Bucks and im also gifting five new subscribers every single day here on this channel. So if you are running low on v bucks or if you do not have any v bucks, no problem, im gon na go ahead and gift you. What you want from the fortnite item shop, it could even be a battle pass for this season as well, so make sure you go ahead and smack the subscribe button with all post notifications turn on and make sure to go ahead and comment down your epic games. Username, so you can go ahead and add you now lets go ahead and give to lucky subscriber right now the ariana grande concert was amazing. Can i get the ariana grande uh? So if you know here on this channel im gifting five new subscribers every single day, so would you like to be the lucky subscriber? I want to be the lucky subscriber pick anything you want from the fortnite item shop. Can i have the idea on it all right so lets go to the fortnite item shop and let me go ahead and give you what you want im so excited all right, im in the fortnite item shop and let me give you the ariana grande skin. Let me go ahead and grab this as a gift for you uh. Could you tell me what your gamer tag is? My gamertag is vitalowl99 right. Ive found your gamer tag and im going to go ahead and hook you up with it, but before i go ahead and send you the bundle, if you know here on this channel, you got to follow two simple steps: to go ahead and receive gifts from me.

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and along with him, we have had other superheroes in the game of fortnite, which consisted of all the avengers characters in the game either be groot or iron man. Finally, in the game, we are going to be receiving ourselves, the gamora skin and the drag skin and the star lord skins, finally arriving in fortnite, and you can go ahead and grab gamora for free from the gamora cup. But today is even a bigger day because finally, dr sloane and the foundation has called upon the savior of this season. Who is going to get rid of all the aliens in the map of fortnite right now that arrived in the ufo? By calling in the one and only superman so finally todays the day, you will be able to go ahead and grab superman for free. And if you all know, in the past, we have had secret skins that well be releasing every single season that one secret skin and, along with its other cosmetics, will be free to you in every season and in this season of fortnite, we have superman as the Secret skin the superman is not just a skin. It is going to come with four different skin styles and two different skin variants that will be included in the free pass and, if you still dont know, all you got ta do to get the free skin. Is that you need to have the battle pass for season? Seven and im still gifting up battle passes to all my lucky subscribers.

So finally, fortinet has released the trailer showing us that superman has finally arrived in the map of fortnite, and we are all thrilled to announce that he is here to join dr sloan to take out all the aliens with his special powers. We are also going to be seeing him as one of the bosses in the game and also clark. Kent being one of the npc characters were going to be getting back to that since the foundation left the spaceship, and we saw him leaving the ufo in the trailer at the very beginning of season 7.. We now know that both of them are going to be confronting each other into a big fight at the end of this season, which is going to be a part of the live event that we are going to be witnessing not just that talking about the superman Boss, that is going to be coming to the game. We are also going to be seeing a mythic weapon which will let us fly around the map, just like superman. That will also include the secret vault in it, since there are scientific experiments that is being conducted by rick sanchez in the game. Right now were also going to be seeing mutations happening in the game. Weve already started seeing chickens, wolves and boars already mutating because of the alien parasites. Now rick sanchez is here to do all his scientific experiments and that is going to lead us to extra superheroes landing in the map of fortnite.

Either be this season or the upcoming seasons were going to be seeing the superheroes finally arriving to the game and also, furthermore, todays the day. If you do not have any v bucks – and let me know because im going to be going ahead and hooking tons of battle passes today to my lucky subscribers, so that you can go ahead and earn the superman outfit now to get the outfit you need to Complete certain quests and challenges and those question challenges are very easy and simple, and if you complete those quests, you will be able to earn the skin and the entire bundle for free. There is going to be a total of 20 different free items in this entire pack that you can go ahead and get for completely free. Now the time has come to an end where the aliens have to leave the fortnite map and with the help of dr sloan superman and the other mythic weapons in the game, we can finally get rid of all of these aliens. So i hope you have collected all your fortnite alien artifacts have fully customized the chimera. Now, since superman is coming to fortnite today, youre going to be receiving yourself, the clark kent and the superman outfit in fortnite today, so it doesnt matter wherever you are, you can unlock all of these rewards for completely free, and if you see that i have already Unlocked myself that, and if you look right over here, that we see clark kent changing himself into superman and with his mythical powers, he can fly around the map as he wishes.

So if you come to your battle, pass tab right over here, you can actually see superman right over here on this tab. And if you look carefully, we have the clark kent outfit, followed by the superman shield spray and the built in emo that you can get for completely free, which will transform clark kent into superman, the daily plan back bling and also a free emoticon. Now this one is going to be the supermans cape, the loading screen, which is the last son of kryptonite. The clark can shadow outfit. You can get for completely free, a solitude striker pickaxe, a banner icon that goes with it. To complete the task, you will be able to see these fiery hoops inside the map, so you need to go to the very center of the map, so when youre gliding down on the map, you need to go through these fiery hoops. If you go through these fiery hoops, you will be able to go ahead and complete the task to get one of the skins. Now, once you come over here now, the superman npc is coming to the game and he is going to be spawning at the orchard which is next to corny complex. So you need to visit and talk to clark kent. Then you need to talk to beast boy who will be spawning at weeping woods so drop down over here. Talk to him, because beasva is going to be one of the extra npc characters that you got ta talk to to complete your task.

Then you got ta meet up with the batman and pc boss that you can find in one of the locations on the map, which is going to be dirty dog this time so come over here. Dirty dogs and talk to the batman boss, and once youre done talking to them, you need to go to these payphones. You can find these payphones at different locations on the map. Now this one in specific is going to be misty meadows and for the next location were going to be going to rita, rowe and in front of the noms restaurant. You can see this payphone that you got ta go ahead and use once you complete the quest you can easily earn the rewards. If you look at this footage right over here from the trailer, we now know that we will be able to earn all the cosmetics here in this trailer. And if you look at this footage, the superman is at the daily planet. And if you look at the very center, it is actually going to be the back bling that we will be able to earn from this quest. And if you see here, it is clark kent himself and removing his sunglasses or turns him into superman and is actually looking at batman on the screen right now. So we might see a finale between batman and superman, just like in the movies, so get ready for an awesome event today and get ready to receive yourself all these free, cosmetics and free rewards in the game.

I have got the superman and you can get it too.