This time we have a big boy box from plan from circle b diecast, and i cannot wait to see whats inside im, pretty sure i know exactly whats inside this box and oh my. They are a ton of amazing paint schemes and cars, so obviously all these cars will be used in season number three but um as of right now i do have three other cars uh on the way im pretty sure they will be shipped soon um. I dont know if theyre actually in this box or not, i highly doubt it but theres only one way to find out so lets just cut right to the chase and get this box open. Okay, a lot and a lot of packing paint thats there thats a lot of packing peanuts and yes, i have very dirty hands right now, because ive been working on tracks so be aware of that there are a lot of tracks, but uh peanuts. Oh, i see the first car as it fell out of the wrapping and it is william byrons exalta. Basically the rainbow warrior and, oh my god, do i love this paint scheme. I was one of the uh. I was one of the people who absolutely despised. This paint scheme when it was first released, but then once i saw it on track, it has grown on me and i absolutely love this car. Oh, it is so good and yeah. That is a lot of dirt.

Under my finger, as i uh like, i said, been working on a lot of a lot of stuff for the channel, but but yeah uh well yeah. This is william byrons car exalter. I absolutely love that paint scheme. One of my favorite byron paint schemes lets see what the next one is. This one is also wrapped. Oh, its chase elliots napa, auto parts for 2021, the defending series champ. How about that even has the adrenaline shock logo. She wants to focus, focus uh well, thats. The best youre gon na get but yeah. This is chase elliots napa, auto parts chevrolet camaro for 2021. Of course you can see the phone you can see me somewhere, hello, but yeah. This is an amazing car. I absolutely love this car. I love the paint scheme. So so far, 200 cars right off the bat take this out and its another, william byron, all right, william byrons, 2002 21 liberty, university, chevrolet camaro. This was i dont really like this paint scheme that much i had to get this paint scheme because, of course, i needed for the stop motions, but but you have to keep it accurate with the paint schemes and all that just not like focusing now. Does it come on stay focused, okay, there we go all right and the next car in the box is oh heck. Yes, cole, custer in the 41 haas tools, car ford, mustang for stuart house racing. I love this car.

I oh wow. I didnt think they were going to make a gold series version of this, but we have not seen a gold series 41 car ever since kurt busch in 2017. I believe um pretty sure, maybe im wrong. Correct me correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure that the last time we saw a 41 in the gold series was quick push in 2017, but um yeah, really nice car, of course, going to be used in the series for season number. Three. A lot of good paint schemes that are going to be in the series anyways on to the next car, which is another chase elliot, and it is chase elliotts lumar. If he wants to focus yeah there, it is chase elliots, lumar, chevrolet, camaro again with that adrenaline shock logo right there. Now this this paint scheme uh got a lot of a lot of heat from a lot of people, saying that uh that the lumar paint schemes are always really bad. But to be honest, this one is not that bad. It does not look that bad compared to all of alex bowmans lumar paint schemes. This is definitely the best one that we have seen, obviously in not the best looking paint scheme, but its definitely a lot better than all the other ones that we have seen yeah. I cant wait to use this one. This one is definitely going to be used in uh, some road course races and if i do happen to make a koda track, that is definitely going to be run.

I dont know if its going to win the race, but well see this one, i believe, is yes: okay, its martin trixx, juniors bass, pro shops and tracker boats. Cabelas! Yes, yes, yes, you know, you know all the things on the all the details. This is basically just his uh 2020 car, but the side numbers are white and it has a couple more sponsors now that this is something that we have not seen in a long time. The side of nascars being filled up with sponsors that we have not seen that in a very long time, so glad to see this many sponsors on a nascar yeah that is arnold schwarzenegger. I believe that is the first toyota of 2021 that i had actually no thats a thats a lie. I have um if i can reach it here, we go. I i had recently got you guys have probably already seen the video but uh at target. I found this kyle busch uh exalto, not an exalted, my bad. What im sorry whyd, i say: exalta um interstate batteries, toyota camry, so i thought that that would be cool to pick up saying that i might pick up the gold series version of that. But dont know yet, but as of but just for now going to keep it in the box in the packaging christopher bells reem 20 car. Now i did not want to get any of the elites, mostly because i feel like if i just got the elites theyd.

Just stay in the box and all that but uh, and also because i dont really find much interest in the elites, even though they are higher quality. I really do just want the regular gold series, but yes here it is christopher bells number 20, reem, toyota camry. The third joe gibbs toyota that i have gotten this year, something else that we cannot forget about when we purchase stuff on plan b sales is that you get this sticker, which im definitely going to be putting on somewhere, probably on watkins contract. When i have it fully painted anyways, thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys did enjoy this video and, yes, i hope to see you guys in the next one be on the lookout for that championship.