Here comes, oh, oh, my god. The way they make that adam the logo animate all bro we’re, going to the moon warrior of light. I think dude we’re going to the moon. Are we going to the moon, oh my god, that squared x logo dude? Are we going to the moon? The final days were upon us. The fabric of the star had begun to fray its lands rent by tooth and claw. What is going on ali say: whoa. Go are you what what i can look after myself, you know and i’ve had enough of this. Is that fan dale that’s fan daniel dude. The world is like being destroyed, we’re going to the moon. I knew it. I knew it. Ins, walker, enzwalker, fall 2021. All that talk about for spoke wrong. Final fantasy, 14 end walker, let’s, let’s, watch it again, so we got the moon we’re going there. We are going to the moon, and then you got the song here. This is soaking at it again and then that’s interesting right, because we’ve also seen like the aseans on the moon and normally they’re they’re, the hooded ones right so isn’t. It kind of curious that we’re seeing warrior of light here, hooded, almost in a similar way to the aseans, and we see the aseans kind of hanging out on the moon. So now we got the warrior of light just kind of vibing on the moon. Nothing like i don’t know why i don’t know why to me this is just cool.

This is just cool because normally you expect to see the square enix logo just kind of like flash the thing so to see them actually sneak that in in that way, it’s just kind of unusual for square enix trailers, because square enix trailers almost always start with The ding square, enix uh, so that’s cool the final days were upon us. The fabric of the star had begun to fray its lands rent by tooth and claw. Then we so let’s go back right here. Um. We knew that basically, the whole world is ending and you know basically that’s why you see uh the whole world on fire here. The apocalypse is happening and looks like the map is zooming in on lim supplementa, and then this animation happens and then we see ali say uh if i’m not mistaken. This is like we have not seen like uh cg ali, say and alphano too often um. If ever that, i can recall it’s it’s, not not a common thing to see their their cg models so kind of hard to make out this monster here, and she does like this sick backflip. Here she gets an injury on her side. There too, which looks pretty bad paladin comes in, and then you get to see alfino here in his new job. The twins look so cute. They look cute. I can look after myself, you know and i’ve had enough of this ali say being ali say fan daniel, and this is the point where they just got: to throw the whole trailer out because fan daniel’s in it right past the far edge.

And then you just got um xenos yay, thunder uh, just uh chillin uh, observing the destruction being nonchalant about the whole thing. Absolute chad look how beautiful xenos is xeno xenos is actually very beautiful. Look at his face structure. I wish i was as hot as xenos. So xenos looking into the moon xenos is looking at the moon. Xenos wants to go to the moon. Xenos wants to fly us to the moon and let us play among the stars, and then we got paladin warrior of light, which honestly looks, looks so sick, uh standing on the moon. I think he says the whole world behind um and then there’s. This thing that’s like pointing at the moon and it almost kind of looks like the gundam thing on the stage so uh yeah yeah, is there. I don’t, really don’t know it. It could be a a spaceship, a sword. It dude. It could be like a number of things. Honestly, it could be a number of things, maybe maybe it’s the ship that they used to get to the moon in the first place, maybe that’s how they end up getting there it’s just it’s it’s interesting it’s, interesting fall. 2021, i can’t wait.