, as most of you know, year to year. Sometimes the game does not change very much, but this year this is the most theyve changed from one madden to the next, and probably the last decade, so were going to go over the 22 biggest changes or additions to the game. If youre new to the channel and dont want to miss out on any future, madden 22 uploads or the exclusive gameplay ill have any day now make sure to subscribe to the bell icon on so you dont miss those videos, but lets get right into it. Number one on the list is the addition to coaching staffed in franchise mode, a feature that was removed a long time ago and has been asked about ever since now you can hire offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators and a player personnel department. You can also fire them and other teams can hire these guys away from you as well. Not only do you have a full coaching staff, but you also have skill trees that come with these coaching staff so that you can upgrade them throughout playing your franchise. These skills can help upgrade players faster, scout players, easier trade for players, easier re, sign players easier and everything in between. Not only does this come with a bunch of skill trees to start, but theyre going to be adding more and more throughout the year, so that the list keeps growing number two on the list is an overhauled scouting system in franchise mode.

No longer will it be. The old boring system of just literally hitting three buttons on a player a few times a week and finding out everything you need to know about them, theyre going to be implementing a new scouting system that is coming shortly after release its scheduled for september. So, a few weeks after the game releases, there will be a new scouting update for franchise mode. Where now you can hire regional and national scouts, you can send them to certain areas. They all have their own expertise, and now you will find out more about players than ever before. Gone are the old days of scouting. That didnt mean anything now introducing something that actually has depth and actually can help. You find the perfect players in your draft number. Three on the list is the season engine, which is an upgraded version of the scenario. Engine now lets be honest. The scenario engine was pretty bad. It wasnt really much to it, but this year they have upgraded it theyve added cinematics and cut scenes theyve added way. Better scenarios that actually affect your team and its just basically what the system should have been in the first place when they introduced it in madden, 20. youll be in the gms office. The coachs office in the locker room with players, youll be doing press conferences and youll have certain things that youll have to answer certain decisions you have to make, and this will affect your franchise and youll, get to see it unfold in real time number.

Four on the list is a game planning overhaul inside of franchise mode gone are the old days of not really having much to do with game planning, just kind of having guys do their weekly, drills and thats it? Now you have a bunch of information surfaced to you, especially on the next gen version, where theyve integrated next gen stats into this. Now you can see literally everything your opponent is doing and, as the year goes on and teams start to kind of change how they play in real life. The next gen stat data can be updated if youre starting new franchises in the game, but once youre into a franchise itll take a life of its own and youll get the breakdown of what each teams are doing. You can focus on certain players and try to take them away and thatll give you certain boosts for the game, depending on what youre game planning for number five on the list is a new fatigue system for franchise mode. A long requested feature finally makes its arrival. This year, where you can manage your player health throughout the season, you can decide if you want your starters, going full pads or half pads. If you want them splitting reps with the backups and to what degree now the harder you push your players, the more xp theyll unlock, however, theyll have a higher chance of injury, whereas if you let them take it a little bit easier, youll get less xp, but You also have a much less likely chance of them getting injured, and this is going to become crucial later in the season, as your overall team fatigue is gon na naturally go down as the season wears on so youre gon na have to be very careful.

How hard youre pushing these players if you want them to be ready down the grueling end of the season where they really have to lock in and make those pushes for the playoffs or actually compete in the postseason number? Six on the list is a brand new momentum system added to the game. Now this is a next gen exclusive feature. This will not be on the older consoles, but there is a new momentum system added to the game and both teams have the advantage of momentum. In any given game, depending on whats happening in the game, momentum could swing in their favor and once momentum swings in their favor, they will unlock certain abilities as a team that can help take over the game. For example, once momentum swings in a teams favor, the opposing teams – quarterback, could be a little bit more rattled and he might not see his open receivers as easily as before. Number seven on the list is home field advantage. This is also a next gen exclusive feature. Similar to what we saw in the old ncaa games, but theyve added much more on top of this. So in certain stadiums, like the seahawks, for example, when they have home field advantage in their favor youll, see the squiggly lines on the field and itll be harder for the offense to read the play. Youll remember that from the old ncaa games, but theyve added a lot more. On top of this, for example, when you play in denver because of the altitude, the away team will fatigue faster or when you play in miami the away team fatigues faster because they sit in the blazing miami sun, whereas the home team sits in the shaded side Of the stadium number eight on the list is star driven ai, and this is another next gen exclusive change.

This basically just means the players and the cpu will play more like their real life, selves theyre, taking the next gen stats data and incorporating it into the teams. This will be bigger for franchise mode players, as most of them are playing more times than not versus the computer. So now, when you play the ravens theyll be a much more pistol. Heavy team theyll run the ball more youll. See them go to the play, calls they go to in real life and not do things that are out of character, whereas the bills, a super pass, heavy team is gon na, be in shotgun and slinging the ball. A lot more often number nine on the list is team. Play has returned to the game and i dont mean the team play inside of ultimate team. Thats been there for a few years. I mean regular team play where you can take the packers versus the 49ers, and you can have three of your friends versus three other guys and one guy can be the qb one. Guy can be the wide receiver, one guy could be the running back or whoever you want to control. You can now do two on two or three on three with regular teams in the game inside the superstar ko mode. Something that has been long requested is finally back. Number 10 on the list is a new face of the franchise story. The mode is still here: theyve updated the story, its a much more path to the draft type story, theyve done away with the over the top made for the tv movie cinematic, weird story that nobody liked they kind of went back to the basics, its more so Just about a top prospect trying to see how high he can get drafted going through the motions of getting drafted, and it looks like a much welcome change versus what weve been having for the past two years, that most people didnt really care for number 11.

