You need to get hit by a car. Okay. So to done this challenge easily guys come here for any other locations that contain a car, and you may do from sync from two either ask your friend to hit you with the car like who message hit me move move forward, yeah easy like that! Oh, my god, okay, i might also do that. Yeah destroyer im behind the car, so it can kiss me like that, since im gon na click on that etm to see what will be the quest, sometimes being a hero means being there for someone else get out there. Okay, im gon na see the quest okay. I need to take my damage someone here. Please no yeah! Thank you for the lead damage bro actually more than three, but you need only three. There is one here exactly! Oh nice! Please go away guys. I dont really want to fight anyone and there is another coin here at pleasant park. So this is the second coin at lesson park here. Why is strength so hard to kill me? Wait guys? I will show you now the circling location, but i need to get away from the abductor nice. We got the way. Yeah now were gon na drive the weekly to flavory peach okay, so we can get. The third and final point yeah place coins around the map. Three will be quite easy challenge by the way. Oh no, no dont kill me.

Dont, kill me, please: okay, the sir coin, everyones out there living life to the fullest. Thanks to you, i need to talk to you still need a newest mpc from me. Lets just need to talk to her and the challenge will be done. I dont know if youve noticed, but this place is really dangerous. People need your help. Reboot them revive them, build them a cozy campfire, something anything okay. So i need to go for a campfire, dont say here right: okay, nice, you drop financially, i got the good guy mood, lets go and the final quest will be doing the mood. Having a great attitude will make you feel bulletproof feel bulletproof legal disclaimer.