We have a bunch and a bunch of stuff this week, like at least 20, so were going to quickly dive into it before that, though, i just like to stay there on race 2 for the city cup series um its not going to be tomorrow, it will Be on monday, because im not really finished with it yet and uh. The light is not good enough either for like outside stuff, so um yeah, so just update you um race through for a city club. We will not be tomorrow, so yeah anyways lets get into the stop motions, and your first imagine, although goes to adc, has three scenarios: hes racing that pokemon and um. You know, ats. You know how he does his emotions. That really is move i mean stomach is pretty smooth its, not necessarily a dcs, so honestly move on straight away, so grace mentioned mankind, work and um were going to move on to next Music, Music, smooth theres, really nothing to see over here, motions um, like literally It still makes you just start smooth, you dont improve my house, but that was literally feeding back and yeah im, not surprised, but still so much just pretty smooth on this thing. Thats time to save so grace, measurement, work and well move on to the next mission of the week, and the next question only goes to what was 23 fan and i think its first person hes racing thats uh martinsville, fighter 103.

Speedfield 100.. I wonder why its called midfield anyways um summation is pretty good. I mean titles in this race. What the i dont even know – oh thats, sad um. So much is pretty good um, i would say, maybe take a couple more pictures, but oh im, tired of redoing christopher bell with me what the heck you know well move on straight away after that honestly, because that is just weird all right, maybe take a couple More pictures, but other than that grace mentioned, ranking work and um yeah were gon na be able to metric honestly, because memes are just weird and the next dimension goes to gsa 87 67 racing at some las vegas for another playoff race. How was world of sleeping race by the way anyways again, maybe sort of close down a bit because theyre all going a bit too fast, like literally and its kind of hard to tell whats even going on in the race, sometimes so um yeah, but thats. So much is pretty smooth as well um the track its. What you want just back from the track with the cardboard and paper. I do expect that i dont know grace measurement could work and well move on to next motion of the week and the next one is frank from the seven. He is racing. Thats not works, but why are we raising its amazing and also enjoy gifts up front? Amazing, okay, why is prescott? Hes got the smooth, slow motions nobodys here with him, so grace measurement could work and were going to move on to the next mission of the week.

Oh thank you for that. Well, then, he just choked up all right. The next one. Only goes to syrian a tall speedway, i think its something in the france where he lives. Anyways weve got ryan blaney who just bought brian chester. You know i dont know its confusing. Do you have to write time for why why why do you do this jimmy? Why anyways im so great to mention my kid work and were going to move on to the next question of the week cs racing but theres, two scs in there it makes it confusing anyways uh weve got chase prescott lee in that front with eric jones right Behind him, somehow how these two are fonts, i dont even know, but i guess to the front so much its pretty smooth, jacks, actually pretty good um. Nobody to say i like, okay, i do love that they go through that, but not like you get my point. Anyways really smooth doesnt, say great smash, magic work and were gon na move on to the next mission of the week. Okay, oh, oh, oh we dumped them. Oh, we dumped them. No! No! No and the next commercial audrey goes to brandon gomez and yeah. I lost his totally choked it whatever. Who cares anyways um we got, will you be buying that front actually being his teammate chase out in a road called race? For some reason – and this is the neighborhood of course, by the way so um yeah were going in? Oh dear, oh, is pretty smooth theres, really nothing to say.

Im gon na maybe make sure if youre gon na come back to in the episode, because again maybe make sure the track looks real life is please because its kind of like the sharp base of it. So yeah im gon na grace measurement could work and uh were gon na move on to next mission of the week. Our replay shows that ryan blaney dunks kyle larson. How could it be – and the next dimension goes to cool cups, because this donation is good? Okay, i need to stop saying that honestly, its getting boring now anyway, she raised that darling and then hamilton is leading the race like doing what lewis hamilton does but just not dominate as much anyway. But you get my point back breaking all those drivers before everybody, then you got to watch justine whos just decided that i just feel like im just going to blow up a car, so yeah angela, oh, oh, my goodness, justine just blew it up like realistic, thats. Fine, anyway, stomach is pretty sweet, nothing to say about cool coffee. Oh my goodness, gracious! This is the truck race, part 2 of the melee on the front street away. Who did it? Who did it im blaming daddy everythings, going to blame on danny its all danny howards fault, im, blaming it on him, anyways great smash man keep welcome were going to move on to the next motion of the week. I still blind um once again welcome back on here: bro bro, okay, that makes no sense, anyways the bristol dirt, as um its really interesting to see what, like all the people make for their dirt tracks for bristol its kind of interesting honestly, i havent using gravel Or not, but its really interesting, honestly, i really do like it honestly like.

I need something. Okay, i just said it again: donations release weve done the same at nasa. Bros so were going to move on to the greatest measurement work and were going to move on to next mission of the week. When you see criminals ahead of you, you sing one thing: the three almost upside down is buried up in the process of it, and the next dimension only goes to a um aj3088 hes facing the truck race at texas and bushy bushy is leading the race with Um out of nowhere, um sheldon creed on the inside of him and charlotte and craigs gon na try and take the lead away, but zane smith, though right behind him, and you know how these two are gon na act like oh, my goodness, kyle was not wearing The truck race for once how amazing could that ever have been anyways great to meet? You makers well, theres really never stayed here because its so much a really smooth um. I dont know if im glad, maybe if i make this domination a bit longer without five left. Oh, oh, i thought daley decker was bad. No heres, jennifer, j, coblin gentleman. She she writes the truck. If you didnt know me, look at her look, that is just girl power for you, though uh. Actually, oh, there goes to the man for his first person. He looked at the man himself, the man, the legend himself, okay, i need okay, thats good, well, its first person hes raised at texas and um.

