Now i dont want yall to think like im, dirty if youre seeing this video after my uh free elites, video uh, which, by the way that should be one of these ways, its going to be up here in the cards about how to get free elites. When madden 22 comes out, but here is going to be some uh information about the pre order. This is older. Information, like you can see right here, is from july 29th, so its not super old, but it is older information um by the way shout out to uh modality on twitter, make sure you guys go, give him a follow one of the best places to get your Men, 22 news or just mad news in general, um: well, usually men ultimate team news, but hell drop all the news. So today, as you can tell by title and thumbnail, we are going to be talking about the dynasty edition pre order now its the most expensive pre order. If you already have ea play and you order it within the game, you get 20 off. So its going to come out to like 104 after tax um usd, obviously it might be different for whatever country youre in so that being said, lets get into the meat and potatoes of this video. So this is what you guys are gon na see um. I think its gon na come along tonight. It might come a little bit earlier, not sure um.

This is the legends fantasy pack right here you get to choose between patrick mahomes and tom brady. In the legend fantasy pack now im going to show you guys each of those cards and then im going to show you what um which cards they have because its its a little complicated with them, they each have two cards that come with their pre order. Pack, you guys will understand when i get to that part now. Right here is the 88 overall uh patrick holmes. This is ea play, so i might be thinking that they might let you have. This come ea play, but i doubt it. I believe its gon na be launch night so with their pre order. Pack, if you pre, ordered the dynasty edition you choose between these two cards, you can choose between patrick holmes and tom brady. Right here is patrick mahomes. 71 speed, 88, throw power. 88 short accuracy. 84, medium 86, deep 87, throw under pressure, um 89, throw on the run and then 87 play action really good card. I believe this is exactly his um, his core elite cards. I believe you just get a free core elite uh, patrick mahomes, which is definitely not bad. I think its the same thing as last year, or i guess i can technically have to say last year with lamar jackson, you got a free, lamar jackson, quarterly. Basically, with your pre order, and then right here were gon na – have tom brady um 50 speed, so i mean hes just zooming on the field: um 83 throw power; 89 short accuracy, 88, medium, actually, 84, deep, um 80, throw under pressure 75, throw on the run And 89 play accuracy, so if youre more of a pocket, quarterback um and you like to just throw those short little pink and dunk routes or even those medium like corners, that arent too far out tom brady is definitely going to be your guy.

And these do go into power ups. I dont believe these are the cards powered up because they will be 89 and 88 respectively when they are powered up, but the overall best bang for your buck. For these two cards anyways, i think its going to be patrick. The homes um – definitely i mean theyre, both slow, but at least patrick moons has like he has 21 speed more than tom brady and his throwing uh stats are really not that much worse um. He has better d pack. You see, i believe he has the same short accuracy and he just has five lower um medium. No, he has four lower medium and one lower short, so i mean tom brady might be more accurate, but patrick mahomes is going to be able to just slang that rock hes got way better. Throw power and hes got better speed, but, like i said those cards are going to be contained in this little legends, fantasy pack. Well, actually this is what youre going to see once you. Well, i mean youll pick your card out of here which, which one you want patrick mums or tom brady, and then you will be seeing these legends now. This is whats gon na happen. If you pick the tom brady legends fantasy pack, you are going to get these two cards like, as you can see up here, wes welker, rodney, harrison, not bad names at all. Wes welker does make a return to mutt uh, which is surprising but uh wes welker.

Obviously, receiver hes going to come in with 86 speed, 85 catch 84 catching traffic. You see the route running right there, good short, no further out. He gets its not going to be as great um, but 86 speed is definitely not bad, but you also got to keep in mind if you are playing next gen. I think they said size is going to matter when it comes to receivers and their arm length. When reaching out and catching the ball or being able to aggressively catch people, so hes not going to be able to do nothing crazy, but he will be a really good speedy slot, uh receiver um with good brakes. I would assume – and then right here is going to be this uh strong safety, rodney harrison im believing its a strong safety hes, never been a free safety in men, but hes got 84 speed, 84 xl, um 85 tackle 85 zone and a 73 man, not good Man whatsoever, but he is coming in with 85 zones so zone if thats gon na be the meta this year. I would definitely say that ronnie harrison is not a bad get whatsoever, but the only problem with these two guards right is that these are the cards that come with tom bradys pack, nobodys gon na pick the tom brady pack, one because unless youre a tom brady Fan youre not gon na pick it two, the other two cards, the two cards that go with patreon homes.

This set are just ridiculous, so heres the cards that come with the patrick mahomes legends fantasy pack, when you pick them two of the biggest names in mutt. Like ever and theyre, going to be coming in at the launch of the game, are brandy, moss and dion sanders. I think its just ridiculous. This dude over here said come the f on im, trying to build a theme team, but these two cars are going to be insane. So keep these in mind when youre building your team, that you will be getting these if you um pre order the game, but right here, randy moss, hes going to be coming in with 87 speed, 88 jumping um 83 catch. The route running is not the greatest at short, but once its deep hes got 84 route running, which is definitely definitely definitely good, but that 87 speed is going to kill you throw them out there with. If you did rookie premieres, maybe gym or chase, then you throw them out. The retiree kill its just gon na be a problem for the defender on him and then hes. Also, like six four, i think six, four six five, so just a ridiculous card right there and then also one of the most ridiculous cards that ever comes out. Madden dion sanders. Prime time 88 speed, 88 xl, 88 agility, 86 jump 84 play rack, 84 band 83 zone and a 71 press. So obviously you can tell by as low as that do not press people with him um.

But if you play him baselined or backed off hes, never going to get murdered hes coming in with 88 speed at the launch of the game, i mean the only person fastening him, i think, is jamar chase, but you also got to think i mean jamar chase. Isnt gon na be just running streaks on dion sanders, especially since youre not gon na be pressing him, so these two cards are undoubtedly better than the other two cards, so i would have to say that i think this is one of the easiest um, not necessarily Videos to make, but its one of the easiest decisions to make, at least in my opinion, unless youre, just the biggest tom brady and wes welker and rodney harrison fan, do not pick tom brady when it comes to the selections, fantasy pack pit patrick mahomes youre, going To be getting one of the best quarterbacks on the game at launch, youre going to be getting one of the best receivers in the game of launch and youre, going to be getting one of the best corners in the game at launch. So youre getting three of the best cards come launch night and its just ridiculous to me that thats even possible that madden would even do this so definitely definitely definitely go with the paging my homes pack, let me know if you guys think something different. Let me know down in the comment section below um, but thats: all ive got for you guys when it comes to this dynasty edition pre order and who you should choose with um your pick in the fantasy pack.

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