We have an excellent program in store for you this evening, a lot of great newer channels that i want to make sure that we can recommend to you because thats thats part of my job here give you guys some good new stuff to think about. But we also have to talk about whistle and diesel because over the last 24 hours of the chaos that has consumed him and his channel in a future, video we think is coming has been nothing short of insanity. Yes, guys you saw the title correctly. Hawaii is furious at whistle, and diesel were gon na dive into everything that has happened. This might be his most contentious video yet, but if i could ask you guys a really quick favor if youre, watching this video and youre not subscribed already, and you think ive earned it by grinding out quality content over time, make sure to hit that sub button. Make sure to hit the like button too? It helps megan and i out tremendously – and we very much appreciate it and with that beard. Nation. Welcome to the show, all right guys were gon na dive right into our main headline story, because there is an absolute ton of things that have happened just over a one day period. So this all started with someone tagging me in a recent post from whistle and diesel and its this one right here, its a two parter with someone sending him a direct message, saying i can promise you wont, be taking that truck to hawaii and driving in lava Those mountains are sacred to us, so dont even try it.

I love your channel and what you do. But if you take your truck, you will not be welcome with open arms. I just saw your last video about your camera guy dont make me change my opinion on you whistle and diesel responded immediately, saying: im a hundred percent taking it there to drive in lava and youre gon na, like it, he put up a secondary picture, afterward someones, Saying youre not gon na take your truck to hawaii. I bet you my life him just saying. Yes, i am with the caption below saying angry hawaiians strike again. Unfortunately, i had no choice but to book the freight to hawaii. He went on to share another instagram photo, showing sort of a meme like activity, saying what people think hawaii is like what its actually like saying: try come to hawaii and drive into the volcano. I know exactly where you will be and will have no problem, throwing you in with the truck the caption below saying americas top 10 most sensitive states hawaii. Now you can imagine that after these first uh mega instagram posts went live it caused. I would imagine a number of other hawaiians to get extraordinarily angry with the prospect of him driving the truck out on lava. So he put up another picture, guys uh, someone saying pull up to hawaii, so i can bury you. Uh learn your history. First, keep it up and when your truck gets here, youll be history too aloha saying driving that pos on sacred sites.

I also cant promise you that youll make your flight back home, try and search up. How many outsider white folks died in hawaii in a year. Believe me: theyre, not all accidents keep it up and you may just end up on that list. Aloha uh, whistle and diesel put in the caption below saying thats my good old, friendly, hawaiians and heres. The last picture he put up just two hours ago, showing him standing on the very fabled truck looking up at a volcano, obviously its a render, but the caption below says it all im coming for you hawaii and theres, nothing. You can do about it. Okay, so now you guys have all the information about sort of whats going down. It really sounds at this point: ive, never known him to sort of make up something that he wasnt, going to at least try to do. I i would imagine, were going to see monster max out in hawaii, presumably driving on lava in some way shape or form uh. This is going to be really contentious for a number of reasons, as you saw in some of the messages. A lot of hawaiians definitely consider these sites to be sacred, so i really dont know how well received hes going to be when he goes out there uh. But i would imagine if i had to guess thats part of the charm of what this is and charm. Might be the wrong word here, but essentially what hes trying to do is gin up so much craziness that its probably gon na get national news attention uh, taking that incredibly massive truck out to hawaii uh that recently had active volcanoes and still does uh.

This is gon na, be a pretty crazy thing. Imagine sort of what it was sort of driving a monster max in the ocean and now were gon na see it on lava. I would imagine this is the sort of video that could probably get 20 million views plus, if i had to guess, but obviously guys, unlike the ocean, where there were a couple coast guard folks that would seem to be a little bit perturbed were talking about a Much larger group of people uh that might not be too happy about this uh. Obviously i dont know if the threats of violence are really a good thing, even considering sort of the severity of whats being planned uh. But let me know what you guys think about this in the comments below uh no doubt will make massive news. Whenever it supposedly happens, i im just gon na be sort of watching and well be commenting on it whenever it does. But this is a pretty crazy thing and i wanted to make sure i brought it to you guys first next up guys moving right along if there was any way to transition from that. I really dont know a good way, but im gon na dive into something thats super beneficial for all of you watching and thats a video recently done by four four wheel trader its called. Why youll regret buying a car right now? No doubt guys, uh, four wheel trader has the best appreciation analysis of any channel on youtube.

I cannot think of anyone that does it better the graphs, the charts, everything that he does is phenomenal and his expertise on the used car market in particular is fantastic. Make sure to go check it out guys uh. It definitely persuaded me to wait on buying a new car for some period of time, great channel make sure to sub next up guys, a fantastic video from protective film solutions on a daily driven, exotics car. The video is entitled the brutal mclaren 720 gtr. What went into this build uh, youre gon na, want to check this out guys pfs does a phenomenal job sort of doing what they do and doing it on youtube, and they do it at such an incredibly high level. I have no doubt the channel is gon na blow up here over the next year, make sure to sub now. So you can say you were one of the first got ta make sure i mentioned ammo nyc, guys uh, just one of the coolest channels. In terms of watching something and just finding gratification and just witnessing whats occurring uh, the video is called first wash in 10 years, its on an extraordinarily rare porsche. These are the kind of videos that made me fall in love with the ammo nyc channel, and i think you just watch one video from them and youre going to see why im talking about them in the way that i am incredible detailing channel.

Just some of the coolest stuff ever did a big hyper car, uh sort of wash and detailing a couple weeks ago. This is the kind of stuff you can expect from them on a weekly basis. Go check it out. Next up guys want to mention tedward uh. So tedward is sort of i dont want to say a brand new channel, at least from our perspective, were starting to recommend it to you guys its a pov driving channel and their latest video 1999 rolls royce. Sulfur spur the end of the british era is just a fantastic illustration of whats good about this channel. The first video that i ever saw from him was the lexus lfa pov, and it was magical and ive been watching a lot of his videos since, and i think you guys will really like what hes throwing down in this video as well skimming through the rest Of the news guys, we got vin wiki latest video uh. What do hyper car owners ask for at a five star hotel uh, you know super car ownership and hyper car ownership are incredibly different. Uh. If you want to see what that really means watch this video. Some of the requests are just absolute bonkers. Uh. You watch the first couple seconds of the video youre gon na know exactly what im talking about excellent video from vinwicki dont, miss it and our last two for the day, guys, one from shmee collecting my sls.

First time my black series trio are together uh. We talk about number one lamborghini ambassadors on the internet, whether its a strad man or daily driven exotics. I think the black series uh best ambassador now is definitely shmee. Go check it out fantastic video from him. Then we have hoovys garage guys everything wrong with my cheap, broken hummer h1 wizard was thrilled. Uh huffys garage always has great videos and ive been a fan of his for years and folks thats all ive got for you guys tonight uh thanks so much for watching.