I we got Music, she ripped oh its, a beast yeah! Oh my god, you got ta, put your helmet up, yeah ill, take it for a ride: Music yeah! It is a weird clutch. Gears are short lets see what shes got. Oh yeah a good hole, lots of torque lots and lots of torque blade come up on blade willy. She does pull she rips Music yeah. She rips got a lot of good torque too. I saw a blade and he was trying to get ahead of me and hes like in the middle of the roads. I pass him on the right and i look at him and i go runs good right yeah. It runs really good. You feel the chain down chains, yeah and you can feel it through the handlebars. When you get fast and rpms are up, you feel the whole handlebar is like yeah see brembo thats an oversized caliper thats, not what comes with it oversized. Rotor thats. What came with the stock, but its all oversized inverted forks. They have a heck. Is this just a pad yeah its just a pad because its pro tapered bars huh thats, pretty wild, but they have a dirt version of this, its the fe 570 normal, not the sm. But this came sm. It wasnt trans somebody didnt! Do the transformation thats whats! Nice about it, wasnt homemade or something yeah thats, pretty wild yeah. That motors pretty wild too so ktm bought these guys huh thats.

What supposedly thats what it says: online yeah yeah smile, smile, Music, oh clean meeting up with the mobile i meet up with a guy with another rom clone hes got some 50 50 tires. He wants to get some trails so trying to think of a new place to go or a place. I havent been in a long time. Everybodys growing a blank river is finally going down all that rain. Shes a grommeter slow down. We should get a drink, theres. Really no room until they put the lock in there. I guess i could move it the other way. Yeah. I got room for a drink jeebus thanks geez. This thing is almost five dollars. Thats. What i said: oh you ass. I lowered the pressure point a bit on about 10 pounds. Its got the its got the car. I got everything that ive seen on your side: every uh, the bigger cars, the exhaust uh, the the uh i havent played with yet in years, uh 105. Now, one away before with the exhaust that was just run away, one time right, yeah back yeah too much back pressure, but theyre. So quiet like that uh felipe got the x pro put all the cheesy mods on it. He likes to quiet too im curious to see what that will do compared to the stock. Well, what that will do compared to the groms in general, somebody blew out a tire shredded, so x7x pro oh yeah, tail lights, different too so um.

Oh, i got my foot in the mud. Ah maybe we can find it on. The way out might be able to find it on a way out if it didnt break. If it just popped out, oh it broke, it happens, thats right so so so. Oh 12, oclock thats, the one dont matter Music. Well, we went through with these when this is a 125. Music, all right so Music, another big, what she old, yeah ive, been down in rhodes, Music. What i wanted to do with the old tire, the headlights are just getting stuck same thing with this thats, how i put these little tiny ones if its going to fit or not. I was like ill put them here to see, see how bright they are and theyre. Okay, how much were they oh thats, cheap? These things are expensive. I forget what they were theyre like 40 or something but theyre pretty bright they. How bright? Are they? Oh yeah? Oh yeah, its not a spot like this is a spot, thats, more of a say, yeah its more its just good enough for me to write a night i like to write on it. I thought you guys were friends forever and then i saw the video when you gave them the uh. They gave me a car or i got a couple people i bought in polling. Yours was what month ago, yeah um. I was waiting for something, and i said this guy helped me so much on the internet to do all this for the jets or or the air filter.

One of those – and i said – and i said what do i put: oh okay – send them the money yeah, something for my key before i lose it. Yeah man, good meeting you thank you guys, pleasure man real pleasure. Now you got to order some mirrors good ride. Take it easy good ride, good job wadi, you got ta drink. My five dollar orange juice, five dollars i cant. Let that go their ways. Hey dont, forget to like comment and subscribe wed love to hear what you have to say hit that bell. If you want new notifications on new videos, links for products to used are in the description and on motocheese.