Five battle pass is not available. Obviously, were gon na go ahead cop. The bundle check out everything all the brand new rewards. First, if you need a battle pass, i wan na add some people going into season. Five make sure you get a front request from bojangles. Add me back drop a like subscribe leave. Your call of duty name in the comments down below definitely gon na, send out some friend requests today, because im gon na be grinding like im, literally not getting off the game until we get master prestige, its gon na be insane anyways. The brand new season. Five battle pass: if you guys havent seen already, the first bundle offer. Basically you get. This battle pass, wait a minute i have dirt bro. I have 32 tier skips from that free bundle of free tier skips on playstation like two weeks ago, which is insane so lets. Go ahead. Claim 30 tears. Look at this literally. This is insane tier 32 already yo. Let me know in the comments man. Did you guys get the free tears from the hold on wait? Okay, yeah tier 32 from the playstation you know offer. I dont really know pro. We already have the tech nine. Do we also get the ar i dont know were gon na check it out in a second but yo 30 free tiers, already thats insane uh? We have three thousand cod points. Lets go ahead. Buy the battle pass bundle that way we can actually get these rewards because right now were tier 30 with no rewards man yo the new animation bro.

This is insane okay, gon na get automatic, wait a minute. Does it say tier 50? No way im already tier 52, what is going on? Okay, this is insane. So we got the battle pass bundle and 33 tears bro. Those i knew those tears are gon na come in clutch anyways. We were saying a few minutes ago when all that stuff started happening this skin, the kaiyubi – i guess uh, the kitsu yeah, the kaiobi skin or the kitsune operator this one in specific. You can only unlock this by getting the battle pass in the first two weeks of the season. So in two weeks this exact skin is not gon na be available. It might be only a part of the battle pass bundle. I dont know man. I could be wrong. Anyways lets get into it. The brand new rewards were gon na scroll through here, try to find like all the new weapons. You know what im saying, uh all the calling cards, the weapon charms. First, we got the brand new flowing fish, which is pretty cool uh, the brand new great emperor, oh dude, look at the dragon. Is it free, okay, so its not a free reward but yo an insane dragon on the backside? I dont know about you guys. I mean its not reactive, its, not a mastercraft but bro hey. This is one of the best ffars in the game like lets. Just lets just be honest: uh brand, new motorcycle skin, the smoke flair, just pretty cool, i mean its pretty simple, theres, definitely cooler ones in the game: uh brand, new wood, skin, the payback i mean its kind of simple.

I feel like its like a reskin of a different wood skin thats already in the game brand new reticle, the directional. Here it is the it bro we already have both of the brand new guides. This is insane brand new eo2 brand new assault, rifle obviously were gon na check it out very soon. I feel like theres, probably already a bundle well check out the bundles later anyways, the brand new rifle pretty cool, well check it out later. The chefs kiss already saw this gesture, pretty cool brand new gesture, ah the tea time magnum pistol. Bravo, i mean thats uh, i guess thats. The best cherry blossom camo were gon na get a brand new finisher wow. That is brutal. This is a free blueprint. I think this is an xm4. Oh not gon na lie to you guys i really like last season and the season before season. Three and four, they had really really good free blueprints heres another free blueprint, oh dude, its not looking good brand new toad nuggets bullfrog. I dont know how to feel about that. To be honest with you uh a reticle, all the green dots yo, this reticle might actually be a little overpowered and its free, which is really cool. I have to try that out. I actually just noticed the lines it was like literally just the green dot. I think itd be better, but obviously well check it out later on. You know what im saying: uh, the free tech, nine submachine gun were not gon na get into you know any gameplay, but a brand new watch, the progressor, the prompt input rpd its, not free, oh brandon.

This gesture is free, okay, its nothing too crazy its just. You know cracking your knuckles. What is this the flash tattoo? I think this is a qbz, its pretty cool again, not a free blueprint. You do have to own. The battle pass to actually unlock that uh brand new stone skin, not really a fan of all these different stone skins, just because he always looks the same like its always a mask. I mean theres one stone skin where its got like the you know the the the the whats it called. I forgot the bundle name, but you guys know what im talking about the leaf stuff uh. The silent reel think this is a milano which is pretty cool. Another free reward uh its an emblem: the no mercy. Oh, what is this yo? The typewriter? Oh no man. I think that one looks pretty cool another radical. The slice were literally only at tier 50 bro. We need to speed this up. Oh a brand new baker. Skin the scuba diver thats awesome uh the dead touch, assault rifle india. I actually think yeah. This is the new gun, but like what is the blueprint supposed to be the theres literally nothing? Oh, a brand new free blueprint, the red torpedo bro the image like look. Theres, like little people swimming imagine if they were doing that in the game. The picture right there makes it look insane, but it doesnt actually do that anyways its pretty cool another free blueprint, uh the traffic punch.

I think this is yeah a brand new tech, nine, which is amazing, another free, reticle uh. Oh, we got a striker blueprint in the battle pass. This looks like a gun from destiny. Man like this looks like a gun thats literally straight out of destiny. Thats, pretty cool, also a weapon charm, the turntable. I think this is a groza, the low rider i dont know man its called low rider. You would think it would have like some car stuff on it, but its just silver and green uh brand new bear 50 count the noble knight. I think this is obviously to go along with the ffar that you get in like the first 10 tiers of the battle pass, so its pretty cool a brand new skin, the scout skin for vargas, which is awesome, another free blueprint, the maple leaf. Where are we at right here? Oh, a free weapon, charm, the power cell weapon charm thats, pretty cool. What is this? Oh, that things awesome im, not a fan of that gun so ill, probably never use it. Is this a ballistic knife? No! No! This is literally just a knife, the pincers spike and then guys, oh bro. I thought this was going to be a store bundle, wow, the brand new reactive camo for the brand new, oh dude, thats, insane its actually tier 95 in the battle pass, which is pretty crazy and then a tier 100, its not even a reactive camo.

But you get the microchip tech 9, also the samurai skin, which is ultra. Oh, my god. That thing looks insane anyways its tier 100 thats, the entire season. Five battle pass. Wouldnt, you guys think in the comments down below. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and again, if you need a battle, pass, make sure to drop a like subscribe and leave a comment down below catch.