If youre excited for season five hit that thumbs up button and show some love on this video, the season start was delayed by a date. So the battle pass will be going live tomorrow. You can spend a second now getting ready by popping code ali a into the store it takes. Just a second supports this call of duty channel massively, and i do loads of shout outs just like this. The code goes after two weeks to double check before you pick up the battle pass. Thank you so much the key operator for the brand new season. Five is kitsune. She looks awesome but ironically shes a hacker, yep look. I know. Warzone is filled with hackers right now and theres rumors going around that a brand new anti cheat system will be going, live soon ill talk about that more later on in the video, but that could actually save war zone. The thing im always excited for is, of course, the new weapons were going to be getting two of them initially, the first one being the em2 assault, rifle youre gon na need to control the recoil and be slow fire rate, but three shots to kill up to 50 meters mean this thing: its gon na pack, a punch. The second weapon is a tech9 smg, its normally a burst, smg being a three shot, kill up to 10 meters, youre gon na have to be pretty close, but its got a few unique attachments, one of them being able to turn it into a fully auto smg And that could be where it really shines ill, be checking out both of these weapons as soon as they go live tomorrow, so just hit that subscribe button come and join.

My call of duty, channel and youll see everything new. First, there will actually be a third weapon. This season, the marshall but itll, be in season, so itll be coming in a few weeks. Time and rumors has it itll, have the ability to be dual wield and will even have dragon breath rounds could be overpowered? Well have to wait and see the battle pass will also include some incredible blueprints. My favorite by far is the golden dragon and sapphire blue blueprint that weve seen on not only the far but also one of the snipers that kitsune is holding in the key art for the season as well. When it comes to maps were getting five initially echelon, showroom and return of slums, remade yet again, dont get me wrong. I am excited to play it again, its a great map and then coming in season driving and zoo remakes of the original black ops, 1 multiplayer dlc maps. If you remember, i have not played those in a while thats gon na be exciting. Zombies will see a new perk field upgrade and even a grapple gun, along with a tank all available to use tomorrow. So thats, awesome and warzone will see mobile broadcast stations scattered across the map and you mowed a new gulag based off of the paintball rush map and two new perks for a first time. The first one combat scout when you hit an enemy, would instantly ping them and highlight them.

For a few seconds sounds pretty op and tempered, which will take up the perk. 2, slot basically means you only need to use two plates rather than three to get that 150 additional shield on top of your health, which is a great way of saving the amount of plates youre having to use all the time ill, be excited to try both Of them out and see if they become better ive, only just noticed this, but theres an in season event simply called the numbers im all for events, especially live events in game. So whenever that happens, ill definitely be live streaming. It here on my cod channel so make sure you subscribe for that now i mentioned rumors of an anti cheat. Some rumors are going around. It would go live as soon as tomorrow with the new season, but it appears that the new and cheat system theyve been working on for a long time and is genuinely needed if warzone is wanting to continue, should be going live alongside the release of the next Call of duty game later on in this year, fingers crossed it happens. Fingers crossed eradicates the hackers, give it a thumbs up. If you want antici in warzone and now live in game early is a brand new score streak. This is the flame thrower shoots: a steady gout of flame scorching enemies and its ready to go early in season. Five ive also gone ahead and bought a reactive, bullfrog and a reactive shotgun in the gun, well, safe to say, guns is getting crazier and crazier lets check out this new school streak.

Returning to rush today, i have not played this map, since its release was in black ops. 2. This map brings back a lot of memories. I quite like the remade maps were going to review. Weve got the flamethrower on ready to rock to try and give it a go. Is it actually a really good kill streak? Is it worth rocking? It doesnt take much score to unlock, but that doesnt necessarily mean its good or bad someones here, Music. No! No! No! No nothing my gallows, shotgun cant handle look at it go. This shotgun is so cool its not looking great yet, but it will look even better in a bit. Trust me: okay, where do you think youre going buddy trying to rat around in our oh whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa youre, not getting away with that mate, no way youre about to kill me there. Whenever people see a lot of remade maps, it used to be like yeah, this maps coming back, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Now a lot of people like are cheap, lazy, easy look its if its a good map its a good map. I dont mind playing it again. I guess the fact is that if its part of a paid dlc pack, then it does feel a little bit more scammy youre done mate. Youre done ive got the flamethrower lets get that countering. Oh my dude. I need to remember to lay out this map, because theres so many more like stairs and additional walkways that ive completely forgotten about to be honest with you, doesnt stop me from absolutely slaying and it looks like the gun is getting even more purple and even more Colorful, oh this shotguns dope, though this shotgun is so incredibly cool.

Look at that! That is sick. All right. I want to pull out the flamethrower, but i want to do it properly. You know what i mean: okay, someones up there, Music hes gone head shot spawns in this map. Dodge is anything by the way. Whoa dude one. Quite a nice kill streak here. Few hit markers im going to try and get up in this spot here. I think this guy, i think my yeah here we go here. We go, we get ready, he had the flame and heat of a thousand suns in his face and youre telling me that he survived that brushed it off shot his gun and gone with his day. As if hed just gone to a tanning salon, dude are you kidding me? There must be some perks that makes it to the um that means yeah get out of here, Music. I think it makes you like a little bit invulnerable to the effects of the flame. All right look: we got time to get another one thats for sure. Just got ta wait for the damn score street to sort of reset itself, because we are doing pretty well here, but dont wan na toot. My own horn too much, but i feel like, were having a decent game: nice, nice, nice, thats, nice. I dont know what those like weird smoke. Things are, but whenever i see that yellow gas, i freak out youre not getting me anywhere near that it like stops.

You from healing it basically kills you as soon as it touches you. I say im literally looking at a guy, oh my god, this guns so sick. This gun is so so much fun. Oh, that was the last bullet. Yo loki. You know kind of popping off here. Look at look at my gun. Look at my gun. What the this is insane all right. If i can get this tag, i think im good to go. Ive got another flamethrower i want to get up here. If i can yeah im ready to go im using it again dude, i want to use the flame door for this theres, like 10 people on the map with flamethrowers right now, the flame thrower is weaker, close range than every smg. I have come up against. Look. We went into this trying to work out if the flamethrower would be stronger, weaker or whatever it would be versus normal guns and ive just found out that i love the bullfrog and the gallow to be honest with you thats the most fun ive had thats. The final tag right there, 31 and 11. both times i used the flamethrower. It ended up with me dying. Oh maybe the new flamethrower isnt, the one unfortunately, but i love returning to these old maps thats the first time i got to play that tomorrow. We return to another og map with season five new weapons tons of stuff to check out dont forget to pop in code alia right now to get ready for that battle.