I mean its not bad. Hes got two 2021 cards, so um yeah, oh yes, 10 out of 10, but shes having issues lets go, i would say, take more pictures um to make sure its so much pretty small smoother. But i mean you have good graphics. You have both the ghana racks. You have good brusher racks, so yeah yeah, i think youre on the right stretch right now, buddy so um yeah, great measurement other than taking more pictures and um. I think were going to be going to the next mission of the week, but well give you turn out time for chris blush today ill. Give you that, though, and the next question only goes to one more cup street hes, raising that daytona for his stuff, his scene for the first person i was like. I have no idea whats going on. I know elliots leading the race but hes okay, hes, saying okay, alex has gone, hes gone, hes gone hes got that he probably had the hendrick beat. Probably, i would say the: why is elliott in the left heavy theres, no such thing as laptop daytona. Honestly, i mean try and make it realistic as well, because elliot would not let down like 20 cars in a row because it kind of is confusing. Of course, you have to write the d okay im really good at the free pass. How long? I also make sure that cars not apparent because it kind of is confusing so um just try and not do that, because its really confusing i dont know and also kind of slow slow motion down.

Ive been that great commercial man could work. Im gon na move on to the next motion of the week. Oh look tightly in the race, sound nice and the next mission other goes to joey giggles. Yes, the person who didnt sell jolly girls, but i mean its still allies so much earlier on this still, but still, if its not las vegas said, will he be byron, did a would he be drift? He did the drift and why is he pushing up front again hashtag get brushed out out of the top turn for now, because hes not even Music up a bit and maybe not like free laughter. But then again you have a reason for that so ill. Give you benefit there, but so imagine its pretty smooth. I do like it, so i do do hate the fact that lasts up front, but still i also hate the problems because ill see your front door. You get my point. Oh hendricks balance, you cant, do it! Your teammates anyway supposed to mention to work and were gon na move on to the next motion of tweet. How many shes done lets wake up? The next match only goes to call in clash: hes racing, thats, uh, martinsville and um break break because hes just going to leave off when he didnt allow so much and well bleed. So so much its really smooth you. You know corey clash, shes really estimated, but goes um definitely go screaming if you have not yet because the storages are really smooth honestly uh i mean you make pizza pizza, theyre, crying out loud.

You guys getting pissed dolls, the slime because they have pizza all right. Thank you, and really just never said after that, so grace managed to make it like im all gon na move on to the next version of the week or two actually really hung them down. Somebody doesnt mean to pay us and the next time. Oh, there goes to nascar 2016 at racing at bristow. How let me persuade this one anyways um, we have um kevin arkansas lead now hes eliot. Why never mind he just popped him out the way get out the way, uh its ready to move um really its time to stay on the street. Maybe i had like a laptop because its kind of confusing what lap wrong oh yeah, just dont, bend it down. Like they can get you cause, you just stop the bad guy anyways um. Maybe i had a laptop, so we know what life were on so um. Just do that, oh that measurement could work. Why did you get that food mustang? I needed so badly because i dont know but im gon na, do it nascar, so i need it anyways great smashing. My kids welcome to the next mention of the week. The next semester goes to the camera recently because hes raising that daytona for not the day 500 but special very for the you know the the next gen series, because this is what im calling them. Oh, my goodness, the army car, you love the army, yeah.

We got the 24 gr um rent great friend, increasing the front i mean i got ta get used to these new names, now old names, new places and new names. Oh, oh here is the sixth team of my amazing save what a great save formation is pretty good. Its really never said. Oh dude look out, we are flying 48 flying flight on the horizons. Great smash make it work im going to move on to next mission of the week 48 look out. It came back ive seen flying newman. That was flying campus. How many flying cars are? You all know him thats never said about his domination, so um. This is trumps race, a great season, man um, you know on there already. He knows he has good motion so yeah great smashing. Monkey welcome were just gon na move on to the next match of the week, which is our last major week as well, and the last i mentioned while he goes to live these stop motions, hes racing that ledger and ryan blaney is leading the race with of Nowhere um big brother, brian kozlowski right behind him, which is kind of bad, because penske is lining up them uh, you know in their livelihoods. Oh my. How do you save that car brad is pretty good, definitely thats the great dimension. Man kill work and um. Go move but oh my god and youve killed ryan newman again other than that. Just dont kill newman! Please thank you.

Were gon na go back to the beef. I guess oh wow great racing right now could possibly go. Oh, my goodness something! Oh my god. Yay time ready for this guy five seconds later, save it save it save it so guys, guys theres, all the motions fun this week so great to meet you, everyone who made storage and everyone who made the episodes like like 20 of you, so uh good for You so um yeah, something else assuming you say so this is me seriousness sign out, so yeah thats really yeah. This is me season like sign out and ill see you guys next week for councilman, shout outs. We can reform.