Now, basically, what im going to show you guys is a little bit of a hack to get free packs when madden 22 ends up releasing and its something you got to do right now, because you have to do this before you get your hands on the game. Hopefully, you guys do enjoy the video now no need to waste any time. Boys lets get straight up into this one, and what were going to be doing right here is: we are focusing on the madden veteran loyalty bonus. So what i want to do is showcase. The madden veteran bonus and, as you guys will see on the screen right here, there are three different options when it comes to getting these packs. Now the little write up says: if you played any combination of madden, 19, 20 or 21, then youre eligible for a special reward in madden 22., and underneath that, as you can see, if you played one of those games, you get one of the packs. If you played two of the games, you get two of the packs. If you played three of the games, you get all three of those packs. Now you might be wondering how you can play those games. How this is free and im going to be answering all of your questions right here in the video, so the first thing that we got to do is we got to quickly talk about ea play now. If you dont have ea play and you didnt use it to get mad in 22, youre simply missing out im not going to talk about this anymore.

We dont need to beat the dead horse. We dont need to beat that off anymore. Why didnt? I just say that, but yeah like i was saying all you guys should have ea play. You probably used it to go ahead and buy madden 22 because its actually much cheaper to get ea playing by madden than to not get ea playing by madden. So assuming you guys went ahead and you already have ea play heres what i want you guys to do. What im going to do is im going to search up madden 19 right here and, as you will see, i can get madden 19 literally for free, simply because i have ea play madden 19. We put it in the search bar right here were going to go on over to madden 19, its in our library, and i was able to get this game for free if i needed to by utilizing ea play as you can see in the top left corner, We would be able to go on over to madden 19 and download it. So what we can do is we can actually get on that game. Go on ultimate team literally just start up ultimate team. Maybe play one solo challenge or two solo challenges, and then you can go ahead and get credited for playing that game, which is gon na. Give you that free pack in madden 22 and you can get the game for free because its a part of ea play, which is something that everyone should have for madden 22 anyways.

So we could do the exact same thing for madden 20.. If you made it to this point in the video scroll down and leave a like, this is a really really smart way to get some free packs. I also need to give a big shout out to my guy xerxe. I believe he talked about this in a video a couple of days ago, but the exact same thing is going to apply for madden 20. We search up madden 20. We go on over right here. Ive already purchased this before, but, as you guys will see in the top left corner, it doesnt have it right there, but we could actually go ahead and get madden 20 using ea play heres. The proof of that were going on over to subscriptions were going to head on over to the view games, tab and this right here it is going to show you all the games you could get for free. What im going to do is im going to switch the genre up to sport and you guys will see that madden 19 is here. We have madden 20 in here and we have madden 21. So we could go ahead and we can download all of these with ea play. As you can see, it says: ea play included right there for madden 19., so go ahead and download these games get on them for literally just a couple of seconds. Maybe play one solo challenge and youre gon na be credited with getting all three of those packs right there.

This is something that everyone absolutely needs to do. Theres, no reason why you shouldnt be doing this because it is gon na just give you free packs at madden 22, and it just takes a second and then, if you guys wanted to, you could go ahead and delete the game after that im actually gon na Download madden 19 right now were gon na download the game. It should be really really quick ill, probably just go in off camera to mount a 19 startup ultimate team and im getting a free pack in madden 22. For doing so, i actually dont believe i played madden 19. So this is something that i actually needed to do right here and if you have ea play, you can do this for all of those games and you can get yourself all the free packs possible in madden 22.. Now you guys might be wondering well who in the world am i going to be able to pick when it comes to getting this pack and getting it in madden, 22.? Well, theres, actually, a few different options. All of them are 82 overall, not players, but its zeke, its aj brown, rich incognito, a akeem hicks, cedaria smith and marcus peters, and you might be thinking 82 overall players whats. The point of doing this. Well, hey its just gon na. Take you a couple of seconds the next time i go on my playstation ill, just hop onto madden 19 for literally one minute and ill get credit with playing that game and get credit with getting a free, 82.

and 82 overall players. You guys got ta. Remember they sell for a very high price at the start of the game. 82S, most likely, probably going for like 30 to 50k on rip, so thats a fairly expensive player that youre gon na be getting for free and its really really nice. In my opinion, to build out that offensive line and defensive line by using nap players, we can get someone like richie incognito, whos, an interior, offensive lineman, and you get him for free. Thats. Super super helpful, so darius smith, he has solid stats, could be a solid pass rusher a keem hicks. You can slide him inside to dt and again youre, getting a position that you probably dont, want to spend a lot of coins on at the start of the year, but hes going to be a solid overall and hes not going to be a bad player on Your squad, marcus peters, aj brown, good depth, options right there if you want a wide receiver or a corner, so those are all the options you guys can pick um well, probably do a video going over the best ones to select at some point at the start Of the year um, i might do a video going over all those quick little selections in one ive been talking about all the best cards to select from that, but that is gon na.