On the list is the addition of a defensive player inside a face of the franchise in the past couple of years. You could only control offensive players, they have finally added a defensive position which is linebacker. I would like to see them unlock all positions. Im not really sure why that has not happened yet, but for the first time since face of the franchise has made its way to the game. You can be on the defensive side of the ball. You dont have to strictly play. Offense number 12 on the list is the new class progression system. This is big for your face of the franchise, but also your player inside of the yard. The custom player that you create theres new classes and archetypes for each position and the way they upgrade is a little bit different than in years past. But the biggest thing here is the progression is shared between face the franchise and the yard. So if you do like to play both modes, you dont have to have two completely separate players that you need to upgrade separately, where you upgrade one hell have those same upgrades when you jump to the other mode and theyve unlocked a ton of new archetypes and Classes that go with each specific player type, so you can build a more custom player than you could. In years past number 13 theyve added 300 new plays formations to the game. Now not 300 formations theyve, probably only added a few formations from what ive seen but theres 300 new plays at launch, which is a decent amount, especially seeing as last year, there were very few new plays and formations at launch, weve already seen a ton of them In the beta, when that was out for the game, theres a lot of cool new formations, especially in shotgun theres, a ton of new plays to play around with and for a game like madden youre, constantly wanting to use new, plays or use the plays that youre.

Seeing teams use in real life so its a much needed update to add more variety to the play, calling in madden number 14 on the list are new draft class generators for franchise mode if youre a franchise mode player. You may remember that when you would have these custom draft classes a lot of times, you would get a lot of the same names, a lot of the same faces. But most importantly, you wouldnt really get a lot of superstar x factor players, even in the top of the draft. Well theyve redone, this theyve added 100 new faces to the game. Theyve added a ton of new names to the game, but also youre, going to generate more top end players in the draft youre going to get more superstar and x factor players, especially earlier in the drafts than you have in the past. It was a much needed tweak so now, when youre going through those motions of trying to add new talent to your team, theres going to be much more superstar like players for you to attain in the nfl draft going forward. 15 are new, tackle animations, an area of the game that constantly needs improving, more animations than we had in the past is always a good thing. I know physics is a place that a lot of people want to see the game go, but you still need animations to a certain degree in the game and a lot of them have gotten stale and repetitive.

Well, theyve. Definitely redone tackle animations. They use the same ones that were always there. They kind of made them a little better, they refreshed them, but they definitely added some much needed new ones. So, while youll still see the same, tackle animation playing out, maybe more than you would like youre going to see a little bit more variety than in the years. Past number 16 is half time adjustments, a feature that was added to madden 22, where you can now adjust at half time. Just like real nfl teams. You can do this in online play and in franchise mode. So remember earlier, when we talked about the game planning and how you could focus on certain players or certain uh parts of a team going into a game, and you would get certain boosts well when you go into that game. Lets say that its not working out at half time you can readjust and tell them hey. Instead of focusing on the deep pass lets focus on the intermediate pass because thats, where theyre really beating us up and now itll change your boost for the second half of the game, because youve made the adjustment. But your opponent can also do the same thing. So keep that in mind. Number 17 on the list is live events now this is going to be something thats bigger for the mode like the yard, theyre, adding new live events where they can be limited time. Events where you can go in earn, maybe special gear unlock stadiums earn things for your player.

This is big in a lot of other sports games, its an area that madden is still kind of behind in outside of ultimate team, but theyre definitely bringing this to modes. Like the yard now where there will be limited time, events where you can unlock some cool stuff number 18 is a new yard campaign mode. Theyve updated this theyve made it a little bit better theyve, also added a leaderboard for the yard as well, so the yards getting a little bit of a facelift but theres a whole new campaign mode with new places to play new things to earn and different things To upgrade with your character than there were in madden 21. number 19 on the list is the addition of super fans in every single nfl stadium. This kind of goes a little bit along with the home field, advantage stuff on next gen, but also the fact theyve. Just kind of redone a lot of the game day, stuff theyve made the crowd come more alive, the sidelines better and things like that. But part of the crowd becoming better and more alive is the addition of having a super fan in every nfl stadium, which will stand out, especially when the home field advantage is going crazy. Number 20 on the list is a brand new super bowl presentation. I believe this is for franchise mode, but also for ultimate team, because you do get the super bowl cut, scenes and stuff like that when you win an ultimate team super bowl, but i know its more so targeted for the franchise crowd.

As the super bowl presentation celebration had been the same for like the last five madden, so it was a much needed overhaul that has been done for madden 22. number 21 is stat tracking on your players inside of ultimate team. A long requested feature is finally here. You can track the stats on every single player card that you have in the game. You can track your personal stats, but you can also track the all time stats on that card. If that card had been passed around between multiple users, its also going to have the addition of next gen stats as well on the card, so youll see the longest air yardage with a player or the fastest mile per hour, that that player is running. Everything like that, a much needed upgrade to mutt that people have been asking for and number 22. The last thing is, you now have the ability to change your abilities during half time and ultimate team. I believe this will go hand in hand with the halftime adjustments feature, but now you can decide to call that audible at half time, if the abilities you have are not working or if the players who are active or not working depending on whos in your lineup. You can swap out players or abilities to try to help counter what your opponent is doing, so this could add a whole other layer of strategy to the game inside of ultimate team.