Im going to show you all the challenges you need to complete to unlock the skin and also free items you can get as well. We are also going to have a look at a superman trailer if you want to win a skin like this. Please leave a like subscribe and hit that bell notification on and if you want to support me, please use code smgm in the item shop and if you use my code and comment down below, i used your code. I will give you a comment: a heart thanks for the support fans. Okay, now before we continue with the video, i have to show you guys this glitch its op. So basically, what you want to do is go to this abductor right here right in the center of the map, and you have to find a specific hologram this one right here now. This hologram basically makes you take no fall damage. Oh my god. Let me just eliminate this dude right here, get out of here, fam all right. So basically, this hologram gives you no full damage and gives you like an antsy sort of gravity, its like a hot rock effect. What you want to do is go to risky reels. Okay, here you will find this other hologram, which basically turns into bubbles im sure youve interacted with this before. So what you want to do is just interact and, as you can see right here, this will make you just go flying as you can see, you can go pretty high with this one, but theres a way you can go even higher even up to the mother Ship, okay, so, basically for this youre gon na need a hop flopper, as you can see right here, ive got one! This thing sends you so high.

You can even reach the ship and im going to show you right now. So if i consume the hot flopper and interact with this hologram, as you can see right here, this thing just keeps going. So basically it keeps floating as long as you have the hop flopper effect that purple glow, as you can see right there. Look at this bro – i am so high right now and i keep going as well as you can see right here. This is kind of like an opposite of like a metroid shower. If you know what i mean so, as you can see right, there im really close to the mother ship, but unfortunately there is like a barrier that you cannot cross and for that reason my bubbles, sort of burst and im heading right towards the ground, but whats Cool about this, though, is that you will not take full damage as well as you can see right here. Its no longer a secret superman is going to be the season. 7 battle pass secret skin and he has arrived with bunch of matching cosmetics, and here are the challenges that you need to complete. If you would like to unlock the superman skins, both the red and blue versions and shadow versions and all of the superman related pickaxe, backling and emotes, and also im, going to tell you how superman is going to be part of the fortnite storyline and how hes Going to be involved in defeating the ufos as well when the superman challenges goes live three different npcs will be added on the map and those three npcs are clark: kent aka superman, beast boy and armored batman.

Also, if you go to your character, collection book, you can see the three end pcs right here as well. These three npcs will give you quests that you need to complete in order to unlock all the superman variants and all the items as well. Now here are the locations of all the npcs. Now you can find superman, clark, kent and pc at this location right here in between corny, complex and steamy stacks. Now this superman npc sells future storm circle intel. The next npc is beast boy and you can find him at weeping woods and you can buy rift from beast boy and finally, armored batman, npc. You can find at dirty docks and he will sell you slurp fishes and here are all the quests that the npcs will give you, which you have to complete in order to unlock the superman skins. For example, if you complete one quest from either batman beast boy or superman, you will be rewarded with this emote right here, which is called to action emoticon. And if you complete three quests, you will receive the superman shield spray and if you complete five quests, you will unlock the clark kent skin. Now. The clark kent skin is basically like a basic version of the superman skin, and here are the challenges that you need to complete. For example, the batman will tell you to use a launch pad. Harken will tell you to defeat aliens. You have to visit three different name locations.

You have to fly a ufo, also theres, a quest that says visit mothership or an alien biome, which im not quite sure like. Are we able to go to the mother ship? So, as you can see right here, these are really easy, quests that you can complete. Now, once you have got the clark kent skin, all you have to do now is: do these challenges and unlock all the superman variants, and here are the quests that you need to complete. So, first of all, you need to put on the clark kent skin and you have to glide through five rings as clark kent. Now these rings can be found right above weeping woods and, as you can see right there, they are very shiny, so its impossible. For you to miss them, so all you have to do is wait for your battle pass to be above weeping, woods jump out the battle bus deploy your glider, and then all you have to do is simply go through these rings and you have to go through Five rings, and if you do that, you will unlock this daily planet back bling and if you want to unlock the superman skin. All you have to do. Is this challenge right here. You basically have to use a phone booth as clark kent. You can find a phone booth at this location right here, misty meadows, so all you have to do now is walk up to this phone booth.

