Video today hope you guys are doing good, and today i am here to show you guys how you can actually play madden 22 early um its not directly now, but it should be tomorrow. I should be dropping this video on the 10th of august and it should be coming out on the 11th of august. If not, it will be coming out guaranteed on the 12th ill get into that a little bit later. But before i get into this, make sure to drop a sub down below on the channel for the best coin, making methods and mud tips in madden 22 for the future when the game does drop and make sure to drop a like down below on this video, Especially if this does work for you, so i will be going over all the methods for every single console, because i do know how it works on playstation and it does work differently for next gen xbox and current gen xbox. It is very different. Um current gen xbox is more like playstation, so im kind of going to wrap those two together, but next gen xbox is a little bit different when it comes to the ea play in which youre actually going to be getting mad at 22 early from so currently, I am on next gen um xbox series x right now and, as you guys see, i have madden 22.. If i go to try to go into it, it says im too early, which doesnt make sense.

It is the 10th of august. The game has not come out yet early access, but what ea play does is that you can actually get madden 22 five days early before the early release date. So, essentially, you will be able to play on the 12th of august because the game actually does come out, but sometimes what you can do as a little cheat code is that you can set your time back. I think its to new zealand. If you set your time, your xbox time or your playstation time to new zealand, youll actually be able to play on the 11th, because itll think that youre in new zealand and that your time is actually 12 a.m. On the 12th um around a certain time. On the 11th, its kind of weird how it works, but you kind of got to look out for the certain time zones and stuff and youll be able to set your time back to new zealand and youll be able to play even earlier. So, with the ea play trial, you actually get 10 hours of play, so all youre gon na want to do is go into your games and apps. So if this is youre on xbox, even if youre on playstation, you can still watch this. So, as you see, obviously, mine says pre order, but you even see this nhl game right here. It says ea play so if you are on the next gen um and you dont have ea play yet you need to make sure to go to the actual store and download ea play.

So this is for pretty much anyone that doesnt have ea play at all. If youre on playstation or xbox, you need to go to the store and search up ea play. So, as you say here, there is ea play um the hub and then theres. You know, obviously i own both of these things because ive already had it. I dont have it installed on next gen because of the fact that on nextgen, it is automatically integrated into the xbox series x, its just the way ea works now um its fully integrated into the game, so you have to do, is go and download this. So once you go and download that you can go into the ea play app and you need to make sure to purchase one of the five dollar a month subscriptions or you can actually just get it for the 60 a year if youre or the 30 a Year, whatever it is, if you want to do that um, you get really a really good selection of ea games for free essentials, not for free but its five bucks um. But if youre gon na get you know the five bucks for the month, you might as well download a couple of the other games that they have as well be the way on the next gen theres, actually a full tab. So if you go to full library, you go down to ea play um theres, a full tab for this and youll see all the games that are available.

But what youre going to want to do on the next gen is go to game trials on the 11th. If you do set your time back to new zealand, if not on the 12th um at 12 a.m, this should be fully available here. So you can go to the ea play game trials and you should see madden 22 right here. You will get 10 free hours. Um and you can play the game – is the full game. Nothing is locked. Its not like the beta is the full full game. All your progress saves on this over to when you actually play the game in the future as well. So next time youll go here. Youll be able to download 92 if you have not pre ordered it yet, and you should get 10 hours of free play if youre on any other console youre going to want to actually go to the ea play hub. So, for me, like i said i physically cannot do that because it does not. Let me download the ea play hub on this since its not compatible with that with the actual xbox i have. But if you are on another thing, you should be able to go to your apps or you know, on playstation, wherever you can find your games and apps and such like that you can go down to the ea play hub and then you should be able to Scroll over to where it says game trials, and you should see madden 22 right there once it actually does release depending on your time zone.

If you dont already have the game, download youll be able to download the game there and if you already do have the game downloaded and you have the ea play all set up. Everythings bought stuff like that um, then you can just go and hop into the game once the 12th comes around or whatever your time zone is and youll be able to play the game so thats pretty much all it is. I will be coming out with another video on how to actually get unlimited hours because, like i said there is only 10 hours for this kind of trial thing, but i will be able to show you guys how to actually get unlimited hours with this ea play. Madden 22 trial thing that you get every year. This happens every single year, so if you guys arent used to it, this is the video to show you now so hopefully, this helped all you guys out for anyone that wasnt really sure or if people that were kind of sure they were trying to figure it Out, i will be coming out with the unlimited hours, like i said before, but thats pretty much going to be it for the video make sure to use your 10 hours wisely. If you dont want to waste your time with the unlimited stuff, and if you want to get your five dollars back for the ea play, you can actually get a refund from them. If you hit them up like right as you buy it, you can get the gown.

You can download madden and stuff like that, and then, after your you know, whatever the amount of time you want to use for the mad and once youre done with it, you can actually hit up either ea and they will actually give you a refund. Sometimes it depends um, but yeah. So good luck with everything. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video. I appreciate if you guys, didnt already make sure to drop a sub down below and make sure to drop a like down below as well.