If you have clicked on this video, then that is probably because you have read the title, which is what we are actually going to talk about, is on how to get a youtube premium. For three months for free, so discord actually partnered with youtube and is giving a free youtube premium for three months now before we claim our youtube premium for free um, i just want to show you guys the benefits of it. So the first benefit is that it is ad free, so you can watch videos um unlimited times with no ads at all and then the second benefit is youtube. Originals im not really going to go deep into it. You guys can do your own research on that and then you have the ability to play videos in the background. So you can literally minimize your video and you know, listen to music and so on or if youre listening to podcasts. So, for example, if youre on phone – and you know you minimize the app – you can still see the um pop up video on your screen and you can use something else as well so um. The other benefit is you can download the files, the videos and you know, watch it offline and another benefit is that you can have the access to youtubes music streaming service on youtube music, so those are the benefits of youtube premium. Now, how do you claim this offer so um, if youre on desktop or if youre, using a pc or laptop youre, going to see this purple pop up? Okay, youre going to see this pop up and you simply have to click on the button that says.

Take me there now if, for some reason you are unable to see this purple pop up, then that is totally okay. You dont have to panic, um or or if youre, using a phone. You want to claim it through your phone, then obviously youre not really going to see this pop up. So what you have to do in that case is you have to click on your user settings now, once you click on your user settings, you are going to go through a tab that says gift, inventory and youre, going to see a notification here, basically, which says You know one notification and youre going to click on the gift inventory section. So now, if you see here on your gifts, it says youtube premium for three months and it says gift is available to claim until november 2021.. Now um. I have heard that this date is not for everyone, its not same for as everyone, so one of my friend got it until december 1st um. I really think it depends on your account, the you know, the old you, the older account youre having the more chances youre having to claim or so im, not really sure about that. But the main thing is youre. Getting your youtube premium for three months for free now. What you have to do here is you have to click on claim and once you click on your claim, you will see a pop up coming up and saying awesome, follow the link and redeem it on youtube premiums website to get access to youtube premium.

For three months now, um, you know below it says this code is included in a confirmation email. We just sent you so i probably um got a email right now because i have claimed it so its really simple and easy. You have to copy your code. Redemption code here and then you have to click on redeem. Now, when you click redeem, you will be redirected to your youtube account on the reading section and then simply what you have to do is click here and paste your code and once you paste your code here, you have to click next and then you know its. This pop up will come here. It will say that you know get three months on us and then you have to pay 11 months 11.99. You know you know here im in canada, so its taking 11, so it really depends on where youre, taking its probably around 10 dollars per month. After that, you, you will have to click on your youtube premium, and once you click here after that, you will get this pop up, which says um. You know its going to ask for your billing information, so what youll have to do here is you will have to add your billing information. So once you add your billing information and confirm it and click buy, you will get up this pop up, which says welcome to youtube premium member and you can read so on with some benefits and etc.

And you know you can just simply click done and then it will redirect you back to youtube.com, which is the main page. So thats all congratulations. You have claimed your first three months of youtube premium, so thats all for the video today. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video, so even though i was not really planning to you know upload this video as my first video, but in the future, which are the upcoming videos im actually starting. My discord tutorial video, which is going to be in a playlist im, going to be explaining. You know how to from how to install this code, to how to understand discord completely and how to use bots and make servers, and so on so make sure to stay connected with me.