Lg g1 oled just want to start off by saying that this video should be watched in conjunction with my best things about the lg g1 oled video, which ive already made and ill put a link for that. In the description. Because i believe that you should know about both the pros and the cons now traditionally with these videos, i get loads of hatred, personal insults and just general nastiness in the comments section towards me when i say anything negative about atv, but trust me, i am making These videos, for your benefit, because the last thing that you want to do is go out and buy a tv get it home and find out that there is something that you do not like about it. Sadly, there is not many of us youtubers out there who are willing to say negative things about a product that they have been sent. Many will only blow smoke up the backside of an item, but they wont let you know about the negative things. But if you do appreciate what im doing here, please bear a second to just give me a thumbs up and leave me a lovely comment in the comment section and finally, i have set up a new way that you can support the channel ive set up a New buy me a coffee page. So if you appreciate the work that i do on the channel or ive helped you out in the past, then you can show your appreciation by buying me a coffee and ill leave.

A link to that in the description right lets start off then, with the first worst thing about this lg g1 oled, and it is the elephant in the room, and i aint talking about the mother in law, its more of a rhino id say, but anyway, yeah The one thing that is a big negative that i would say with this tv is the advertised brightness. Now this is meant to be lgs brightest, oled to date. But you know what me the misses, and even me, son of sat down weve uh tested this out against our lg c10 oled. You know what we could hardly see any difference at all. If you are thinking that youre going to buy this tv youre going to turn it on and whoa, look at that brightness grab me the sunglasses. Then it aint going to be happening. Unfortunately, i think youll be quite disappointed. Um, if youve got you know a tv side by side and you are literally nitpicking occasionally, and i mean very occasionally – you may see this tv slightly nudge ahead, but 95 of the time when we tested it. The lg c10 was actually brighter than this tv. So why would you want to buy a tv that most of the time is actually dimmer than last years model and only now and again is slightly brighter? This is in our personal testing. We havent had the tvs calibrated, but you know, i think, were just sort of like average consumers at the end of the day, and i think its fair to say that most people would be pretty disappointed.

You know just average punters who walk into a store now were talking about, was buy this off the back of it, its meant to be the brightest lg oled. I think theyd be pretty disappointed if im being totally honest, so that is the first worst thing about this tv right next up on the worst things about this tv is the apps bar now, my god, this is annoying and loads and loads of people have been Complaining about this lg, if you are listening, please sort it out. Youve done the wrong thing. Just put it right so im going to demonstrate this first by simply shutting off the tv now ive turned the tv back on again and you can see we have been presented with this apps list and uh looks okay, very reminiscent of what we had on the Older models so whats the fuss about well, let me get that back up press the home button. Oh, what is that? Oh yeah? Now we have to have a full screen menu like this. Well, we just want the apps list. You know we dont want to be interrupted with all this other stuff on there, lg sort it out. All we want to do is have our tv program running in the background we just want to get the absolutist. You know maybe have a little browse through a bit of window shopping. You know you generally, maybe hover over, say channel 4 and before it would pop up saying uh recommended things and that, but not anymore.

No, you have to have this full screen thing instead, which is really intrusive and trust me loads and loads and loads of people have been complaining about it. So lg do away with all this other rubbish. We want to press the home button and simply go up this bar and still be able to watch what were watching on tv moving on to the next worst thing about this lg g1 oled, and that is to do with the remote control now dont get me Wrong, i love this new design, its definitely better than the old one. In my personal opinion, further shave fit dont roll around and fall off the sofa, but one thing that is a step back is uh this scroll wheel, just here in the middle. If you can see that you can move that backwards and forwards, and it is like your enter button and a few people have complained that its set quite deep in now on the other one. I wish i had the other remote to hand but which i dont so yeah on the other models. It was uh more of a flatter design. This up more. It was just a bigger area to be able to access that. So if you have got quite fat fingers, it could be a little bit fiddly. So not a big problem for everyone, but you know it is just something worth considering and something worth pointing out. Rightio next on the list, then, is that this tv does not come with a stand or any feet now.

