So if youre not familiar with the conduct command line, its this little tool called gh and weve added a whole bunch of commands to it so that you can interact with actions directly from your terminal as opposed to switching over to the browser. So weve divided. Our support up into two new commands, gh, workflow and gh, run well kick off a workflow run and then well watch it go well. Do some debugging accomplish all a bunch without ever leaving my terminal so to start well, see that i have a few workflow files. Um defined um were going to go ahead and work with this one um, so i have a repository that regenerates itself every day with a randomized column uh. So i have an action that pulls that repo down and then extracts the poem and then uploads it as a run. Artifact run it well download the artifact and youll see a bunch of commands in the process. Usually, workflows get kicked off uh because of like a pull request trigger or a push trigger, uh well be doing it manually, and this is also really useful when youre developing workflows to just run them manually. So this will animate and ive actually set it up to fail, so well get a taste of what the kind of debug cycle looks like with this integration. So sure enough. This step here has failed to get more information on what happened, fix it ill use gh to run view, so we can see that something in our script in our workflow exited with code, one so to find out what that is.

Im going to rerun gh run view, but im going to use this log failed argument, so thats going to show me the logs just for the the part that failed, so i dont have to go looking through the whole logs. I dont have to go to the browser. I can just see okay, which step failed and what happened uh so right here in the bash code that i ran, we can see like theres, just an exit one. So clearly i sabotaged myself. So i will go ahead and take that out and well quickly commit that and theres all of our great checks. So now i want to get that artifact that we uploaded. I want to see whatever random poem got generated today, so gh run. Download uh will go to that run that just happened. Uh itll show me all the artifacts that were uploaded and i can select which one i want to download so yeah we solved a problem. Did some work on our workflows? Did some automation never left the terminal? Can we get more detailed, login right from the terminal? The run view command accepts a few arguments that help you with that um. So you can pass dash log to get the full log output from an entire workflow run, or you can only look at the logs for the steps that failed. So, if youre trying to to find really track something down whether from a failing step or just from the rest of the job, those are really helpful.

How can we learn more about the new commands nate, so we have a lot more information in our manual and theres, also a blog post that i wrote that has a lot more step by step instructions on how to use this and make use of it. So you can check that out at ghactions, thanks again for joining us today.