shout out to wagner 44 man for basically challenging me. I it wasnt really a challenge, but he basically suggested that i do this basically im gon na put it up on the screen. He basically told me to do a franchise with my favorite team and just make a video out of it. Quick disclaimer bro. I havent played a madden game since madden with 09, the one with brett favre on the cover no cap. It literally been that long what that is like 12 years ago, since i last played the madden so yeah thats that thats quick disclaimer. So i might suck this might be a bad video but im gon na try, im gon na give it a chance and im doing this, for you wildly im doing this, for you im doing this for you and for anybody else that might end up enjoying this, But im doing this, for you bro, you suggested it im doing it um real, quick um. I have made a half bat aka, a running back jericho, jj jones thats, his name ill just be coming up with these names off the dome. I dont know a jericho jones in real life, but nothing like that. Just just slap off the dome, um uh real quick. I want to show yall his his um ratings. He 85 overall. I i didnt want to go op. I didnt want to like max him out or nothing like that, but i also didnt want him to be super trash.

You know what im saying since i havent played a madness so long. You know what im saying i aint want to create them and be super trash. Then did the video be worse than what it already is, but basically i kind of i kind of gave him a who would i say i kind of got him like a eddie lacy type of bill. He basically power. I wanted him to be strong. You know what im saying kind of like deuce little flowers like no, but it kind of like that type of thing. I wanted to be more so powerful, but i did give him some speed because they didnt know that he is a running back um. I also got it to where he got some x factor shout out to my homeboy. I had to call him and figure out how to do all this. I not do none of this. I had to call him and figure out how to do all this, so he basically set me up. He basically got my. He basically showed me how to create my character. Show me how to do the x factor stuff, get all that in the game and all that um one more thing. Im, pretty sure yall probably want to know the settings that im playing on stuff like that um, like i said my first time playing the madness, is like madden 09. When i say my first time i mean my first time.

I havent touched a man that says madden 09, so im playing on all pro i aint gon na lie. I wanted to go rookie but i was gon na be like brian no, but then i was like bro. I could go pro, but i aint got yall laughing at me. Im going all pro im not going out man im. Sorry unless i just somehow magically be fired. This im not going all mad, but everything thats pretty much the same simulation um. I did turn off the oh, the full on field control. I only want to be able to control jericho and i put it on 10 minute quarters with the 20 um minimum clock play time type stuff, and i didnt really do that to the sliders. I i left the sliders along pretty much. Everything else is the exact same um i kind of gave him a little bit of drip, gave him a little swag. I hate we could put no tattoos on him or none, but thats dead. So without further ado were gon na get right into our first video, like i said man disclaimer. If this turns out to be bad, if this turns out to have no highlights or nothing, i dont even know it. I might not even show the video, but if i somehow just do a little bit of something like i said we might not win the game, but if i show up, i just do a little bit of something ima show it but, like i said man im Doing this, for you ugly im doing this for people that might want to see this um, i know mad 22 is getting ready to come out, thats, pretty much build a height for that, but this man 21 and without further ado enough of me, god, damn talking, Lets get right into this dolphins versus new england patriots, new england pitchers is my favorite team by the way game lets get right into it.

Applause today, from gillette stadium in foxborough its week, one of the nfl on ea sports Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, va sports coverage of the national football league brings us to gillette stadium in foxborough mass all the success in new england over the last few Decades and this crowd has never been more enthusiastic a moment ago, the pants emerged from their locker room. They are set as theyll square off with the miami dolphins. All right man lets get it first play. We got to run play a stretch out to the right side. Like i said, i did do a little practice, so i know a little something, but not too much like i said: dont expect the most amazing place ever just lost yardage first play back with a loss of three on the play, see we can get it give Us a quick little pass play lets, go lets, go quick, little pass play and theyll bring it down at the top. I dont know how many hey, how many yards i got on that, though, probably nothing like i said, lets see what we can do with this um Applause patriots. First down, we would first down four and one four and ten first and ten look at me. I did play football in real life, though may not look like shotgun. He was a jew. A few yards, just three excellent move nice run, see how we do with this right run.

A pretty decent game run up from the 44. newton newton, taking itself cam, with the run first down, 13 yard rest by cam newton lets go when i did practice. I noticed if the box green you pretty much green, but that dont guarantee anything lets see. We can cut it up. The middle lets go come on man. I need to see. I need to see jericho really knocking heads off though come on. We need to knock a ahead. All that what i want to see boom come on. Applause lets. Go nothing really crazy, im pretty much im getting up the field though, but we aint getting that too crazy. All right man were gon na try to see if we can get to sit outside. If my, if my line man got ta, be careful block that left foot, i might be able to do something with this gon na give this time to the tailbone come on nothing, he aint getting nothing. We got us a first and goal. Man were gon na see if we can um run it straight up the store and straight up the gun lets see. If i can flip this play real quick man that didnt do nothing for me, were gon na just try to strengthen in that bad boy, though, from the shotgun now heres, an inside girl lets, go jericho first career wrestling, touchdown baby. I aint think i Applause try to run this little screen.

