More and more enterprises are now deploying their online services using huawei virtual private cloud. Vpc huawei vpc is an infrastructure networking service. It leverages secure, tunneling technology to provide secure and isolated networking environments. You can define your own vpc, including creating subnets configuring route tables and specifying ip address ranges. You can leverage multiple layers of security, including security groups and network acls, to help control access to resources. In your vpc, a security group protects eces, while a network acl protects subnets. For example, you can create a public subnet that has access to the internet for your web servers and place your back end systems such as databases or application servers in a private subnet with no internet access. Huawei cloud also provides the eip elb nat gateway, vpn and direct connect services powered on vpcs to help you simplify network deployments and facilitate your cloud migration. When only a few ecss need to access the internet, you can bind eips to the ecss. You can also dynamically unbind the eips from the ecss and bind the eips to nat gateways and load balancers to enable internet access. Eip management is easy. Different eips can use the same shared bandwidth, reducing your bandwidth costs when a large number of ecss need to access. The internet, the nat gateway service on huawei cloud, is the perfect choice with nat gateway. You do not need to assign an eip to each ecs, helping reduce costs by avoiding management sprawl.

A nat gateway offers both sourcenat and destination at functions. Sourcenat allows multiple ecss in the same vpc to share one or more eips to access the internet, reduces management costs and prevents the eips of ecss from being exposed to the internet and supports a maximum of one million concurrent connections and thirty thousand new connections destination net. Can implement port level data forwarding it maps eip ports to ecs ports to enable the ecs is in a vpc to share the same eip and bandwidth to provide internet accessible services in high concurrency scenarios such as e commerce? You can use load balancers provided by the elb service to evenly distribute access traffic across multiple ecss, allowing a large number of users to concurrently access your business system or application. Elb is deployed in cluster mode and provides fault tolerance for your applications by automatically balancing traffic. You can also take advantage of deep integration with aes which helps ensure service stability as traffic grows and avoids overpaying for resources when requirements shrink, customers with self hosted, idc equipment rooms usually do not move all their businesses over to the cloud because they want to reuse Their legacy, devices vpn and direct connect offer a great way to interconnect vpcs and on premises. Idcs, a vpn connection routes traffic through the internet, allowing you to enjoy the pricing of a public network with the advantages of a private network. A direct connect connection is a dedicated private network connection, cable to offer more consistent network experience and higher efficiencies in data transmission than internet based connections.