Pass resets ive never actually seen it reset. So i kind of want to see whats up 15 seconds guys make sure to drop a like on this one for the season. Five battle pass subscribe to the channel. If you guys know around here with those notes, turned on – and let me know down in the comments below, are you excited for season five? I hope so man, it looks pretty cool five seconds left. Ive never seen if actually resets is gon na. Send me to a different screen is anything gon na pop up there? It is oh, my god dude the battle pass inactive. Should i get it nah not yet lets just check it out first. So this looks like a whole new operator, caillou b, qb im not really sure how thats pronounced this might actually be the new operator that might be the outfit that you get for this one right here this. This is definitely a new operator. This is an instant reward too thats, pretty cool the second you get it. You automatically unlock all of these, then you get some double xp thats, pretty cool an emblem another. I guess yeah theyre, pretty cool, all right, cool, double weapon, xp, a weapon charm that doesnt look too bad ill, be honest with you guys, though, i dont really dont really mess with the weapon charms now. This is what i want to see this stuff right here. Lets open that up, yeah they dont load in there.

It is oh, oh, that is nice all right, thats, not free! Is it no its? Not okay! You get 100 cod points for free. What i might do is just play it out, collect all the cod points and then just get the battle pass for free im, not sure yet double weapon, xp a web uh weapon. I mean, i should say a bike skin. I guess another emblem: is it an emblem? Yeah im, pretty sure it is another outfit. This is, i mean its its all right, its a sticker, its all right, whatever, okay, no the cod points, arent free. I thought i could easily ride it out and get through with that. So this right here is an actual weapon, the em 2. What is this? The em 2 is an assault rifle all right, just load in please it looks bro. It looks like a world war ii weapon like from god, world war. Two doesnt look. Do i have tear skips. Could i get to this tier one unlocked okay, i dont think i have them thats about it: okay, wow. What a waste i thought i had way. More tear skips than that all right cool this here, thats all right, its 100 cod points. This looks pretty nice all right, yeah thats, actually not that bad. I kind of like it its different, its unique its different. All right lets move on this right here. Is this a whole new? I think this might.

Let me just go. Look at the operators quickly. His face was messed up. There is it in the warsaw. Is it in this one here? I think it might be this dude right here this dude right here. If you guys could see let it load in a sec, he looks pretty cool. I think thats, what this is. Oh yeah. Now i get the welcome to the battle pass screen: okay, okay, cool! Well, look at that later, oh, we kept moving all right thats. Why? I think lets do this: okay, so a free weapon at tier 21. This is another free weapon again its an assault rifle. Is it a weapon or is it a weapon skin, oh okay? Its just a skin thats all it is, i thought it was a whole new weapon again, all right, double xp, another free weapon, skin its pretty basic. It looks like the theme that theyre going for now is like blue, yellow and black. This is cool. What is this, this is a legendary blueprint for the submachine gun. Echo is that the uh is that the bullfrog echo, i think, is the bullfrog right. Yeah thats, the bullfrog ooh ooh. Okay, all right moving on lets look at more stuff. This is a brand new weapon. Oh the tech, nine bro. Look at that! What here is this tier 31? I might. I might have to get the battle pass up to tier 31. Just so i could use this right away.

That is crazy. Nice look at that. Okay, more cod points a watch, another weapon skin again, i i dont get why these take forever to load in dude, thats, pretty cool, all right, double weapon, xp some hands. Another weapons, cam, not gon na open it up. Im just going to look at the big pictures there, because it takes way too long, thats pretty cool. This is for black ops and war zone, its a vehicle skin for the tanks. Another operator 100 cod points might want to open this one up a sec just because it looks kind of weird and i dont think im getting much out of the full picture. Yeah im not i dont like that. I actually dont like that as weird as it might seem double weapon xp. Is this the ppsh yeah? This has to be a skin for the ppsh right, oh okay, that one i can mess with that one double weapon, xp more cod points more, this more! That again, more stuff, so this is for assault rifle india is. Is that the new one bro thats, the thats, the new ar right? Oh all, right all right, they might have some in the store ill check the store, really quick, im, not sure if they have or not, but i ill ill check it out, they might red torpedo. This is for assault rifle charlie, its its pretty cool thats, the craig six, if im not mistaken, this is for some machine gun, j j, which one is that thats, the new one thats the first skin they have for the new one, its cool, but i feel Like they could do a lot better, it is cool though, but i do feel like they could do a lot better again, its cool, but its not the best.

But again, like i really dont care about the weapon skins too much, which is why i guess i guess im not gon na get this just yet and just hold off. I mean the weapons are free, the skins are cool, but i notice most of the time for the battle pass. I just i dont use the weapon skins. I dont really care for them. You know like theyre, not the nicest there is like this is pretty nice. This i can mess with, but theres some of them that are theyre, not nice, dude, some of them just dont. Look that good. This is the pistol charlie ooh, see that it looks dark on screen, looks horrible, but im sure in game with the sunlight and stuff, hitting it its going to look really damn nice, so thats pretty cool. Now, what im really interested in well just keep looking at these quickly, but what im really interested in is the tier 90, 96, 98, 99 and 100, obviously thats thats. What i want to see im, i hope they put the submachine gun as the last one. Oh okay, this is cool thats, pretty cool for a knife. I hope the weapon inspect is nice on that, because i i love weapon inspects on the knives hey there we go now were talking. We got a reactive camo. Now were talking. Oh okay, okay, thats. The second one you get heres a third one and then boom you get that, like that thats crazy, if you get nine, kills that last one is what you get see thats.

What i like to see like i said that was what tier i guess: 96 close to 90 95. heres, 96, 97, 98, 99 and heres, the last ones so thats skin this weapon, skin kitsune, i guess oh its animated its like fully animated. This reminds me of like black ops. Three i dont know i dont know if it was black ops, three or four one of them had like animated skins and its crazy. Here it is a submachine gun, unfortunately, its just a legendary, so its not gon na be like animated or anything, but i kind of looks like the first one you get for it. Its all right, like dont, get me wrong its all right, but i dont feel like its a tier 100. I feel like the tier 100 should have been that reactive or they should make a reactive, the tier 100, so kind of want to check out the store fast, oh, sweet and salty reach season level 50, and you get that for free, so thats, pretty cool. Okay, um the prestige shop, i dont think theres anything new. I think its still yeah, just the dream, catcher that was gon na, be something new okay. So this right here is the battle pass, which i didnt think it was is. This is this season five, because this is a reactive camera right here i could have sworn. I didnt see this in the store when i checked earlier all right, so heres zero kills heres three six and nine yo is that little tvs.

It looks like the numbers mason, and that was pretty cool. Okay, i dont know i dont know if that was what i thought it was all right, thats it i guess thats pretty cool. It could be a little better like. I said that thats, probably why im not going to go ahead and get the battle pass right away. I kind of just want to play it out, see what happens, but some of the weapon skins i at least in this one compared to the last one – are definitely a lot better, but man, im, half asleep guys, im gon na have to go to bed. So im gon na go edit. This fast get it up for you drop a like if you guys enjoyed it subscribe to the channel. If you guys know around here with those notes turned on, and hopefully this season gets a lot better. Let me know if you guys like it. Let me know if you guys, like season five so far, im kind of on the edge with it. I like it, but its just im not im, not too sure ooh wait. We got new maps, we got a new map. You may see a second video from me if not its going to be in the morning, but yeah all right lets get out of here.