Not just you know, on the computer, but im gon na show you guys today how to get um ea play on playstation 5.. I dont know how to i dont know how it works on xbox series x, im, pretty sure this is a thing for um next gen consoles, i dont know if xbox is the same, but i it probably will because next gen consoles are just kind of weird, But if you guys didnt know anything about madden, so ea play is a thing where you get to play the game three days early or not through. I dont know how many days exactly, but on wednesday and next week well be able to play madden for 10 hours, its like five bucks. You pay five dollars and you download this thing called ea play and allows you to we dont download it on this, but ill show you guys how well get into that, but you get ea play and it allows you to play madden 22 for five, not five. Ten hours for five dollars and its not like this ten hours straight, if you close the app it doesnt count towards your time, its remember youre, actually on the app that counts towards your time. So i always do like that. Also its just super cool. I do like it, but on the next gen consoles, or maybe just the ps5, you cant, download it its like. We looked up right now, ea play, i dont think ill pop up as an app.

Well, look right here, its apollo as a subscription, not an app lets. Look right here! Ive not checked this out. Yet i started the ea play im about to do it after this, but im gon na show you guys so yeah you guys can buy the membership through the store, but theres no app. This is for the ps4, because i have the same i use im. I use the same count for my ps4, so thats why this is here. You cant use this on the ps5, which is really odd. So you do is go subscriptions and then ea play right here and you click view games, youre, gon na youre, gon na buy it and then man 22 will pop up here. Whenever its available. I thought it was a quick little video. Let you guys know how to do this, because i really thought it was really useful, because i know how to do this. I was really confused. I was thinking. Oh next, gen consoles arent gon na be able to get. You know be able to play im gon na have to wait until the game actually drops. If you prefer the game, i i want to say it comes out like the 19th or the 17th, its one of those dates im pretty sure. So i thought it was a quick little help with this helpful video, because i know some people do have next gen consoles, and i was really confused about this too.

So that was a quick little video to help you guys, if you guys have not already hit that like button drop us a great appreciate it, but usually i would just buy the five month version because you dont need it for 12 months. Only reason ill. Give the 12 12 month version is if you um, spend a lot of money on packs, because if you buy a lot of packs its got its got um, i think its 10 off packs im pretty sure you get 10 off packs. So if you do buy packs ill get that version i just get a month because im not really a big pack spender ill open some bundles here and there, like especially start off the year im open up a couple bundles, so im definitely just buying the month. I dont need the 12 months. I dont open up packs like that, and it should just pop up here and then youll click, download game and itll. Let you play it for 10 hours. I really hope i just cannot wait guys. I really cannot wait for man. 22., its its so far, but its like what four days now todays saturday so four days until the game, bro were going to be able to play 10 hours early and dont worry all your data also transfers over to the actual game, because its two different games, Like the ea play version of mad 22, so theres gon na be free solos for you get you get free players, all the all the stuff.

You guys do open packs, build your team up. I dont auction house, everything like that, will transfer over to the actual game when the game comes out, so you guys dont have to worry about that. I remember i was really worried about that. I thought it wasnt, but it does ive done this for two years now so ill tell you guys it does. Transfer over dont worry youre. Not if you open up packs all your players and everything will transfer over when the game actually comes out so boom. Just a quick little video, i really thought this would be helpful its four days guys, four days until man 22.. It sucks that theres a time limit for 10 hours. I know on xbox theres a way where you can get a limited time by making different accounts, but using that same ea account its its something weird its confusing, but i dont have an xbox. I have a playstation, so sadly i cant do that. At least i get 10 hours to play the game early im trying to make as many videos as i can. That is the video, if you guys did enjoy hit that, like button drop the sub, i agree appreciate just a short little video just wanted to notify you guys about this. I know some people are probably confused because i was really confused.