If you guys are new here and leave a comment, letting me know you subscribe, so i can welcome you to the family and that being said, cute intro, Music, Music, whats, going on youtube and welcome back to another madden 22 video for you guys here today. So what im gon na be doing is basically explaining how to get ea access um for the free 10 hours of madden that you guys can play its really is worth it um in my personal opinion, because it is only five dollars. Obviously, you know if you dont, really care, maybe about mutt too much. I probably wouldnt do it, but if youre definitely someone that wants to play mine and get off to a good start, then i advise it and especially if you havent pre ordered the game. Yet its 100 worth it because by the time you pre order, the game youll end up saving that basically the same amount of money anyway, so its almost free. So what youre gon na do is go to the playstation store. Now, when you go to the playstation store – and you know i dont have xbox dont – have pc right, so obviously just kind of switch that over ive never played xbox. I honestly could not tell you how their store works, but i would assume um its kind of the same outlook in a sense right, but what youre gon na do for the playstation store, and this will look different on ps4 compared to ps5, but it still works.

The same way you want to go over to the subscriptions tab. So when you go over to the subscriptions tab, if you scroll down, you will see that ea play is here and it says: join ea play to get a discount on this game and many more so basically what you can go ahead and do is when you View more itll have all of the games which to be honest as well, if youre, someone that maybe likes different games and youre going to get it for 10 hours, maybe try out some of these different games as well. I mean youre going to get a ton of options. You can also use this to play madden 19 right, which is unavailable unfortunately right now, but you can use it to play old maddens as well old games. That are just very, very good right and it might only be unavailable to be honest because i dont um have ea play, but basically you know its going to be really good um. You want to go ahead and do it and then youre going to sort by newest. Its not imagine 22 is not in here yet, because, obviously you want to do really really state new right here, but obviously its not here yet because of the fact that its not out um, like i said its only going to be 10 hours of the access. So its not going to be, you know too much and then, when you learn more itll tell you you want to do one month, so its one month is 4.

99. Every month you dont really need to do 12 months. Obviously, some people do it for different reasons, but for madden specifically, you dont really need to. I guess if you are going to buy packs, i believe you get a discount on packs, so i dont know if thats worth it, but you could be. But if you do get ea play, you do get 10 off of buying um ea games right, so it says: ea play early access trial, so right now, ufc 4 has that and the madden 22 will have that as well. But with the a play you also get 10 off of your purchases of your game. So if you havent pre, ordered madden yet and youre going to end up paying 60 for it anyways. If you pay five dollars for the first month, not only do you get that 10 uh 10 hours of access, starting on the 12th, which is in a couple of days now, but you also will go ahead and get six dollars off of the game, so it Basically comes out free and if youre someone that buys higher level editions right that are like 70 or 100 dollars, 10 off right is going to actually save you more money in the long run and you get the extra 10 hours so its pretty much worth it. I advise everyone to do it now, another way that you can go ahead and do this at um personally, im probably going to do it.

This way, just seems to be easier for me, is when you go to, i believe its users and accounts so go to your settings, go to users and accounts. Like i said, i dont know if this is going to be 100 accurate on xbox, but itll probably be somewhat the same thing where you have like a subscriptions page and you can go to payment and subscription. So when you go to payment and subscriptions, you will see right here go down to your subscription, so i have playstation plus and ea play now with playstation plus. You will see that it is on an auto renewal, so it tells you your renewal date um. So obviously, when that date comes itll instantly, give me another 12 month, playstation plus subscription, so now for ea play. It does not have that, but i cant click the subscribe button. If i want so you can see last year i did start 810. It expired. Nine! Nine, because i did it obviously for the first month of madden and the status expired. So i can click subscribe right here, but you just want to make sure that is not on an auto renewal. So you know this is a great place to check for that. Anyways, so i want to make sure once i buy it, which im going to wait. Obviously until ea access opens up, but if it says next renewal date, one three youre going to want to turn off your auto renewal, um on your ea play.

So that way you dont get charged every single month because a lot of times auto renewal will be on and it will just instantly charge. You um, you know basically unlimited, so you definitely want to turn that off um. You know, obviously not my playstation, plus on your ea play once i subscribe as long im gon na make sure its not auto renewed um. If it says it is, and it says its gon na auto renew on you know, august or september 12th. Whatever the case is 30 days, then i will just turn it off that way. It will run out after the one month because, like i said, i only use it to get the extra 10 hours in the early access. So if this does help you out, let me know like i said. Unfortunately, i dont have an xbox ive, never played xbox, so i couldnt tell you how their store looks, but i would assume its somewhat the same um as well as having a subscription tab. I think this is honestly the easiest place to click it, because you just click subscribe um. The title is ea play one month, so im not worried about it. Charging me for like a 12 month, because obviously one month was the last one.