The changes things theyre working on things are trying to make better. So today, ea put out an entire new blog post detailing all the changes they made from the beta or play test period of the game. That was a couple months back now were going to break all this down as usual. But if you are new to the channel and you dont want to miss out, especially on the early gameplay, that i should have for you guys early next week, you dont want to miss out on that make sure to subscribe. Turn the bell icon on, so that you get the notification as soon as those videos go live. So the first thing that ea touched on in their new post is the catching now weve talked about this briefly on the channel, but they went a little bit more in depth, so a bunch of complaints that they were having for years and even somewhat during the Play test, even after tweaking this already were that the receivers and defensive backs needed to be more aggressive in attacking the ball and that the catch mechanics arent always responsive. Now, as most of you know, weve talked about this on the channel before ever since they went to the two man animations more heavily, especially when it comes to catching like wide receiver and db interactions. We felt like weve, lost a lot of control over attacking the ball out of getting in position and going up and making the catch well.

They did some tweaking even further after the play test, and this is what they said. There was a lot of work done on catching that didnt make either of the play test build. So we were anticipating some issues with catching and players definitely noticed them. There may not be a more important system in gameplay than catching, and in that vein, players will experience a lot of improvements to jump height logic that gives players more appropriate catch, radiuses and theres also more logic that increases catch aggressiveness for both offense and defense. At the catch point, one really important additional change we want players to be aware of is that holding the y or triangle button to play. The ball on defense and madden 22 will carry more risk because there are less multiplayer catches being used. Defenders playing the ball have more chances to miss the ball, whereas the range for swats has been increased, making the swat mechanic, the more conservative but safer play on defense compared to always going for the pick. Now to me what this sounds like as theyre bringing it a little bit back to more of the old school style of madden. They already said that they were trying to limit the two man multi user catch interactions. This year they removed a lot of them and one of the big areas that they removed. Some of them were in the aggressive catch. The one on one jump, ball catches. Now they still do have multi user catches.

They do still have two man animations, especially as it pertains to things like when your x factor is active and stuff like that. There still needs to be some two man catch animations, but theyve significantly reduced these two. Now, when the ball is in the air, the defender and the wide receiver kind of have equal rights to the ball, whereas for a while now, both players, the guy on offense and the guy on defense, would just hold down the catch button and it would just Kind of morph you, together into a two man animation and neither person, really had control over the outcome and in fact, a lot of times. The defensive back would wind up winning this outcome, even if he was not in better position and even if he was a lot smaller than the wide receiver. While there still could be those two man multi catch animations playing out at times more times than not. Now, both users will be able to click on and whoevers in, better position should have rights to the ball, which a lot of times is going to be the wide receiver. However, this is where the swat mechanic comes into play because old, school madden thats. What players did a lot of times when people would try to throw up a one on one ball, because the receiver more times than not would have favorable position and be able to kind of box out the defender, especially if it was a tall receiver? What you had to do on defense was click on, and you had to play conservative and just get your hand on the ball.

As long as you could get your hand on the ball to disrupt the catch, you would usually win that down, whereas these past few years, both players could just hold down y, and you knew that you had a 50 50 chance of just going up and getting An interception now lets talk about player movement, the most polarizing thing about madden 22 and the same could be said for madden 21, when it moved to next gen theres been pretty much two different trains of thought here: either theres people that think the player movement is Too slow and then theres another half of people that say player movement is authentic. Dont touch it at all. It says here with a lot of players experiencing the current console generation for the first time, which is the xbox series x and the playstation 5. The feedback towards next gen player movement was very polarizing for the second year in a row after many years on xbox one and playstation 4. We know how big that adjustment is for players, but we are confident that a more realistic movement system that is using data straight from the nfl is whats best for our players and the future of madden nfl. We will continue the quest to make this game as real as being on field. The feedback on the topic was almost evenly split between like and dislike. That being said, we will continue iterating on next gen player movement and some of the specific issues players called out have been tuned and improved.

One frequent example mentioned from the play test was a desire for bigger heavier players to show more differentiation and speed than the smaller faster players. Weve done some tuning to widen that gap between the fastest players in the league and everybody else. However, two important pieces of the movement equation that we want to mention is that acceleration and change of direction are just as important as speed the acceleration rating controls. How long it takes a player to reach top speed and change of direction controls how long it takes a player to turn while the speed rating controls, how fast a player is when hes running at top speed? So if you played madden 21 next gen, you already knew how different the movement was and a lot of people didnt like it. But there were a lot of people that also did like it, because they felt it was a little bit more realistic than the more kind of straightforward, robotic movement of the older gin. Well now, with madden 22, a lot of people are experiencing this. For the first time, i still am not a huge fan of it im just more used to the old system. Is it a little bit more realistic in areas for sure, because you cant stop on a dime and change direction as quickly which makes sense? You have to really be mindful of how youre turning up field you cant hold down the acceleration button or the speed boost button when youre trying to turn, because you will not be able to turn as fast, because youre trying to run it top speed and turn Which you know you cant really do you kind of have to slow down a little bit if you want to make a more exact turn up field or kind of make a more sudden stop.

