This obviously see you, foreign Music, a sports in the game; Applause go ahead! Thank you! Applause, Music Applause, lady of italian football, going with this starting eleven white chesney starts in goal and the main striker is the unmistakable cristiano ronaldo Applause section of madrid and a final thats right, the outcome. Obviously. Well, it is two big football clubs, both going head to head, who will come out on top im very excited for spectators, but im even more excited for the players. I wish i was playing down there. Applause all well, theyre, very, very good at it. For most of the game, in order to do that, you have to have great passes in the ball, but you all have to have the movement watch, how much movement you have today off the ball, its incredible when they get the ball around the box. You need to never ever lose it and create chance after chance, okay, kings of europe. This is neymar and hes got the beating of his opponents.