It will basically say disguise as superman and then press the button, and if you do this, you will unlock this red and blue superman skin variant, which is basically classic superman style and also you will unlock the superman cape as well, and not only that. You will also unlock the secret identity built in emote, so unfortunately, and obviously this e mode, you can only do with superman, and what is cool about this is that you can actually change your skin mid game as well. So you can be clark kent, you do this emote and you will turn into superman so its kind of like a pay to win skin but whats cool about this superman cape is that, unlike the built in emote, you can equip this to any skin now, if You want to complete other superman items. You need to basically complete epic quests, so epic quests are obviously these purple quests, which im pretty sure you have already completed a lot of them. For example, if you complete 63 challenges, you will unlock the cal else, k glider, which looks like this. As you can see right here. This is a really cool glider. If you complete 68 challenges, you will unlock this superman banner icon and if you complete, 73 epic quests, you will unlock this really cool the last son of krypton loading screen and if you complete, 78 quests, you will unlock this solitude. Striker pickaxe, which i think looks super epic and best of all.

If you would like to unlock all the shadow versions of all the items of superman, for example, the skin, the daily planet, batbling cape and the pickaxe, you need to complete a total of 84 epic rarity quests. As for the storyline, i think superman is going to be a huge part of the storyline of fortnite. I think at the end of season, seven theres going to be a massive live event. I think the imagine order is going to have a massive battle against the ufos, but even though the imagine order are really strong, they do have a lot of technology to actually fight against the ufos. I do not think its going to be enough to beat the ufos just because the ufos have a superior technology. They have this massive mothership with infinite resources. Im sure they have like loads of aliens around the map has like huge troops of aliens on the mothership. As well, it is not going to be enough to defeat the mothership if there was a battle between the imagine order and the aliens. So, in my opinion – and i think this is the reason why the imagined order are bringing superman on the fortnite island is because they need someone thats very strong, someone who has the power that can match the aliens and whos better than superman. Superman is considered to be one of the strongest superhero ever and with supermans help. Imagine order can definitely beat the aliens, and i think that is exactly whats going to happen at the end of the season.

The imagine order teamed up with superman are going to have a massive battle against the ufos and also there are different superheroes on the map as well, for example, teen, titans, batman and also they have suicide squads as well and theres a rumor going on that wonder. Woman, green lantern and cyborg will come to fortnite as well, and i think, with the help of all these superheroes, it would be impossible for the ufos to actually try to defeat us. So i think superman is going to be a huge part of the live event at the end of season. Seven im gon na talk more about this on my next video im going to make a video about season 8 because there has been a tons of leaks regarding the storyline and also different poise as well thats. Coming up. Please like this video and subscribe as well. Also theres a rumor going on that there is going to be a collaboration with among us thats coming on fortnite very soon, because hypex tweeted this. If im gon na get this many likes, hes going to reveal a massive secret and obviously just in like few hours. He got all the likes and he revealed the secrets and the secret was theres going to be an among us collaboration very soon. To be honest with you, i kind of saw this one coming because recently fortnite kind of did like an among us kind of like a gameplay ltm.

I think it was called spy within. Maybe that was like a massive teaser that there was a humongous collaboration coming very soon. Now i dont know how the skins are going to look like because, obviously like among us, characters are like really small, and here is a concert made by this guy right here and, as you can see right here, im not sure hes going to be exactly like This, but you can sort of get like an idea of how hes going to look like and im pretty sure theres going to be some sort of like among us, related game mode like an ltm, creative gamer for sure, which i think is going to be like Much better than spy within to be honest with you, because that was not really that good, but here is the trailer for superman. I hope you enjoyed this video. My name is sam jam.