So it is a huge adjustment. It feels very different. It does feel for me that it just takes a long time to get up to top speed. It feels like the acceleration stage, is just so much more drawn out and sluggish, however, where they talk about the differentiation between the top speed players and everybody else. That is one area where i do notice a difference in guys like tyree kill, for example, or henry ruggs. They do feel noticeably different than everybody else. They feel like they are that much faster than everybody else, which they should so its gon na take time to get used to, but this is clearly where theyre going so i mean we can complain about it. I dont like it but at the same time time to adapt. I suppose another big thing they may mention here of is the momentum system or the momentum formula for competitive modes, which means online head to head for regular, ranked or ultimate team. It says here we will not launch with this unique formula for online ranked head to head or ultimate team head to head. We have a formula specific for competitive games, thats currently being tested, and we also want player feedback from the base formula after launch. So we can make further adjustments to get it completely dialed in when we deliver it in a title update. So i think what this means its kind of worded weird, but i think what this might mean is that for online head to head modes, which are set to competitive play style, the momentum system will still be there, but its not going to be the specified online Competitive mode formula that theyre still working on so basically with momentum, how it works in the regular game, is you get momentum? For you know, successful plays gaining yards scoring touchdowns getting interceptions whatever the case.

I know that they mention, as it pertains to online modes that are set to competitive style. They wanted the momentum to be more based on user play rather than just getting yards or getting touchdowns. Now you would still get momentum for yards and touchdowns, but you would get much more momentum for something like a user hit, stick or a user pick or a user catch, because they want to make it more about the user input. So what it sounds like to me is that when the game does launch, the momentum system might just be the same across the board, but theyre still actively testing the best way to do the competitive style momentum formula for online and thats going to be implemented in An update where the formula will change, but its just, i guess, not ready yet its not where they want it to be, so they want to do more testing with it another bit of feedback that they got. A lot was that the pass rush was too powerful. Specifically the edge rush, it says here we have made an effort to make the pass rush heavier across all modes, to get more realistic time in pocket and have the pass rush play a bigger part of balancing the game. We did this by unlocking non engaged moves for ai controlled, pass rushers on the edge. These non engaged moves are the speed rushes introduced in madden 21 for user controlled pass rushers.

However, we did add some additional levels of tuning to edge rush specifically so that the ratings match up versus the blocker versus defender is more heavily differentiated than in the play test. To increase the win chance for really good pass blockers and decrease the win chance for lower rated pass rushers. Now this is something i definitely noticed and even talked about. When i did my review of the play test, where i said you know, the pass rush really was pretty heavy and it sounds exactly like what they did in madden 20. They said the same thing where they wanted to make the passwords heavier to get more realistic time and pocket. But to me much like the beginning of madden 20, the pass rush was just a little too crazy and it didnt feel, like you got realistic time in pocket a lot it felt like you got. You know one second flat or like a second and a half on way too many occasions where i think theyre trying to aim for more of that, like two and a half to three seconds. Sometimes it still happens way too fast. Now i will say that coverage. Definitely seemed very iffy, especially zone coverage, so in the name of balancing something has to be good on defense, we know that they nerfed the user, especially with the player movement, its a lot harder to move all over the field with the user. If the coverages arent going to be crazy, something has to be good on defense.

So if its pass rush, then so be it. But there has to be something thats good, and i think this year, its going to be another like pass rush heavy year kind of like madden 20, was where the defensive line can really get after the qb. Another bit of feedback they got was that there was too much pass rush pressure when only rushing two or three on the competitive game style, which is something that we saw heavily in madden 21 and online play people would rush two or three guys drop everybody else. Back and you would still get pretty good pressure, it says here to further balance the increased pass rush of madden 22 weve added some logic specific to the competitive game style, so itll be very difficult to get consistent pressure when rushing three or less especially versus double Teams now that is a good fix, because of passwords being good is one thing, but if youre rushing four that means theres still some type of holes in the defense, when youre only able to rush two and three that makes it significantly more difficult. However, i definitely have to see this to believe it, because i know in the beta and just for years now: double teams are the worst blocks in madden players, split double teams quicker than they split one on one block, so in the beta they were just as Bad as ever theyre saying that they, you know, did some tuning and fixed it, but i really have to see that one to believe it, because its just been such a consistent issue for years now, heres another one, thats really big.