This little bubble play now. Dude, oh count its alright, oh Music me playing a little bit of wire receiver. Also, let me see that creep up start to pressure receivers there we go little quick catch, nothing to it, but the dudes jericho jones, looking like something like one of them out here. Okay, this is a play im, definitely familiar with from, like the o2k, the hairback power see what we can do with this bro. If i get a good block, i might be able to do something with it. Things change how we going are we going mix the farm mix? The farm lets go lets, go uh all right, thats, the end of the first quarter, bro all right man, beginning out of the seventh second quarter, still seven, no self confidence im having a little fun. Aint gon na Applause, hey baby, look i wasnt able to take it down head off, maybe ill sit away from the still farm lets. Go my boy taking a big shot. Excellent job getting down and avoiding the big hit lets go cam good, throw baby touchdown lets. Go that boy got that touchdown whos, that thats key all right guys. We got a 14 0 lead. 7 14 on the clock. Lets run towards this right, see what we can do with this ball. Nothing, they said straight shut me down straight shut me down. Lets go, lets, go big blocks, big blocks. Did he get the first evidence? Yeah lets go? They got us a first right there.

All right man were gon na see what we can do with this bro. I got an outside route, see if i can get out there. Oh five ball on the plane: oh no big fumble by cam and its brought back man. They finally got a touchdown off a fumble play with half time. Man, 14 up in half jonathan coachman, ready with our ea sports halftime report coach, so 14 up man, half time all right, guys, 30 niches man see if i can take this bad boy straight up the good on the better give this time to the tailbone come On bro, i got stuck on the blocks. I got stuck on the ball im going through a bunch of unfortunate events, but i was able to get the first down all right. Guys we going right there, we go, we go, we go, we go man, man. I respect that 21 yards after the contact lets. Go man. Take it up the court on the field. I keep saying, can yall tell i play too much. 2K. All right here we go cam what you going to do with the ball. What were going to do with this ball lets go. I was able to get that catch lets, go complete up the field with it. My boy up the field with it were gon na see if i can run the bad boy straight up the good on them. In the miami territory at the 47.

, oh we gone first down lets go! Oh, we gone with it. Im in the zone were in. Oh, i got my x factor yall, i think thats. What that mean? Does that mean im hot right back to him on? First lets go: lets, go use the truck i aint get too many yards, but i took him down through there all right. We got us another, throwing plate, see what we can do with this. Oh, he didnt move me a shotgun snap for newton steps away and now hes going to use his legs. Oh count, he decided to be, he decided he decided to be selfish with it. I was open to fools all right guys here we go. We got us another throwing play trying to get up by this third and cold Applause. This is picked up by the dolphins. Lets go big tackles, though, damn cam, you fumbling too much second fumble by cam new man thats on me, though i should have had that block. But ah, like i said man dont judge me too much. Bro ill play ill play madden, but damn all right guys. They werent able to do nothing with that. Fumble, so were gon na see what we can do man. Hopefully i can get it right up the good on the ass. Oh, we gone give it here. Oh boy, im telling you i be. I beat man ill, be so ready to talk me, somebody bro, but i was able to get the first down man straight up the good on them all right guys.

We got us another screen play officially see we can get us a little a little catch. A little ketchup boom there we go big truck, stop playing with that man. The first broken tackle couldnt bust him, but i couldnt do too much with it right now. This time its third and three lets go. Oh boy lets go though i moved them chains. I tried to choke one and spin off the second one, but he couldnt get the spin off all right guys. We got us another one. We got a guy down, we got ta to throw on third down lets. Go lets go man. I can respect that. I got that bad boy move that turn my tenth reception of the game. We got to try to get this bad boy, man, we got ta, try to win this game. My first game i duh. Ah, that was bad run on me all right man, they starting it off with a we started off with a throw and play kind of try to open up for the um. The running a little bit see what we can do on first down its newton lets. Go boys lets go lets, go boys straight crack back. Yall, see me crank back in a little bit so ass on the ground. Little folks, two minute warning, though, all right guys. Last two minutes: we got last minute of the game, see if we can go ahead and get this they got ta, say hes, taken down what a huge play at this point in the game, all right, guys so thats the end of the fourth quarter, man, we Going into overtime, 21 21 up the dolphins had the ball.

They werent able to do nothing with it. Lets see. We have that same type of look from the shotgun now heres an inside nothing. I wasnt able to do nothing with that run. Man – maybe that was on me, but were gon na go on to the next one – were gon na look past 11. catching our breaths. From that electric finish, you get in overtime, thats. One thing: it was a great four quarters all right guys we werent able to come out with the door. Man um, definitely, and i think we lost in overtime. I wasnt able to see it. I wasnt on the field, but we lost. Unfortunately, this is a fun game, though i kind of enjoyed this. I hate that i wasnt able to get like no insane rushing touchdowns like that. I think all i had to one touch down the whole game, but hey it was my first time playing. Hopefully it went too bad. Unfortunately, we couldnt get the win, though sorry cairns, you hurt my black cam, my camera, my wet cam. Just like okay man, my stash man, i had 32 attempts um 115 yards. I averaged pretty much 3.5 yards per carat, two touchdowns okay, so i did score twice. I didnt even know i scored twice um. I had no fumbles, i broke five tackles and i had seven eight yards after contact man. I had one um plus 20 yard and the longest yards i had was 23.

, so thats that man uh, like i said, im going to end this video here guys, like i said this man 21, my first time playing the man game since madden 09. I believe i think thats the one with brett favre on it, but this was cool. This is a nice little experiment like i said i dont know if im gon na continue doing these im, not really interested in maddening like that for real that man, just not a game im, really that interested in, like i said i didnt play football in real Life football is my favorite sport to play, but not my favorite sports to play video game wise im, more so of a 2k person, but all right man enough for me, rambling. I hope yall enjoyed this wiggly. I hope you appreciate this, but, as always man ill just put yall drop on this video.