Just a few moments ago, fortnite just announced a brand new collaboration between them and also free, a guy and tonight a free guy skin will be coming out on august 12th at 8pm, eastern and also with that announcement. They just announced that if you complete five quests from atms, you can unlock a good guy emo to in this video ill, be showing you how to complete all of those atm quest in order to unlock the free good guy emotes by the way. Luckily, so before we jump into our videos, if you guys are new and here and you do enjoy my content, consider subscribing to the channel with notifications on anyway lets go ahead and jump straight into the video. So the first thing we need to do is, of course, find atms in order to accept some quests, so the first atm is going to be at pleasant pack next to the fuel station. So its going to be right by here, all you need to do is go up to it and press x and the quest will be in your quest section on the tab. Anyway, the second atm location is going to be at the gas station or the fuel station next to holly hatchery. So this is the market on the minimap and again just go up to it to accept a quest anyway. The third atm location that i know of is going to be inside of lazy lake and again at the gas station area anyway.

Thats all free atms that i know of, and of course all you need to do is go up to one of them and the quest will stay in your quest section and then you can complete those quests in any game anyway, on the screen. Right now, here are all the quests that you can get from an atm. So of course, were gon na go for these one by one. So the first challenge is get hit by a moving vehicle. This ones actually pretty easy, theres a workaround to do this. So all you need to do is get some mats and, of course, a vehicle once youve got your mass and vehicle. What you need to do is build up into the sky and then youre going to get in your vehicle and take it up to the top of the ramp. So once you have done that youre going to quickly walk down the ramp before the vehicle starts to go backwards and then once the vehicle is coming downwards, as you can see like you get hit by the moving vehicle anyway, guys on to the second quest, we Have placed coins around the map and we have to place three coins, so the first coin location is going to be at retail row next to the bus, stop location, uh behind this lamppost, so heres the market on the mini map, and also here is the coin. As well anyway, moving on to the second coin, location is going to be at lazy lake and this ones also going to be on the corner of the street next to a lamppost next to the office building anyway, here is the market on the mini map and Also, here is the coin as well anyway.

Moving on to the third coin, location is gon na, be at misty meadows and its gon na be next to the water fountain theres only one there, so you shouldnt be that hard to find anyway. This is the location, and also here is the coin as well. Anyway. On to the third challenge, we have reboot or revive teammates or interact with camber fires. Now the quickest way to do this is, of course, interact with a campfire. So we need to do is find a campfire. You can find them all around the map, but if you want to, you can come to this one at lazy lake, because the atm will be at lazy lake. So if you do get a quest like this, if you just go ahead and hop over to this location by lazy lake, as you can see, look therell be a campfire right there, so you can complete this quest in one game anyway. Moving on to the fourth quest you can get, which is take melee damage now. The only way you can do this is, of course, by just playing a bunch of games and wait until someone tries to pickaxe you. The quickest way to do this that i can think of is to land next to an enemy player and try and pickaxe them and try and have a pickaxe war, maybe or land next to them on their house or whatever just trying to pickaxe someone, and they Might pick ax you? I believe this challenge will only work at the start of the game, because if someone can see you running around with the pickaxe mid game, theyre just gon na shoot you with a gun anyway guys.

Moving on to our fifth quest, we have talked to any npc now, if you do accept this quest at the atm inside of lazy lake, i actually recommend staying inside of lazy lake, because there is an npc at lakes, lake and one of the mansion houses and Its going to be marigold – and here is marigold in this house – she wanders around a bit, but anyway it should be easy to find it have that, like white logo thing on top of their heads like they usually do anyway, thats how you complete that uh challenge Really quickly, anyway, guys thats all the quests that you can get from the atms to complete the free guide quest. If this video helped you anyway consider dropping a like down below and also if youre new around here, consider subscribing as well anyway. Guys, thanks all the support, thanks for watching to the end of this video.