It says here for launch. We are distributing the gunslinger ability to more quarterbacks. We will continue investigating ways to improve qb releases for further title updates, while still ensuring that qbs are properly differentiated and that all qbs cannot make every throw that elite. Qbs can now thats great because for years now, since these were introduced, aaron rodgers was the only player with the gunslinger ability and especially since theyve started to slow down the actual releases of quarterbacks. You find a lot of people when they play with regular teams using the packers, because aaron rodgers feels like the only guy that can make quick throws, whereas theres a lot of other qbs like a josh allen or just you know, a number of guys that have A quick release and they can get that ball out and they can gunsling it. So i like hearing that theyre distributing this to more players well have to see how many players are actually going to get it though they also did. Some work with qb contains for the 10th year in a row, contains just dont ever work properly. It says here contain animations, now go deeper into the backfield, more conservative pursuit angles to keep contained after disengaging away from the blocks. The contains are just never never right, madden. I dont know why, in the beta they they were pretty bad. You could get outside of the pocket with qbs very easily, so it sounds like what theyre just doing here is theyre, going to make them super conservative and make sure that they play that edge very hard and not let the cubies out of the pocket.

But again its another one of those have to see it to believe it, because one way or another contains just never seem to work properly in the game, so well see heres another huge one. They made improvements for defenses versus tight end delay, fades logic to improve qb, contain logic versus the delay blockers. They did tuning to improve passwords logic to properly disengage away from a delay. Blocker, they added logic to improve qb, contain logic versus delayed blockers in double teams, and they did tuning the man coverage to stick in coverage on the tight end in a delay for longer. This has been a huge thing since it was added to the game, especially last year, people put a tight end on a delay fade and they can release the fade when they want to, and nothing will defend it zones will drop too far back because its naturally Delayed so the the guys in zone kind of backpedal just enough away that you can dump it down to the tight end underneath. But the problem is even when you manned him up a lot of times that man defender would go into another assignment or he would blitz because a lot of times in real life, if youre manned up on somebody and theyre blocking. You will now turn into a blitzer or you kind of like you look for work elsewhere, but people were kind of using this as an exploit, because whenever they would man up the tight end, they would just wait for that defender to blitz or go into another Assignment then they would release the tight end and hed be wide open, so that was actually one of the areas of the game that needed the most improvement and it looks like they finally addressed it.

Now lets talk about playbooks. It says a variety of updates to all 32 team playbooks has been completed for the launch of madden 22.. Most of these updates were not in the beta, but players will notice new plays and formations for every team. New nfl live playbook content is already in progress for delivery via title updates, in an effort to keep playbooks fresh and exciting for our players. All season long well go into more depth to discuss. Playbook updates and uh upcoming gridiron notes devoted to nothing but playbooks. So stay tuned, i definitely did see playbook updates in the beta. I dont know if they were all of the updates, but i definitely saw new plays and formations, but this is something they dropped the ball with last year they said they were going to update playbooks a lot last year. They didnt do it at all. So we got a lot of new stuff to start the game, which is nice, but it says that theyre going to try to update them throughout the years um. You know thats another thing i have to see to believe because they didnt do it last year. Lastly, we have some franchise mode feedback. It says franchise receives more ideas and suggestions than any other mode, and we greatly appreciate the communitys, consistent passion, engagement and feedback. Here are some things that they did below. It says they did some fatigue tuning. It said that players noticed that their starters would quickly become too fatigued to play, particularly when practicing in full pads and would not return to games to replace backups, even when having ample time to recover.

It says here that we made improvements during the second week of the play test and have continued to tweak the fatigue system since then its important to us to create meaningful decisions around weekly strategy that feel authentic and fair and well be soliciting more feedback from the Community, following the release to ensure that fatigue plays a balanced role on a weekly and season long scale. Free agency players noticed that stars and top players were not receiving free agent interest or signing contracts causing high overall players to be available for veteran minimum contracts. It says that weve taken multiple approaches to address this quality of the off season. Free agency and team building, starting with the amount of money teams, have to create more opportunity for players. Weve increased the amount of available cap space in the first two seasons, as well as the base amount of the cap from the start. These changes, along with logic, updates, team spending, logic and player valuation will cause teams to engage with top players throughout the three off season bidding weeks draft classes. It says here that draft classes received mentioned in different capacities around balance and uniqueness, with the overhauled scouting system. Also likely to put a fresh emphasis on this topic. The way teams, draft the ratings of rookie prospects and positional values are all nuanced discussion areas. The design team is constantly evaluating in the context of our systems. To this end, we are working on logic, changes to allow cpu teams to make draft selections more appropriately simulation stats.

Grambling quarterbacks were not rushing for enough yards when simulating. We have tuned our simulation stats so that quarterbacks will have significantly more rushing yards along with other miscellaneous improvements in this area. The nfl remains unpredictable and evolves over time. So variation will always be a part of the system, but league leaders are now more likely to be composed of players. Teams that are among the best in their respective areas well again well have to see this to believe it, because this is another area that theyve just not gotten right for a while scrambling qbs, just dont seem to rush for a lot of yards when you simulate Through franchise so thats it i mean a lot of gameplay changes. Some tweaks there to franchise overall, some good things. It sounds like, but again we have to kind of see. Does it hold true when we play the game because a lot of times they say they fix things, they tune this and it still feels the same to us so thats it for today remember subscribe. Turn the bell icon on.