Yes, a spoiler! So when youre driving down the highway and the wind is now pushed down by the spoiler and return, giving the spoiler a little boost so adds pretty much like five horsepower to your honda and thats. How you make your honda faster? If you guys liked the video give it a thumbs up and ill see you in the next one peace out, all right, just kidding were actually going to talk about this thing right here. This little bad boy stay tuned, Music, so youre – probably watching this video right now, because you want to make your honda faster, maybe youre, driving around your honda and realize when you put the pedal to the metal you dont go anywhere or maybe youre tired of having Your friends call your car, slow or maybe youre. Like me, you realize that having a fast car might be more fun, which is funny because in my first video i talked about no modifications to make your car faster, because ive gotten type r. But here i am eating my words. All the mods i did with this car are only visual. If i want to do speed mods, i would have just gotten a type r and ever since i got my honda, ive been more interested and invested in honda and honda videos, videos on youtube videos on tiktok, which is where i got my urge to make my Car faster now, what if i told you that all you need is this little device? This one specifically is called a k tuner, so this little device basically hacks into your cars computer and changes everything about the cars computer to make your car go faster, and this is not the only um jailbreaking device you can buy.

I believe theres one thats called honda now, if you want one of these devices, its gon na cost, you a pretty penny ready, drumroll, please this cost me 650. and you can only use one device to one car. So over the years, car manufacturers theyve been modifying a car, so your car is more eco friendly and gets better gas mileage, thus making the car slower. This device will connect to your cars computer and essentially reverse all that. Basically, the car computer controls every part of your engine. How much air can take how much fuel is put into the engine? How fast the engine goes? I dont know all the car terms, but basically it controls everything about your engine and this will unlock the full potential of your car youll. Basically, rewire the brain of your computer and your car will probably get from 5 to 20 more horsepower and, in some cases like up to 40 horsepower my attention. Civic gets around 184 horsepower stock and, with this tune, i get up to up 220 horsepower just by unlocking my cars computer. Think of the k tuner as like jailbreaking your iphone or think of it, like the movie limitless where a guy, the general theme of the movie is like humans only use like 30 of their brain, but with like a pill, they can use 100 of the brain. All the time and this guy he goes run, he runs around town, like figuring, like puzzles and hes, like a super genius now when he takes the pill thats, what basically tuning your car is now when you get a k tuner on the website, it comes with Pre stock, like tunes, which you can use for free, but in this video im going to use something called the furible tune, which is like um, apparently like the best tune, you can get the only problem.

Is it costs 120 dollars? So if you have extra money lying around laying around you should get it, but i wouldnt recommend it because so when you get the tune, you tell what kind of um aftermarket parts you have so the tune can work with the aftermarket part. But if you get, if you buy the tune, and then you want to install an aftermarket part after youre gon na have to get a new tune which costs extra money. In my case, i want to get an intake for my car now. If i want my car to get tuned for that part to make it better, i would have to purchase another tune from them and it costs another. It costs an extra 70 bucks. So so i would stay with the pre stock k, tuners tunes on their website, but yeah were going to try out the furible tune, like i said, 220 horsepower and 268 pounds of torque all right everyone, so i prepared for today. As you can see, i have low fuel barely anything in there and were about to go fill it up with 93 octane or premium gas. Usually i fill up 87, but since the tune calls for 93 were gon na fill up 93., so were almost at the gas station. Okay, so new jersey, someone actually fills up our gas for us. Um, i think were like the last state to do that. Whats up man, uh 93, regular, all right, 90d, uh, full filled up yeah, so hes felt saying um regular, but its not regular.

This is premium but guys its going up. 40. 45. 50. 55. that little bar right there. You can see the regular gas right there at 309, 317 and supreme is about 70 cents more so to fill up my tank, its usually around 30 dollars with uh, 10 gallons, but um the premium gas see that forty dollars all right. Nice now lets go back home and get the tune, ready and install the tune. All right guys. I dont know if its like a, but i do definitely feel a difference when just putting in the 93 octane gas. It feels a lot more. I dont know its like more power or something all right. Everyone heres everything we need. We got the k10 there, the wire that connects the k tuner to the computer. Then we have the wire that connects to the key tuner into the obd port down there. So lets get started the first time you open uh the k, tuner app its going to ask you this. This uh k, tuner unit, has not been locked to the acu. All right right now were gon na lock our ecu to this uh k tuner. Oh, my god, we need internet all right, be right back. I got ta park in my driveway. All right lets. Try this again were gon na lock the k tuner to our ecu. It says a recovery in factory tune would have to be set up so well put yes and then preparing it, yep, so im pretty much following the instructions on the fear platoon when they, when you purchased uh the tune, they gave you a list of instructions in Your email now were gon na upload our tune.

If i could just find it downloads folder should be right here and lets. See then says click the up arrow. Oh this one right here right well, do number one and it asks us to pick a spot and now were pairing and the k tuner says uploading the file. I guess this is what how it works. So we put the tune on the k. Tuner press tune one and were gon na flash. It say yes, there we go. This has to be on accessory mode, so double click that and yeah. Here we go here all the lights. It goes on its erasing the racing, something and look all these lights right here. All right lets go, keep flashing and flashing and flashing were at 67 percent. Oh wait: almost there was 69 finalizing and oh there we go now. It says: push engine press the start button key vehicle off all right lets, turn it off ill turn the vehicle back on uh on accessory mode. There we go is now flashed all right. So how do i know? I have the tune. So if you hold the cancel button five times, look at the accelerometer meter thing so its lower than one, and if i let go after five seconds it just bounced to one – and this is stage one of the fear – ball tune and theres three stages to switch. You just press up and down on the the set in res.

So if i press look at my thumb in there up, this is stage two, and this is stage three uh for now were gon na start stage. One you know, take it easy and put it back. Just hold, cancel five four five seconds and there you go all right. Guys lets drive around for 5 10 minutes and see how this tune actually is so lets. Do it its like a first impressions. So if you ever think about so, if you want to get your cartoon – and this might be a reason why lets see all right – we got ta, reverse okay, thats cool, not feeling good. Yet, okay, okay, it does sound a little slightly different. Okay. Okay. Definitely has more power: oh whoa, whoa, okay, definitely theres. Definitely some power to it. Oh yeah! You can definitely feel it guys before it was kind of like a pull like someone was pulling me when i pressed the acceleration like that. Now its definitely more like a like a push almighty push, all right, slow it down were still on, like residential streets lets, try to get on the highway its a lot of fun now and were still at stage one all right. Yo, oh its! Like a new card baby, so i had this car for like a year, so i know how how it feels to drive it and theres. Definitely some some power to it. Now this minivan would go come on.

People got ta get to the highway im. Finally, a type r people. Finally, a tight bar, my car went from a slow car to now a moderately slow car now were like were at the moderate level. All right were on the highway right now lets just oh man. Its packed lets just go. Okay, lets go all right were gon na. Kick it down. The left lane lets go yeah, definitely its definitely nothing crazy. Its nice all right guys were gon na try stage three right now: yeah first impressions, pretty good wow, like i said the best way i could explain is like before it was like, as if uh someone was pulling my car up, the string now its like uh. If the rock was pushing my car, so i can feel the like whoa these guys all right definitely louder turbos, definitely louder. Oh my god, wow thats, a lot of fun guys. My car looks like a race car and now finally, is a race car and for some final thoughts do i recommend you getting a tune for your car. The answer is yes. When i first got my car, i didnt really care about going fast, but i came to a realization that if i have a faster car, itd be more fun using a k. Tuner, all you do is click some buttons and your cars faster. Hopefully, this video helps you guys out if you decide to get a tune or not.