a long time. Malius. I was rather beginning to think you didnt want to be found. Oh forgive me, what did he do wrong? Whatd you? Do it wasnt my fault, not your fault. How was it not your fault, the wanderer. I love how like how dark the game was. You know what i mean like it was just it was so dark back. Then you, you forget how actually just like brutal and dark diablo used to be like even diablo 3 was like way more relaxed and, like you know, high fantasy than this like the cgi on this is amazing. Yes, it was was the wonder this is what i wanted to see in high definition so long ago, god this is gon na, be so good. I sought refuge from my memories in the company of other outcasts behind the mountains past the eastern gate there. He is. This guys just high as look at him bro pour away Laughter, blazed man out of his mind, faded yeah.

Oh, i fought sleep for days at a time for when i dreamt the memories, oh my god, Applause. This is so badass and there he is. This is really good and the evil from my dreams followed me at my heels. How had he found me here? I want to see what this guy looks like. Look at this broken shell of a man barely able to carry the weight of his own sword. Be the burning terror which drove me to hide here holy. He seemed have demons of his own. He struggled to contain jesus christ. He was losing Music wow holy god. Damn i became convinced that i was truly mad: the terror, the destruction of my evil. I witnessed how else could i explain them? Were these the demons from my dream? Were they born within the wonder Music? Well, this guys just faded out watching this happen. Oh my god, Applause! This is where all the quality went. This looks good, i mean wow, so he just summoned some demons. Hes like yo thats, my bad, i got ta go oh bro away. This is really really really good yeah. This is awesome. What drugs are? These true was her hq. Why did i follow him? I dont know why do things happen as they do in dreams? All i know is that when he beckoned, i had to follow him, but from that moment we traveled together east always into the east Music. I just like i love how just like bleak and fatalistic.

It is oh man. I really think they did such a great job about redoing this like in. In my opinion, i think this is if you were looking for a diablo 2 remaster. This is exactly like youre getting exactly what you wanted here act. Two yeah were gon na watch, act, two, absolutely uh. They disabled land. I mean im sure, like theres, dumb things with the game like for sure but like with the cinematic, and i think the art style like heres the thing right its like. You see a lot of people a lot of these blizzard people talking and like you know, complaining and everything on twitter, most of them arent artists. You know why, because theyre working all right, heres the act 2 cinematic, we traveled east over the mountains, ive, never seen this one. I dont i dont remember seeing at least as the days passed, my companion told me of himself yeah. I remember this at all. Had once been a great warrior, this is really good and that a dark and secret burden now weighed heavily on him. Are they gon na redo, all the cinematics Music just over the horizon? Finally, the journey ended. We climbed the last bridge there below us, lay our destination Music yeah, its a really nice place. Look at that. We made cap that last night it was the warm desert, wind or the sound of the ocean, but for the first time in many weeks i slept, however, the dreams returned, but these were clearly not my own.

I beheld the vision of a great man. The mage tell russia, oh hes, the garrison. I remember seeing you in my dream. His brethren had courted a great demon. Lord of destruction had been set loose upon the world and they attempted to imprison the demon within a sacred stone, Music, yeah wow. Their attempts failed tarasha selflessly volunteered to contain the demon within himself always said, leading the prison eternity god damn now. You know what i seek marius. This is my brother. Now we set out with the dawn the next morning we walked over the hill toward luke its a nice place. I had no idea, then, of the horrors that were in store for me. There uh oh about to get up. Oh my god. I want to see the next one bring out the next one. I want to see it wheres part three. I want to see part three diablo bring out part three. Where is it its not in its? Not. I got ta wait till next week, god damn it. Man dude, these are so good like just everything about this is just is amazing, im very, very happy about this uh. This is, as i said, its exactly what i would have wanted to see with a uh with a diablo trailer, especially just like, like the imagery here uh. Everything about this is really really well done. Man uh compared to the original i mean compared to the original, its like a completely new cinematic, like i felt like this is this is what people wanted to see with warcraft 3 reforged like this is exactly it, but they just missed the mark.

I mean they didnt miss the mark. They literally turned around and shot it in the opposite direction. Okay, like this is what they wanted to see, and it really actually looks like i mean the diabolo team are doing a really good job, bringing this back uh, especially in terms of like the uh, the way that the game runs so like for anybody who doesnt Know like diablo 2 uh was it re? Is it refor resurrected? Excuse me, uh diablo like resurrected the the uh, the remaster of the game, runs simultaneously with the base game right behind it. Wait its outsourced, oh well, yeah, of course, itll be great. Yeah itll be itll, be fine yeah. I mean yeah, okay, all right, good, vicarious visions, yeah, of course, yeah itll be totally fine guys i i wow, but regardless i do really really like the uh. I forgot how much i enjoyed the, as i said like just like the bleak and fatalistic nature of diablo, and it was something that i really feel like. Ive missed out on and i im like im kind of excited about diablo 2 resurrected right. I might play it for a day or two something like that: yeah cool, but like what im really excited for more than anything is dial before, like i want a new game like playing an old game is cute, but i want a new game man, uh yeah. I i want to. I want a new game: uh thats, what it comes down to.

If i carry his visions hundred times better track record of remakes and blizzard yeah, well its the same thing as uh, was it blue hole or who was it that made uh? The demon souls remaster, which, in my opinion, i think the demon souls remaster, should completely change everybodys opinion on. If re mass blue point yeah there, we go blue point, deputy change, anybodys opinion on if remasters can be good or not because the demon souls remaster in my opinion was pristine like it was amazing and everything about it was perfect. So uh remake was no. I that i thought it was insanely good. I played through it like four or five times demon souls wasnt blizzard exactly, but i dont really thats. What im saying is like im, not afraid of remakes of games im, not as long as they uh theyre done by somebody who, i think is uh – is trustworthy and able to do them, but regardless. I think these cinematics are amazing. I think theyre very well done and im really happy to see it uh.