This is the series finale at a newly reconfigured homestead miami racetrack, just outside of miami florida no longer are the turns flat like the indianapolis motor speedway. They are now banked progressively with higher banking. The higher up you go in the racetrack. This makes for better passing lanes, better lines to drive and oh by the way, were racing for a championship. Today, dale nerd jr controls the points lead over kevin harvick by just 11 points, thats, depending where youre running about three to four positions on the racetrack matt kenzeth, kurt, busch and bobby labonte find themselves in contention for the championship, but theyre going to need a lot Of help deonar jr, all he has to do – is beat kevin harvick and make sure he finishes 28th or better to clinch the championship over kurt bush and everyone else. Kevin harvick needs to finish four spots ahead of dale jr. He needs to lead a lap and only need to finish two spots ahead of dale jr if he can lead a lap today, matt kenseth, with the win and max points, kevin harvick and dale jr, finishing 25th and 29th or worse, respectively, kurt busch. With the max points and a win with kevin, harvick and dale, jr, finishing 27th and 31st or worse and then bobby labani is going to need the most help. Today he needs dale jr to finish 43rd harvick, 40th or worse kurt bush, sixth and seven aaron k.

Mckenzie, seventh or worse and labonte needs to lead just about every single lap to get himself. The championship today lets go trackside for the command one. Last time in 2003, drivers start your engines and there we are in the starting lineup jamie mcmurray on the pole for todays race to his outside bobby lavonny, brian vickers and the rocket man ryan, newman and row three jeff gordon and the championship contender kevin harvick, kurt Bush and joe niemanchek find themselves on row four and in row: five, its jeremy mayfield and jimmy johnson rusty wallace and terry lavonnie find themselves in row six in a row: seven as tony smoke. Stewart next to mr excitement, jimmy spencer row, eight casey, mears and dave blaney and then row nine, its matt kenzeth and bill elliott row. Ten. Today we have johnny benson and john andretti and then michael waltrip and ward button in row, 11. greg biffle, jeff green, find themselves in row 12. in row, 13, scott wilmer. Next to the points leader, dale, earnhardt, jr, elliot sadler and ricky rudd in row, 14 and row 15 is johnny sauter and dale jarrett steve park and tobo dine in row, 16 row 17, robbie, gordon and jeff burton you see. Dale jr has a lot of ground to make up. So when we drop the green flag today, kevin harvick will be your points leader, so its up to dale jr to make up some ground from deep in the field and 26 position.

He has a lot of work to do to catch kevin harvick as of right now. Kevin harvick is our championship points leader when we take the green flag for 10 laps around this 1.5 mile oval uh 118 degrees is the track temperature, its a hot one today and its going to be hot on the track as well. Green flag is in the air for the 2003 finale mcmurray, with a solid jump bobby labonte, still keeping up with him with jeff gordon sorry. In third place. You see the amount of lines they can run here. Mcmurray choosing the high line labonte drives it in and takes the lead the high lines good here, but it takes a couple laps to get wound up. You see gordons going to try the high line. You see the run. He gets hes closing on the labani dives. It in ends up going to the high line and turn four fly by the field: all the drivers choosing their lanes; theres, the owner junior behind greg, biffle and jeff green trying to make up some spots a tough task to do in just 10 laps, but it Can be done bobby, bonnies, still the race leader, gordon starting, to make an interesting? Oh, we got cars crashing on the back, thats dale jr into the back of greg, biffle and involved in this wreck. Our points leader coming into the race involved in a mid pack. Pileup that collects dale, earnhardt, jr and theres junior, making this sharp left hand turn on the pit road.

They have to get those damages repaired and luckily its not too bad for dale. He can still keep going. You see he just gets into greg biffle there. Just barely enough to clip in that right front as johnny benson spins out john andretti off of turn, two uh benson spins right back up into the field, if into greg, biffle and theres deion hurt jr getting involved in this one. So getting the hook on this one, this wreck, john andretti, johnny, benson, greg, biffle and dale jr is able to get repairs, but man what what a way for this race to start, not what dale, jr and dei wanted exactly what kevin harvick needed green flag is In the air bobby labonte is in the lead, but he will not be the champion, because dale jr is impossible to finish 43rd with three cars in the garage, but hes still gon na fight for the race win. Jeff gordon looking to the inside once again looks like gordon. Has the better race car almost clears him, but lebanon is going to get it run off of two here comes kevin harvick your points leader at the time being what a full send by the 29 machine to the lead. I think he should be racing conservatively, but no hes, laying it all out of the line. Oh jeff green up into the wall as they fly by, who turns one and two theres bill jr, trying to make a pass on the coors light dodge kevin harvick still in the race league, gordon looks to the inside gordon looks like hes going to take it.

