Let me show you how roll it if you need any more coins for the new footage. Promo look no further than u7 by use my codexator at checkout for five percent off whats up guys and welcome back to another video. Today we have fifa 22, a very short, quick video. I want to show you guys how to get the beta, or at least how to have a chance at getting the beta now theres no direct way. Of course, this is a closed beta, which means you physically cant buy this you i mean you can buy. Someones account technically ea are the ones who truly choose who gets the beta now before i do keep talking about that man lets get straight into this video guys. Please drop a like on this video. If this video does help you out, please drop 50 likes uh. So i can see that you guys want more fifa 22 content like this subscribe to the channel if you are new and lets transition. So, first of all, youre going to go to ea.com youre, going to go to the top right hand, corner youre, gon na click on the little person youre gon na click on sign in and then youre going to sign in with your ea account once youre able To do that, its gon na take you back to the ea website. Once again, the home screen youre gon na click on the top right hand corner once again and youre gon na click account settings.

This is going to take you to a bunch of like an in depth thing where theres, like so many different tabs and theres. One thing you want to make sure you have clicked now. I actually theres two things you want to have click, but one thing is the main thing. So, on the left hand, side says about me: security, privacy, settings and email preferences go to email preferences. That is the one thing you want to make sure you have. So you click on it and then the first thing, its going to say, manage your email preferences. It says yes, email me about eas products, news events and promotions consistent with the ea privacy and cookie policy. Make sure you click that make sure that its checked make sure you update it at the bottom of the screen as well, and it will make sure that ea can send you emails. One thing you can also do is you can go to preferred platforms which is on the bottom. I think theres origin theres mobile theres, nintendo, theres, playstation, gen, new gen old gen, all that good stuff. So you guys can do that if you want. I have a playstation 4 and i have an xbox series uh x, so i could technically put both, but i honestly rather have it on the new gen rather than the old gen or current gen. So just make sure you select your console im, not really too sure if it really matters.

I havent had this on before this year, so im gon na see how it affects it in previous years. How i said i didnt have it on and they would just send me an xbox code anyway, so i guess to kind of show you guys proof were gon na go back and roll back through the years. This is the fifa 21 closed, beta email that i got. It said your code is here and basically it just starts off saying: congratulations. You have been selected to participate in the closed beta and then now you can test these game modes. Now i got this email kind of like the third week of august. This was like two weeks after the closed beta had officially started, and the reason is the cause beta usually starts sometime like around the next week or so in the first kind of second week of august, and i didnt get the invite they sent it out in Different batches so thats how it works. I send that out in different batches, usually first batch second batch third batch. I didnt get into any of those so last year i thought i wasnt going to be able to play at all, but then they sent out one blast batch at the end, like almost at the end of the beta, with like five days left, and then they Gave me access to every single game mode, which was pretty sick. It basically just shows you how to download it on xbox one how to claim your code enter the 25 character code and then youll be able to download it now heres the one for fifa 20.

. I got this on august, 8th 2019 and then starting on the 9th of august at 10am, pst until the 21st of august, so a full 12 days for the closed beta. I was only able to play volta and kickoff in the beginning, but then, after they released all the game modes to everyone that had the close beta, which was awesome. I got this email. Fifa, 19 beta on august, the 8th once again 2018. This time they sent it to me at 9, 00 am, which is about 24 hours right before the beta actually was released a day after and then heres the one for fifa 18.. I got this on august, 9th 2017. once again, its around the same time. Every single year, even like the hour that they send it out its usually around 6 pm uk time, which is 10 a.m for me. So i got this. I got ultimate team for fifa 18, which i was very happy about, but that was the first beta. I was able to access, but that is gon na, be it for the video today, guys very short, one kind of want to show you guys how the beta emails do look like what you should be looking out for and then make sure you check that email Consistently make sure you go on twitter check when other people are getting the beta, i will be tweeting out when i get the beta as well. Hopefully you do get in and if you dont get in in the first match, how i said, theres, usually multiple batches and then after almost at the end, when theres like a couple days left, they give it to a much bigger pool of people how they did For me last year, but that is gon na be it for all the concerts today guys, i hope you guys enjoyed drop like comment and subscribe to my channel.