This may be a surprise to some, maybe not to others, but this tv being a g1. The g standing for gallery means it does come with a supplied wall mounting bracket, which is great and ive included that in my best things about it, but sadly, if you also want to put it on a stand. Well, it doesnt come with one, but you can buy additional feet for it and i think there are about 100 pounds here in the uk. But you know, if you think, youre going to buy this tv and then put it on a feet or a stand at the box. Then it is not happening and uh its got to be pointed out at people, because i dont want people to be disappointed when they get one of these home. So that is the next worst thing about this tv next worst thing about the lg g1 oled is the very short and fixed power cable. Now again, this is one thing that a lot of people say: oh youre, just nitpicking about, but this again remember is the gallery tv, which means really its meant to be hung on the wall and the power cable isnt very long. I cant remember what it is. Its over one and three quarters, or two meters long and to me that isnt long enough and uh, even you know if you wanted to swap out you cant because they fix it to the back of the tv i mean i cant, really show you, but i Mean im fortunate enough that im not using the no gap wall mount so ive got just a generic one, because we swap tvs all the time and just up there ive got an extension lead plugged in, but obviously, with the no gap wall mount, it sits flush Against the wall, which means youre not going to be able to put an extension, lead up there or anything like youre going to have to chase into the wall and its going to be a right pane.

If youve got a cable that you cannot remove in any way, well, not officially anyway, so uh, again, its got to be pointed out, and a lot of people dont realize that. So, whilst you might be thinking of nitpicking trust me, a lot of people will appreciate that bit of information, so that is the next worst thing about this tv moving along and the next worst thing about this tv is the automatic brightness limiter or a b l. Now, for anyone who doesnt know what this is well, it does what it says on the tin: it limits the brightness. So when you get maybe something full screen that is very bright, what youll see is a big flash of brightness and then it gets sucked back down again and uh. It can be a bit jarring that for some people um, you know obviously, because its almost like a big flash as such and uh. You know its not the most pleasant of experiences, other tvs that obviously can go a lot brighter. Dont have anything like that. You know they will just be able to maintain that brightness, but with uh tvs like this to protect themselves, they will suck that brightness back in. So you get a quick hit of brightness and thats great if its only for a short burst, but if its a longer bright scene itll go bright and then dim straight back down again. So that is the next worst thing about this tv.

Now this next worst thing could be a deal breaker for some or not a big deal for others, and that is the sound quality. Now, whilst dont get me wrong, it is adequate its you know, not bad at all. I wouldnt say its terrible ill. Just turn up a little bit, but i feel it could be better for the price and for the design of the tv as well. I think it could be a little bit better again when we put our c10 up against it recently. I personally felt that the c10 actually sounded a little bit better. Now, like i said it might not be a big deal to uh some people, because you know if youre gon na have up on the wall like that, you may have separates like this, so uh yeah. You know if thats the case, then fair enough, but you know if youre not wanting to buy any extras when it comes to sound like sound bars and things like that id say just demo: the uh, the sound first that has got a same tuning mode and You know a graphic equalizer and all that, so you could tune it to your liking and you may like that same, but personally i think it just could be a little bit better and uh. Maybe it isnt as good as the c10 as uh. What we already have so uh that is potentially the next worst thing about this tv next, on the worst things about this tv, is the potential risk of burning now again, this is something that i get a lot of abuse from from people in the comments section And they say that i shouldnt mention it, but the fact is that there is still a risk there and other big youtubers also mention it as well.

Now, what is burden well ill put it in a real crude way. Lets say if youre watching a tv station, its got a channel logo up in the top left hand corner there. If you was to watch that channel for days weeks on end, potentially when you used to put it onto another channel, you may still see the imprint of that logo, just there which isnt ideal now this may affect only a small number of people, sort of people Who maybe want to sit there and watch it? Maybe like say the news all day, so youve got like ticker tapes scrolling along or just like. I said one channel with a channel logo, so it is a very small risk. These tvs got a lot of anti burning prevention features built into them. Where itll do automatic, pixel, refreshes and um. You know they can turn themselves off and dim down the brightness so on and so forth. So it is a very, very small chance. If you get burning, but you know, i couldnt live with myself, if i didnt mention it and someone went out there and bought one of these tvs and got burning and come back to me in a couple of years time and say april, why didnt you mention It well, i have done now so that is the next worst thing about this tv. Well, there you go then guys now, like i said you may agree or disagree with some of those points and uh just remember some of those things may be just personal opinion.

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