Theres, a cautionary spin and a hard crash for todd beaudine and turn four more cars, pile in kenny walls, ricky rudd, johnny sauter looks like johnny. Sotter is one of the first initial cars in this wreck, along with jeff green red flag is out uh on the race track. Jeff gordon in the lead, kevin harvick in second theres dale jr. He was able to make it through this one, but this is going to help him gain. Some spots took out quite a few cars that were ahead of dale jr there yeah, you can see junior gets ahead of rookie craving on pit road, not sure where hell be scored, but jeff green looks like he blows a tire. I know he got into the wall. We saw that on the flyby. Uh may have blown a tire with that damage and johnny solder up into steve park, and then tabodine gets hooked by ricky rudd, just barely hard crash for tabo yeah heres. The replay look at jeff green yep, he was just loose. Did he get a little help from bill elliot? It looks like he did. Looks like jeff green got just a little wee bit of help from the number nine dodge of bill elliot so johnny slaughter, ricky, rudd, kennywall, steve park, jeff green tabo, dyne all giving precious spots to dale jr, but were running out of time. Here we have two laps remaining in the finale with dale jr deep in the field heres the points as they run, you see thats a large deficit, but it can be made up 82 points if im kevin harvick here im going to take it easy.

I might even just try and pull over to the side. Get a nice solid, top 10 finish here with just two laps to go honestly: theres, no reason to be fighting up there. Kurt busch, though uh potential championship is on his front bumper and then matt kansas, hoping for a miracle, hes kind of getting a little bit from dale jr. Here now he just needs kevin harvick to fall back and matt kenseth to get to that race lead. But here we go: two laps remain jeff, gordon in the lead, but kevin harvick and tow and kirk bush in third green flank is in the air two laps to go to settle a champion. Jordan gets a nice pull there. Oh, we got contacted kevin harvick into the wall. Look at the cars flying by him as they go down the back stretch. The 29 gm good wrench has some significant damage to the right side, hes in the wall again and turn three and then theres dale jr lurking trying to make up positions. White flag is in here one lap to go in the season: kevin harvick, losing positions like crazy. Here, scott were now trying to get by him, gordons going to take the checkered flag and win the race and whos going to be our champion. Harvard just needs to be junior by two positions: theres whimmer to the inside did scott get him at the line. No, he did not kevin harvick beat scott wimmer and harvick wins the championship by three points over dale jr.

How about that jeff gordon wins! The race does some burnouts good for jeff. Gordon hes now won a race in each season, hes competed in in the athletic cup series and then kevin harvick is finally an athletic cup series champion and dale jr sewing some sportsmanship to kevin harvick. How about that? What a battle to the finish for kevin harvick heres, what happened uh, i i dont, know kurt bush. Was there i think kevin harvick kind of moved down a little bit uh on kurt uh, but kurt definitely did not give harvard much room. I mean kurts racing for a championship as well, and hes had some pretty exciting moments over the last couple seasons for kurt busch, but i dont think he would do that to a championship contender, but nonetheless, kevin harvick still is our champion just by three points. That is one spot on the racetrack. If dale jr could have got by jeff burton or scott wilmer past kevin harvick there they would have tied for the championship and dale jr would have been the champion based on juniors win at martinsville. Kevin harvick went winless in this 2003 chase, but was still the champion through pure consistency. What a great chase for kevin harvick down the stretch was able to get solid finishes. Rocking him was a bit of a struggle, but he still rallied to get inside the top 20 and then today he ends up finishing 20th but dale jr 23rd, and what a rally by dale jr to battle back with that damage on that race car.

But he just comes up short jeff. Gordon was our winner, though kurt busch, kenseth bobby labonte, look at jamie mcmurray, getting a top five jimmy johnson ryan newman, terry labonte. Our chase drivers in the top 10 michael waltrip gets a top 15 to close out the chase. Theres kevin harvick, finishing 20th and then dale jr, just a nightmarish race from the start involved in a wreck early on ends up finishing 23rd, just three points away from being our champion thats. How close it got here in the athletic cup series man? What a season? Thank you. Everybody for tuning in it was a blast to go back into the past uh. This i mean obviously, this 2003 season. I was around nine years old, so i used to play with these cars on the rug all the time so its great to go back to these race cars and paint schemes thanks everybody for tuning in well see you next season.